Apr 08,  · I had to move the shed again. I made some improvements, this time making the axle out of a 4x6 PT post with 5/8" rods drilled into the ends, and enough space for three HF 10" wheels on each side. Jacked up the shed, and Outdoor Shed Plans 12x16 Iso lag bolted the axle to the shed. And it didn't work. Not the wheels' fault. The 4x6 split where I drilled in for the axle.

If you are using wooden alumknum underneath the pipes, reposition them as you go as. Make repairs as needed. With some eye bolts and chain, I used the tractor's lift to pick up the opposite moving aluminum shed of the shed from where I had attached the trucks. Wrap the 6 X 8 Storage Sheds 80 tow line around the entire moving aluminum shed, about midway up the side walls. It needed Arrow Spacemaker Patio Storage Shed Pack to be moved about 60 yards up a modestly steep hill.

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