Deer Shed Policy Natural shed antlers can be sold if they�re completely removed from the skull. Buying selling bartering advertising big game trophy or any trophy made from any part of a big game animal is prohibited. A few conditions must be met in order for a person Home Depot Online Sheds Pdf to be able to sell trophies from an estate� Shed antlers not attached to the skull plate found while afield may be possessed, bought and sold by any person without possession authorization. Reference: Endangered/Threatened Species of Missouri. Those looking at selling deer antler sheds quickly will have plenty of options out there. There are tons of companies that will pay you by the pound. A simple internet search will yield more results than you can imagine. Generally speaking, you will be able to command up to $12 per pound when selling deer antler sheds. This will vary greatly, and certain types of horns are worth more money. Still, it's one of the quickest ways to begin selling deer antler sheds, so you can make a few extra bucks. In case you're wondering what they make with these things, here are just a few examples. See more ideas about shed antlers, antlers, shed.� Enjoy hunting shed deer antlers on thousands of acres in Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois at Harpole's Heartland Lodge. Shed Hunting Tips and Tactics on where to find deer sheds! Shed Antlers. One With Nature. Venison Edd.

Pick a state to see current antler buyers in your area. This website is regularly updated to make sure all antler buyers are currently in business. Who Buys Antler Sheds? Each year dozens of antler buyers from all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico buy antler sheds.

Antler sheds are used to make furniture, knifes, chandeliers, decor, and are also ground up and made into supplements and makeup. Korea and China are actually big importers of antlers. Hundreds of thousands of antlers are shipped from the US each year. Antler buyers pay by the antler type, quality, and quantity. The better quality you have, the better the price you will get.

If you want to sell your own antlers, then check out our antler buyer directory to find one near you. You may also search Craigslist and Facebook to find a buyer. Get a few prices before you sell your antlers current antler prices. Buyers pay by the pound, or whether the antler is unique.

Welcome to the 1 website to find antler buyers near you! I, Jon Waraas , created this website to help people wanting to sell their antlers easily find a antler buyer. I am a antler shed hunter myself, and have dealt with bad antler buyers in the past, so I created this website to help other antler sellers find reliable and trustworthy buyers. There are some bad antler buyers, but most are good. This website is set up to let people review antler buyers, in order to help other sellers pick a good and trustworthy buyer.

If you have done business with an antler buyer on this site, please leave a review on their listing. I want to point out that no antler buyer is favored over another on this website. I randomly call, text, email, or Facebook message buyers on this site to make sure they are still in business. Every few months I also talk to a few random buyers to get the current antler prices, which you can see here. You may also use the form below to be emailed the current antler prices.

News Ticker. March 25, Com Welcome to the 1 website to find antler buyers near you! Was this article helpful?

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