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For many homeowners, getting a patio is their idea of a dream come true. Patios can be the perfect space for your guests to hang out, and if parties are not your cup of tea, enclosed patio ideas provide a place where you can relax patio window shade ideas a long day at work. Most patios are designed as open spaces, which leaves you vulnerable to environmental elements.

Many are surprised to learn how costly it is to enclose a patio. This article breaks down the cost of installing patio window shade ideas patio enclosure so you can get an idea of how much yours may cost. Although this expenditure is anything but small, you should keep in mind that an http://www.- /onetable/christopher-schwarz-woodworking-blog.html patio comes with multiple benefits.

The most important of these is that it increases year-round living space that you can enjoy at any time. As with all home renovation projects, a variety of factors come into play when patio window shade ideas a patio enclosure cost. The main aspects of patio read article cost include:.

This is a no-brainer. The biggest aspect that influences the cost of patio window shade ideas an enclosure is the size of the patio. A bigger patio will require more materials, not to mention that such a patio window shade ideas will take longer; thus requiring a higher investment in labor costs.

When it comes to patio enclosures, there is a myriad of options to choose. The first, and most traditional, method is to put up a roof. The average cost patio window shade ideas mentioned earlier largely relates to traditional patio roof enclosures. With this alternative, a roof is used to surround and cover the gazebo.

Another popular option is an awning. Some people prefer awnings because they are cheaper to install than roofs. With an awning, all you have to do is cover the sides of your patio window Patio Storage Cabinet Ideas Quote shade ideas using screens. If you live in an area that experiences heavy winds, ensure you go for strong and durable windows for your patio enclosure. A cold climatic region calls for double-glazed windows for better insulation. Keep in mind that high-quality windows will cost more than the conventional type.

Each city and state has its own rules and regulations regarding building patios and patio patio window shade ideas. Most of them require you to have a permit for enclosing a patio. So before you start shopping for materials, check in with your local building department and go through the regulations. If you fail to follow regulations, then you might be asked to pull down your entire patio. There are many benefits that come with enclosing your patio.

They include:. If you want maximum light, go for tinted glass or smart glass to allow the natural lighting. An enclosed patio minimizes the exposure of your outdoor furniture to external elements. Fortunately, a patio enclosure will keep your furniture looking good over time. Another perk of enclosing your patio is that you get to relax in it regardless of the weather. A wooden patio enclosure is the most widely used, and for good reason.

Considering a patio enclosure? This glassed-in space attached to the house, which doubles up as a living area, is a great choice. Occasionally, you might want to relax in a shaded patio like this one. The beauty about this patio enclosure is that it combines wood and a translucent material.

So while the wooden cover provides Full Shade Window Box Plants 71 durability, the translucent sections allow light into your patio. This patio enclosure consists of a blue and white striped sun-shade. Such an enclosure is only meant to prevent the harmful rays of the sun and not extreme weather elements. This patio is equipped with simple awnings. If you want maximum sunlight in your patio and still be protected from the rain and snow, this glass-covered patio is your best bet. This particular enclosed patio has clear lines that make it look elegant and sleek.

This screened in patio is beautifully enclosed with window screens all around it. This type of enclosure not only prevents the entry of bugs and debris but it also lets in the natural light. Looking to create a tropical island vibe in your backyard?

Then this thatched patio enclosure is just what you need. This is an unobstructed patio enclosure; hence, it illuminates your patio naturally. Plus, it warms up your patio space on those bright summer evenings. With the wooden ceiling, this simple patio patio window shade ideas transformed into a more info living area.

The wooden cover matches well with the furniture and stone fireplace. This enclosed patio consists of wooden slats and a steel roof structure. These patio covers are used for both residential and patio window shade ideas purposes because of their durability. In case your budget or space limits you in terms patio window shade ideas the patio enclosure, a patio umbrella is a good option to consider.

Everyone needs to have an outdoor trash can to keep your backyard tidy and clean after nights out with your friends and family. The Suncast 33 gallon Patio window shade ideas Outdoor Trash Can will look like another piece of your outdoor furniture. With over 9, positive reviews, the Suncast Trash Can is a high-quality, visually appealing outdoor trash can option. The wicker decorative design of this trash can is perfect for matching all kinds of outdoor decor. The durable resin build resists fading from the sun and protects the inside of the trash can from getting wet from rainy weather conditions.

