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This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. When I left school, I started working at home on the family stock farm where we also did some contracting work on the.

We bought two tractors from the farm, along with a few other pieces of machinery, and started doing general contracting work, as well this web page workshop and fabrication jobs through the winter. More services have been added over the years and we now have a please click for source contracting fleet, as well as a thriving workshop side to the business.

We also sell oils, filters and parts, as well as Cri-man slurry pumps and spares. We ran them for a couple of years, adding a Vario to The Shed Full Movie 2019 Kitty the fleet, and they were all nice tractors. We then shed full of tractors us to Massey Ferguson continue reading a few years and were happy with them until the Dyna 6 transmission was launched.

The Case trailed sprayer is my favourite and the large 3,litre tank allows us to cover a good area per load. The 24m booms also follow the ground really well, which makes a huge difference on some of the shed full of tractors us land and allotments we spray. Most of our spraying is on grass, so it would be a huge step up from my Centreline lightbar.

Our shed full of tractors us machine is a home-made slurry tower stirrer, which is more than 20 years old. We built the framework and it has a Mixit stirrer at the business just click for source. The oldest tractor is our John Deerewhich we bought ex-hire with hours on the clock. It arrived in November and has spent its time on slurry work, a front-mounted buck rake, ploughing, drilling and everything.

Because we can repair our own stuff, it makes it a lot less risky to run older tractors, and our total running costs are much lower than the depreciation on a new one. Having hired foragers for years, we decided it made economic sense to buy a pair of second-hand machines this season.

We now have a Claas Jaguar andboth of which have gone. One night, we were silaging into the early hours when I turned my tractor and trailer into what I thought was a bunch of nettles. After a lot of shed full of tractors us from the other lads and a tow from the chopper, we were off again, no damage. The video still turns up on Facebook every now and. We shed full of tractors us a and one of the brake discs failed, causing fillings to go through the transmission.

We did all the repair work in house, which involved pulling out the Auto Quad Title Fight Shed Full Album Tab gearbox shed full of tractors us, cleaning it out and replacing various damaged components. We make all sorts here, including bedding machines, silage pushers, slurry reelers, spread bars, and pumping trailers featuring both Full Shed Installation Uk an umbilical pump and a compressor.

But our slurry tower stirrer is still one of the best � made over 20 years ago and still doing a great job. I just put the ideas together and he makes it. Spraying � it gets me away from the madness of silaging and I get to shed full of tractors us crops develop through the season. It pulls well, is nice to drive and has been reliable. However, the chassis did need a bit of welding to get it through its last MOT. However, my all-time favourite is the Fendt LSA we had many years ago.

It was a big tractor for its day hence it being christened Big Bertha shed full of tractors us it was lovely to drive, apart from the lack of air conditioning. We were brief owners of a JCB Fastrac, which, in theory, ticked a lot of boxes � it had a demount sprayer, a front-end loader, standard, row-crop and floatation tyres, and I thought it would be great on the umbilical job through winter.

It was driven home from Northumberland one Saturday in November, we dropped shed full of tractors us sprayer and loader off, and by the Monday morning it was out with the umbilical spread bar. Sign in. James Andrews 09 July How did you get started? John Deere R. John Deere Claas Jaguar and Want to show us yours?

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Nigel Akehurst January 11, Need a tile contractor in Tucker for your flooring installation or kitchen remodeling project? Privacy Policy. Height to top of cab is 94 inches, and the unit weighs in at 4, pounds. Made from � was a popular machine and a favourite at classic tractor rallies.

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