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You can select the traditional, the more modern contemporary style or ones designed to be versatile with many uses. All made to an unbeatable standard and not down to a price. We are happy to offer these buildings to you. Some people even use these buildings as summer houses or garden offices.

If you have then lined and insulated then they can be a viable option. To appreciate how good they are you really need to see them. And you can examples at our garden buildings display site near Guildford and Farnham. All potting sheds are erected free of charge saving you time, money and aching muscles. A great reason to choose these delightful wooden buildings. It the time of year when winter is nearly over and spring is about to spring. Christmas is the same every year so why not Easter?

Anyway, Easter is one of the busiest time of the year for getting out into the garden and seeing what needs doing. The garden shed is often a likely candidate, certainly if it is one of the cheap ones available on the web.

Yes, they are cheap but just think why these sheds are cheap. Maybe this time is worth looking at sheds just a little bit better and, quite radically, only buying a garden shed you can see. You know it makes sense.

A greenhouse or potting shed for the garden is another consideration and it nearly always a good idea. Whilst helping with your gardening hobby you can grow delicious fruit and vegetable and saves loads of money.

Also, this produce which you grow also tastes nicer and you have the satisfaction of having grown it your self. Owning your own greenhouse or potting shed means you can enjoy many happy hours and also can help socially.

With a common interest, and even more so when society is trying to be greener, you can share ideas and maybe produce for both your interests. The benefits of owning your own greenhouse combination shed include improving your health and relieving stress from the day to day world.

The greenhouse is not the only option for growing fruit and vegetables although it is the first garden building thought about when considering these type of buildings.

You will find that wooden potting sheds can come in many sizes and shapes. Traditionally these garden buildings were all timber but over the year the aluminium greenhouses have become more popular, mainly because of cost. Usually glazed with horticultural glass, this is glass which may have small imperfections in it but it is ideally suited for this purpose Polycarbonate, plastic or even polyethylene can be used.

I personally would not consider plastic or polyethylene but glass or polycarbonate will do the job admirably. An opening window and, or, skylights would be a good idea for ventilation. There are also many shapes which include the orangery style which harks back to the good old Victorian times. Another option is a combination greenhouse and garden shed such as the Diamond Graffham or the Platinum Frensham combi greenhouse with shed. You would then be able to conveniently store your garden tools and plant pots and boxes in the shed section.

This combination greenhouse-garden shed also looks very neat and tidy. Normally available in varying lengths and widths. You will also find the Graffham and Frensham can have the garden shed and greenhouse in different proportions to suit your needs. Also ask about the door in the side rather than in the end, if that suits your garden better. A third option is a garden potting shed.

This tends to be a garden shed with a large expanse of glass on one side. The only downside to this is that it reduces dramatically the interior space. If you take a look at the Diamond and Platinum potting shed you will see they given a lot of thought to the design and this ensures that you do not lose any space inside, hilt having a massive expanse of glass on the front and both ends. This very popular potting shed is available with a pent single slope roof as well as an apex gable roof.

They have also added a half glass roof option so you do not miss out on any sunshine — a true masterpiece. Complete with slatted potting bench, opening window and stable door there are no standard extras required. How to choose? Take a look at all three types of greenhouses, greenhouse combination sheds and solar potting sheds at 1st Choice Leisure Buildings Surrey display sites.

These experts, who have been involved with the manufacture of garden buildings since recognise that they are here to serve you and not to push onto you whatever THEY choose.

Also, think about how the building will be assembled. The normal greenhouse or potting shed is glazed with glass so most people would think, however, up in Lancashire, a forward looking gardening group have experimented and proved that there are environmental friendly alternatives.

As there is an abundance of plastic bottles which mainly end up in landfill sites this has to be a good thing. The head of the project, Gillian Preston, built the greenhouse on the Hodge House Allotments said that their gardening group had wanted to build something out of rubbish items destined for landfill.

It has evolved into a true community effort. The pupils at Holy Saviour Primary School in Nelson Lancs and local residents were involved with the construction of this greenhouse so a real team effort.

The plastic bottles were cut off at the bottom and then secured together with cane. This was then supported on a timber frame. Although sounding a little rickety I am sure that the local school was pleased with the results.

Plastic greenhouses are quite unusual in Britain but plastic garden sheds are quite common and appeal to environmentally friendly people. Richard Branson is also keen on the reuse of materials where possible. OK in principle but in practice??

With the ever rising cost of fresh food more and more people are turning to their gardens to grow fruit and vegetables to supplement their family needs. The common old garden shed can play a big part in this as the shed will protect all the gardening tools from getting damaged or stolen. The shed also pays for itself as you can store all the garden fertiliser and bulbs in there and it can also be a good place to keep your root vegetables cool and dry.

They have the benefit of a normal shed with the storage but there is a lot of light with the windows on the front and both ends. On most potting sheds the front windows slopes backwards which restricts the amount of interior space, however, the Diamond and Platinum Potting sheds are different.

Whilst they have windows on the front and both ends the windows on the front are vertical giving you the maximum of working space with the shed. They even have an option for half the roof to be glass which is brilliant. The choice of vegetables which is grown is immense from potatoes, peas, broad beans, brussel sprouts, lettuces etc.

However the most popular choice for many are tomatoes. Dale Plant Area Manager Dale has spent the past six years working, buying, watering, maintaining and selling the plants he loves. Marie and Malcolm Warehouse Supervisor and Manager The unbeatable team behind the scenes, they check all incoming stock and make sure deliveries across Jersey are made. Wes Outdoor Sundries Supervisor Our Wes has been with us for 13 years and knows all the ins and outs what is needed to work in the garden.

Paulo Pets Department Sales Assistant Paulo is our fish expert and will tell you everything you need to know about keeping them healthy and happy. Plant of the month. Rose bushes in Jersey The wonderful thing about roses is their breadth of colour, their. Garden Lighting Lighting up your garden after dark transforms it into an outdoor. Dealing with garden pests In the battle against all the creepy crawlies which would like.

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