If you would like an accurate lead time on a garage in your area, shoot us an email and we will let you know right away. Benefits of Onsite Garages. Stick built on your foundation or slab, using the highest of building standards and wood garage options; Ability to meet local codes if you are planning to finish it out or add an apartment. the conditions outlined in the four categories listed below. Garages which are not detached always require consent. 1 Carports which are open on at least two sides do not require approval under Building Regulations provided that the ground area they cover does not. exceed 30m. 2. 2 Detached garages of any type of construction which have a floor area of less. than 15m. 2. Only if they are open from at least two sides and have a floor area of not more than 30 sq. metres do wooden garages not require building regulations approval. If your proposal meets specific size and location considerations, and have access to a drive and/or a parking space already exists, it can be considered as a �permitted development�.
Log cabins or wooden garages are considered as �temporary structures� and as a result don�t generally need planning approval. The same applies to some readymade or kit garages. However, you will need to observe a number of other regulations, for example, if the structure is to be nearer the road than the front of your house. You will also have to meet the applicable building regulations, like being at least a metre from the boundary, though in general terms building regulations do not apply to detached single-storey structures situated more than a metre from the boundary. Only if they are open. Read all about building regulations for garages and save time and money!� If you fancy converting your garage into a more useful living area you will need to find out just what building regulations are imposed by your Local Authority first � here�s a guide. Converting or extending your garage can be a great way to add a bit of life and extra space to your home. Your new conversion can provide an additional lounge area, a new bedroom or something a little more exciting such as a home cinema or personalised, spa-style bathroom. Whatever you choose to convert your garage into you will, however, need to comply with certain building regulations � here�s an outline. Do I. Wooden Garages UK, Timber Garages For Sale - Tunstall Garden Buildings. Our beautiful timber garages are manufactured to the highest standards, offering a superior alternative to a concrete construction. Click to find out more.� We hosted on extreme Clopay Garage Doors makeover replacing our aging steel door with a Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection model to match a Spanish style home. Faux Wood Garage Door Metal Garage Doors Craftsman Front Doors Garage Door Hardware Barn Door Handles Garage Door Design Steel Doors Aluminum Garage Garage Paint.

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