With over 3, positive reviews, the Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table is the perfect patio accessory for home cooks. This is a great accessory to put next to your grill to make a makeshift outdoor kitchen. The Keter Outdoor Table comes patio window shade ideas two colors, Espresso Brown and Dark Gray, and features two cabinet doors to store utensils, bags of charcoal for grills, and so forth.

The upper surface of this portable outdoor table is made of stainless steel for preparing and serving food. On the left side of the table there is a bar with 4 hooks to hold cooking utensils and on the right side of the table are two bars to hold paper towels, kitchen rags, or spices. There is also a bottle opener. Between the storage compartment of the table and the upper stainless steel surface, there is a gap where you can place plates, bowls, pans, or ingredients.

The patio window shade ideas storage compartment has a capacity of 54 gallons of interior storage. The total dimensions of the interior are The Total exterior dimensions are Extremely popular with nearly 5, positive ratings and able to serve patio window shade ideas dual purpose, the Keter Westwood Gallon Resin Large Deck Box acts both as a large storage bin and as additional seating. The interior has an overall capacity of gallons and the Interior dimensions are patio window shade ideas in.

This patio box is made of resin, a durable and strong material that is both weather-resistant and visually appealing with its faux wood design. As we briefly mentioned, this patio box doubles as extra seating and can be a perfect loveseat patio window shade ideas two adults. It can hold up to pounds without an issue. Light bulbs have candelabra E12 socket base, 5W per bulb. Perfect for home decor, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed and happy.

End to end connect up to 2 strands Waterproof and safety: The outdoor lights string is built with weatherproof technology, which can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and damp climates, perfect for outdoor decoration.

It is UL certified, safe and durable. Either with an E12 socket base and a built in spare fuse for easy replacement Practical patio window shade ideas portable: These bistro string lights come with 6 inch lead with male plug, 12 inch spacing between bulbs, 6 inch tail with female connector, total length 50 feet.

Lightweight and portable size for easy carrying and storage Easy to install and dimmer compatible: The outdoor decorative light string is very easy to install with a cable tie or cup hook search suspension kit if you need the hanging accessoryfix it or place it anywhere as you need.

The G40 Christmas light string is very flexible and practical, a light bulb that goes out does not affect other lighting bulbs. G40 edison bulbs are dimmer compatible Widely used: These edison bulb string lights are the perfect decoration for balcony terrace, garden, porches, pergola, gazebo, deck, tent, party, barbecue, city roof, umbrella, dinner, wedding, birthday, New Year party, cafe and.

Patio string lights have become please click for source increasingly popular design choice among homeowners. They light up your outdoor space at night and look modern, providing a nice warm glow patio window shade ideas your evening. The material with waterproof patio window shade ideas. Curtains are durable enough to hold their beauty through rain, wind, or shine.

Both sides of the curtains are the same material and color. They also can serve as shower curtains as well as indoor or outdoor public space dividers. Although exposed to wind and rain, it will also display with the original look, durable and exquisite for its rustproof feature. Machine washable and Wash the water temperature below 86F.

Mild detergent no bleaching. Low-temperature ironing. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests. Adding even more privacy to your enclosed patio is a great way to keep you separated from nosy neighbors or just create a more separate, enclosed look for your outdoor space.

The material is made of polyester and polyester blends and is both waterproof and blackout to shade you from the sun and other elements. Patio window shade ideas of the best ways to create an inviting outdoor environment is to add a patio cover.

The amount of shade and protection you patio window shade ideas will determine patio window shade ideas type of patio enclosure you choose. For instance, if you live in a warm climatic area and wish to create a tropical island vibe, then Arrow Spacemaker Patio Storage Shed Pack a thatched patio cover will come in handy. On the other hand, if you live in a cold region, a better option would patio window shade ideas a wood or glass patio cover.

This DIY patio shade works well for you who have a small patio with a 3-piece bistro set. Add curtains or rolling shades on the sides to provide additional privacy, shade and protection from the wind and rain. Continue to 5 of 15 below. Large More From Bob Vila. However, some Roll Up Shade Screens For Patio people prefer this option, which also allows them to retract the awning and expose their outdoor living areas. Strobel Design Build of St.

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