Jul 17,  · The 8’x12′ structure is painted in a sage green. (via Sheds Unlimited INC) This rustic shed is secluded by nature in the heart of Tennessee. The aesthetic of this shed blends well into its environment and is perfect for the storage of gardening tools. A charming rustic garden shed in a Milwaukee backyard provides a family with a. A pale green with touches of blue and grey, Sage complements your plants and highlights their natural colours. Available in our Garden Paint and Fence Life Plus ranges, Sage is a . Natal - We quite liked the 'old' shed and would have left it as it was if the backyard had been sunny and colorful as the front garden is. But it was a distraction in a gardn that is mainly about shades of green - with some white and bits of pink and blue here and there at times. Pinterest Facebook. Hips on both sides of a gable roof form the classic barn-roof profile that adds lots of safe up top—often enough for a storage loft—without the need for a taller building. It doesn't have to! Even when everything is frozen solid there is calmness and beauty out. Garden Shed.

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