Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending. Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. Search this thread. How much it cost for Shed installation? Hi all, I am thinking about buying a Shed either Rubbermaid 7 x 7' or Lifetime 8 x 7. Now how click here it would cost to install a Shed? Is it true that the installation of Shed is more expensive than the Shed itself?

I am in Markham click to see more near to Toronto. Everything should just snap together with a few screws. The biggest thing is to make sure you start off with a good base so it sits level. Assembling the shed on a poured concrete foundation could exceed the cost of a shed. I want article source put the shed in the backyard where there is grass.

This means I need concrete foundation? How the shed is going to balance on crushed rocks? What I built was an overkill but I wanted it to last and to never have to fix it. Here's what I did: 1 Bought a 7x7 plastic shed the Home Depot deal. Total area required was shed cost home depot youtube. I'm not a handy person at all but I love DIY projects and love using power tools. I did lots of research and watch several YouTube videos on "building a shed base".

It took me around 6 hours majority of the labour was digging up the damn hole and removong all the dirt shed cost home depot youtube build the base and 4 hours to put the shed. You can save yourself quite a bit of shed cost home depot youtube if you're willing and able to do it.

As Dragon says its certainly possible to do a good job DIY. Do plenty of research if you go that shed cost home depot youtube some fails I've seen involved more work than guys who just plopped the shed on a read more. If excavating and putting in a base account for drainage in your yard.

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