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Optional expression which skips the action if evaluates to expFalse. If the expression syntax is invalid, the engine will terminate, returning iesBadActionData. Number that determines the sort order in which the actions are to be executed. Leave blank to suppress action. ListViewA named property to be tied to this item.

All the items tied to the same property become part of the same listview. InstallUISequenceUnique key identifying the binary data. ListBoxA named property to be tied to this item. All the items tied to the same property become part of the same listbox. ValueThe value string associated with the item.

A string used to set the initial text contained within a control if appropriate. The binary information is looked up from the Binary Table. All the items tied to the same property become part of the same combobox. WidthWidth of the bounding rectangle of the control.

The value string associated with this item. Selecting the line will set the associated property to this value. CustomActionThe numeric custom action type, consisting of source location, code type, entry, option flags.

ControlConditionA foreign key to the Control table, name of the control. Remote execution option, one of irsEnumHeightHeight of the bounding rectangle of the dialog. This extract path is stored when the component is installed, and is used to detect the presence of the component and to return the path to it.

OrderingAn integer used to order several events tied to the same control. Can be left blank. XHorizontal coordinate of the upper left corner of the bounding rectangle of the control. Vertical coordinate of the upper left corner of the bounding rectangle of the control. Height of the bounding rectangle of the control. The name of a defined property to be linked to this control. This link defines the tab order of the controls. The links have to form one or more cycles!

The help strings used with the button. A foreign key to the Dialog table, name of Bp T Sunhouse Shd 6858 Jump the dialog. A standard conditional statement that specifies under which conditions the action should be triggered.

EventAn identifier that specifies the type of the event that should take place when the user interacts with control specified by the first two entries. ArgumentA value to be used as a modifier when triggering a particular event. A standard conditional statement that specifies under which conditions an event should be triggered. Primary key, name of action, normally appears in sequence table unless private use.

TargetExcecution parameter, depends on the type of custom actionName of columnExtendedTypeThe numeric custom action type info flags. HCenteringHorizontal position of the dialog on a scale. VCenteringVertical position of the dialog on a scale.

For foreign key, Name of table to which data must linkWidth of the bounding rectangle of the dialog. A bit word that specifies the attribute flags to be applied to this dialog. TitleA text string specifying the title to be displayed in the title bar of the dialog's window. Hitting escape or clicking on the close icon on the dialog is equivalent to pushing this button. Unique identifier for directory entry, primary key.

If a property by this name is defined, it contains the full path to the directory. A record parented to itself or with a Null parent represents a root of the install tree. ErrorInteger error number, obtained from header file IError MessageError formatting template, obtained from user ed.

An identifier that specifies the type of the event that the control subscribes Sunhouse Shd 2616 Qq to. AttributeThe name of the control attribute, that is set when this event is received. Primary key used to identify a particular feature record. If the parent is not selected, then the record will not be installed. Null indicates a root item. Short text identifying a visible feature item.

Longer descriptive text describing a visible feature item. DisplayNumeric sort order, used to force a specific display ordering. The install level at which record will be initially selected.

An install level of 0 will disable an item and prevent its display. A non-null value will enable the browse button. Foreign key into Component table. FilePrimary key, non-localized token, must match identifier in cabinet.

For uncompressed files, this field is ignored. Foreign key referencing Component that controls the file. FilenameFile name used for installation, may be localized. FileSizeSize of file in bytes long integer.

VersionVersion string for versioned files; Blank for unversioned files. LanguageList of decimal language Ids, comma-separated if more than one. Integer containing bit flags representing file attributes with the decimal value of each bit position in parentheses Sequence with respect to the media images; order must track cabinet order. Localizable text to display when condition fails and install must abort.

A positive integer used to determine the ordering of the items within one list.. RootThe predefined root key for the registry value, one of rrkEnum. Foreign key into the Component table referencing component that controls the installing of the registry value. DiskIdPrimary key, integer to determine sort order for table. DiskPromptDisk name: the visible text actually printed on the disk. This will be used to prompt the user when this disk needs to be inserted. CabinetIf some or all of the files stored on the media are compressed in a cabinet, the name of that cabinet.

VolumeLabelThe label attributed to the volume. The Signature represents a unique file signature. FaceNameA string indicating the name of the font used. The string must be at most 31 characters long. The minimum size of the file. The languages supported by the file. The minimum creation date of the file. VersionMaxThe maximum ProductVersion of the products in this set.

The attributes of this product set. UITextA unique key that identifies the particular string. Name of property, uppercase if settable by launcher or loader. ActionPropertyThe property to set when a product in this set is found. The table key. The horizontal coordinate of the upper left corner of the bounding rectangle of the radio button.

Primary key, sequence with respect to the media images; order must track cabinet order. Size of patch in bytes long integer. The visible title to be assigned to the radio button. All rights reserved. A unique string GUID representing this patch. Foreign key to DiskId column of Media table. Indicates the disk containing the patch package. The width of the button. String value for property. Never null or empty.

The value string associated with this button. Selecting the button will set the associated property to this value. The height of the button. Primary key, non-localized token. The registry value. The minimum version of the file. Get the user accounts list ResolveServiceProperties end. Application Window Discovery 1.

Data Compressed 1. File and Directory Discovery 1 1. Code Signing 1. Hooking 1 1. Email Collection 1. Peripheral Device Discovery 2. In addition, there are a dry food grinder and a meat chopper that meet all your kitchen needs. Blender is equipped with 3 high quality plastic jars which are high durable, impact resistant, large capacity and suitable for use in the family of people.

Big jar 1L with handle and filter mesh will bring you delicious fruit smoothies. Dry food jar 0. Stainless steel material is durable, not rusty and safe for health. Rotary button The blender operates by a rotary button to adjust suitable grinding speed for each type of food. Especially, a convenient pulse generator helps to increase mixing efficiency. Easy to grid food and fruit smoothies Grind many types of food Powerful W motor with 2 speeds and one pulse mode assist in crushing many types of food from soft vegetable to tougher objects such as nuts and seeds.

Product operates quietly, low noise, not much vibration, comfortable during use. High durability, safe for health. Sunhouse electric blender SHD made of health-safe and harmless material high quality stainless steel and plastic , so that you are completely safe when using Safety lock during use The motor is equipped with a thermal overload sensor.

If blender works continuously in long time or grinds too much, it will automatically shut off to protect the motor and increase product life. Easy to clean The parts are easy to disassemble, therefore, cleaning Sunhouse Shd 6015 01 is so convenient and simple. Non-stick material helps not to retain any residue, does not cause any odor.

Specifications Color. Photo realistic. Product Reviews. Post a comment. Facebook Comments product. The agent system is selling this product nationwide. Found 0 distributor.

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