BEST UK BMX VIDEOS - News From The Van | Ride UK BMX Radlands skatepark in Northampton is rich in heritage that is stands out as one of the best known places to skateboard and ride BMX in the UK. Radlands was originally an indoor skatepark, built in , but forced to close 12 years later. Nice shade of purple and I liked the bike placement. A Ford Ranger pickup with a BMX on the back is a win from me! This one�s pretty dialled-down in terms of the wacky ones I�ve seen in the past but it suits the blue tyres and black components well. Bang tidy! DERBY STORM: Classic UK indoor park on BMX . Well long time no update, its currently pissing it down as i post this so no trails pics I'm afraid, but we have been working hard changing them around so hopefully when it dry we can get some photos and edits done!, so instead i have this treat of a video, this guy rules!

Buyers on a budget should take note of the cheaper MX series, with the understanding that there is a weight and durability penalty to pay for the lower price tag. This year, GT is fielding a six-bike field with both and inch wheels. The pick of the litter is the inch Pro Performer, which is available with your choice of or graphics. All of them are equipped just a little better than the run-of-the-bikelife-mill.

It might be the narcissism of small differences, but there is a pervasive belief among BMX riders that the three disciplines of street riding, trail jumping, and skatepark work each demand slightly different frame angles and equipment choices.

Most manufacturers are willing to cater to this belief with their high-end products, but the entry-level stuff is averaged across all three possibilities for reasons of cost and volume. Fit is different. The PRK is quick-witted, with a short rear end and steep head tube for the claustrophobic environment of a small skatepark, while the TRL is lazier and longer for stability over sketchy jumps. The STR splits the difference. All three bikes are offered in short and long versions, with up-to-the-minute graphic packages and durable components.

The aluminum Juveniles are up to six pounds lighter than equivalently priced and sized competition from elsewhere. College students and urban office workers love it for being indestructible, older people appreciate the utility, and former skatepark stars like its ability to stunt a bit if necessary. For , the TAJ makes the move to Every component is fuss-free and made from premium materials.

Some nontrivial percentage of Monza bikes are apparently purchased for static display in upscale homes, which is not terribly surprising once you look at them. Ssquared offers an alternative: the light and thoroughly bespoke CEO frame, with unique tube shapes and heavy-duty dropouts for a long service life. The company has a good reputation among hardcore racers, and they often have a personal presence at major events.

Then the OM-Duro is for you. It certainly represents the zeitgeist of freestyle BMX at the moment. At The drawback of having a genuinely bespoke tailor is that it is possible to make a very bad choice and have it made very well, so to speak. Think of boutique builder Dutch Bikes as the equivalent to a Savile Row shop. Like a good tailor, Dutch will offer suggestions, which it is your responsibility to accept. Once you choose a geometry and options, the entire Prismatic Powders book of colors is yours to peruse.

Dutch has a knack for a light and strong frame. Very few complete bikes are available in this size, and some manufacturers appear to just be ignoring the segment in hopes it will fade away. WeThePeople has put its back into promoting inch BMX with the well-equipped, right-sized Audio, which should fit riders between 5-foot-8 and 6-foot For , the Audio gets equipment upgrades and a sharp translucent blue paint job.

Our final pick is a tour of freestyle-BMX history packed into a single bicycle. If recent history is any guide, it might also be that rarest of things: a bicycle that holds its value after you buy and ride it.

Suitable for year-olds and year-olds, with one stipulation: You have to want to get RAD! Bikes and Gear. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Should Cyclists Eat More Mushrooms? Choosing a Wheel and Frame Size Most racers south of middle age will want a inch wheel. How We Selected Most of the options on this list were nominated by our test editors who have experience with these and similar products in a variety of conditions�from skatepark to street riding to racing.

Redline amazon. GT Pro Performer This is a place that has held royal weddings, funerals and even contains the Royal Vault � I don't believe a request of that nature had been made before. Most brides would be ecstatic at the thought of walking down the aisle wearing a diamond and platinum bandeau tiara handpicked by the queen herself, but according to royal whistle-blowers, Meghan Markle wanted to choose her own.

Household insiders with links to Dan Wootton executive editor at The Sun report that Prince Harry's bride-to-be made it clear which headpiece she wanted to wear on her big day, and things apparently got a little tense when her idea was shot down. When news of Markle's so-called "difficult" behavior reached the queen, her majesty reportedly decided to give her grandson a good talking to.

Rumors of an ongoing feud between Meghan Markle and her sister-in-law began to swirl after it emerged that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving out of Kensington Palace. Tabloids claimed Kate Middleton had snapped at Markle after she caught the former actress speaking rudely to someone on her staff.

The Palace denied this in a statement, which raised a few eyebrows among royal commentators. She wants a cohesive royal family. The press has continued to dig into the allegedly splintered relationship between the two duchesses. Esteemed royal journalist Camilla Tominey , associate editor at The Telegraph , believes the rift began in the run-up to Markle and Prince Harry's wedding.

Middleton's daughter, Princess Charlotte, was one of the stars of the wedding, but two of Tominey's sources claim Middleton was left in tears after an argument broke out during a fitting for her daughter's bridesmaid dress.

This incident is said to have taken place around the same time as Markle's supposed emerald tiara drama. It's not often that people with top positions in the royal household give up their post, so when three walk within quick succession, rumors of trouble in paradise are bound to fly. In May , the Daily Mail revealed that Meghan Markle's right-hand woman, Amy Pickerill, was leaving when the royal couple moved to Frogmore Cottage, making her the third member of the duchess' staff to quit within a matter of months.

Pickerill was expected to stay on and succeed Markle's private secretary, Samantha "the Panther" Cohen , who after 17 years with the royal family also left her post. Cohen's departure followed that of Melissa Toubati, Markle's personal assistant. The latter caused a stir when she bolted less than six months after Markle's big wedding. According to the Mirror , the overwhelming demands put on Toubati by the new duchess broke her down. According to royal biographer Robert Jobson, Prince Harry has stood by his lady love.

In his book, Charles at Seventy , Jobson claims Harry became "petulant and short-tempered" when employees didn't cooperate. Meghan Markle's relationship with Prince Harry seemed to have all the hallmarks of a real-life fairy tale when it first started blossoming, but was it actually more of a love triangle? Before she hooked up with her redheaded prince, Markle was dating renowned Canadian chef Cory Vitiello, and reports have suggested that there may have been an overlap between the two relationships.

Rumors started to fly when an eagle-eyed royal fan noticed that Vanity Fair had edited its Markle cover story at her explicit request. The original article stated that the Sussexes had met that May. The prince is said to have asked for Markle's number after encountering her at an Invictus Games event in Toronto, and, according to The Telegraph a daily broadsheet newspaper that doesn't traditionally peddle in unfounded gossip , the actress was "still dating a Canadian chef" at the time.

When the Daily Mail asked Vitiello if he and Markle had "parted permanently when Harry came on the scene," he appeared to confirm that they were still involved in some capacity without actually saying the words. Right or wrong, Meghan Markle was widely blamed when the Sussexes announced they were going to step back from royal life and branch out on their own in January , both on social media and in the tabloids. It's hard to escape the conclusion that having grown up in a country that considers the Kennedys to be aristocracy, Meghan didn't understand that Pretty Sheds For Gardens 9th being a Windsor is not like being a celebrity," Express columnist Virginia Blackburn wrote.

It wasn't just the Brits who were unhappy about Megxit either. Canadian millionaire Kevin O'Leary claimed the Sussexes were "much less interesting" now that they weren't senior royals, and he believed Markle was to blame, saying via Tatler , "I think Meghan got him into a bad place, and maybe she should do a little soul-searching.

She knew what she was getting into when she married him. If this claim is true, then was Megxit actually her plan all along? Many seem to think so, and there's even some proof � well, kind of.

According to Page Six , Markle put some of her clothes in a Toronto storage facility prior to her wedding. An insider claimed that she had the items delivered to her and Prince Harry's rented property on Vancouver Island when they arrived in Canada following the announcement.

Why did Markle keep all those clothes in storage across the Atlantic for two years? It appears as though she knew she'd be back at some stage. We might never know if Meghan Markle had some form of Megxit in mind when she married Prince Harry, but according to someone who knows her personally, shedding her skin and starting over is a habit of hers.

Writing for Tatler , Shinan Govani who hosted Markle for dinner during her Suits days claimed, "Something that has stayed with me, especially post-Megxit, is that Meghan is no stranger to picking up and reinventing herself.

Both a go-getter as well as a shape-shifter, she returns now with more social mojo than she could have ever imagined then. By March , Markle was already unleashing that social mojo on Los Angeles, where she and Harry moved after leaving Canada behind. It seems as though Markle was making herself at home, but how was Harry handling it? Was the royal keeping up with his shape-shifting wife? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked everyone when they revealed they were stepping back as senior royals in a bombshell statement , including � according to senior palace sources � Queen Elizabeth herself.

Her Majesty reportedly had no idea her grandson was about to ditch royalty in favor of a quieter life in North America, but after a period of negotiation, she accepted the decision. However, she also banned them from using the word "royal" in their private endeavors, which was a bit of a slap in the face considering they'd named their brand Sussex Royal.

While the couple agreed to comply, they landed a seemingly shady dig on Harry's granny at the same time. A few months after their initial announcement, a new statement appeared on the Sussex Royal website.

In it, the Sussexes stated that the queen doesn't have any "jurisdiction" over the word "royal" overseas, but noted they would stop using it anyway. Now that Meghan Markle is stateside and out of The Firm's reach, she's apparently been dishing about Prince Harry's side of the family. What was life really like inside the palace? A little frosty, according to the American.

In March , a source cited by the Daily Mail claimed that Markle's bemoaned the lack of "warmth" at royal family gatherings and finds all the standoffish behavior very odd. Her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is reportedly the biggest culprit. Rumors of a rift between the two duchesses have been dogging the royal family for some time now.

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