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Hopefully, however, this list is still a good start for researching crowdfunding campaigns. Home What is Crowdfunding? Contact Us Charity. Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns. Sleep Better. Nano Drone. Snap-together in 1 Minute. Better for the Planet. With Tricks. Growing is fun again!

Your key reinvented. Made for Life. The smarter smartphone. AAA talent! Your iOS in Motion. More Action! I love writing, and talking to people and must have an interesting face for your book cover cos some chap from the other side of the world stopped to talk to me today in a museum when I was with my two youngest children I have five altogether, no TV signal 'oop North. People often do stop to talk, and tell me the most amazing things.

So you never know, it might be the face that sells a few extra copies Chris Fielden Thanks Julie, I'll look forward to reading your story and seeing a picture of your interesting face. I suffer the same affliction. Actually, 'interesting' probably isn't the right word for my beauteous bonce. You can bask in its glory by looking at my About page if you so desire and form your own opinion.

I'd advise having a sick bag to hand should you brave it I'm glad to hear your experience with Brit Writers was good - I must admit, I'd only heard bad things from people up until now. Well, if you win, you're welcome to hop on the hog with me hmm, that sounds like some sort of hideous euphemism , but hey, let's just ignore that for the ride to Hull. I've had a lot of entries from all over the world, so unfortunately the winner may not be able to join me for the journey if they live vast distances away, but I'm hoping they can - it would be nice for the winner to appear in the video.

Julia BP Are the characters allowed to swear, or use profanities? Chris Fielden Julia, the use of profanity is fine, as long as it fits as part of the story. I draw the line when swearing is used gratuitously. Cheers, Chris. Cheers back atcha, Julia. Shaun D Hello Chris, my son 8 years and daughter 12 years recently wrote a children's story that is genuinely very funny about a sheep called Boris and a lettuce called Gary, you can probably guess where it's going.

However, my question is that they have also illustrated the story with simple black and white drawings and several of the gags need the illustrations. Could I submit the text and jpgs of the illustrations?

Chris Fielden Shaun, yes, I'd accept that as an entry. The only issue might arise if the story is shortlisted and I am unable to print images in the anthology. But I guess we can worry about that if it happens! One thing to be aware of is that a lot of the stories I receive deal with adult themes and contain adult language. If the story is shortlisted it would be published alongside some non-child friendly material.

As long as you're happy with that, then please feel free to submit - I'll look forward to reading it Kathy P Hi Chris, I have written a short story for submission. Are there guidelines on swear words? Not that I haveoverused them but it is fitting for some of my characters to swear, how does this sit with you?

Thought that it would be best to check. No gratuitous sex or violenceI promise!! Hope that helps. That is if my story makes the cut!

Chris Fielden Cathy, I publish through Amazon in all countries, so the anthology is available globally. Some countries will have to pay more postage depending on where they are printed if a printed version is required.

Kindle is a download so available instantly from anywhere Kristoffer S Hi! This seems like a lot of fun! However, I am Norwegian. Am I eligible to contend in this colosseum of hilarity? Chris Fielden Kristoffer, you are indeed - I accept entries from anywhere on Earth, or the known macrocosm for that matter Nellie D Chris, thanks for this great opportunity.

I have only just stumbled across it, probably because I don't have anything to do with Hull or as I've heard it pronounced, "OOL".

My question which Anyway back to the question It's not that I'm wanted by the Inland Revenue or anything I'm shy. Chris Fielden Nellie, I appreciate shyness can be a big issue for yet to be recognised literary geniuses. Hence, forthwith, verily and yay, you can use a pen name, non de plume, nickname - anything you damn well like Emma E Hello Christopher, I am in the process of writing a short story to submit to your competition and would like to check something with you.

Would it be okay to mention John West salmon in the story this may sound strange, I know! I thought it best to check with you before I go any further! Chris Fielden Hi Emma. Emma E Chris, thank you for putting my mind to rest regarding the John West issue! I appreciate your advice. Pat H Just curious how many entries you have per session? I "donate" a dollar each week to the poor children via the state lottery. Do I have better odds winning a lottery? Will I feel better winning your acceptance rather than taking money from the poor children's school fund?

I have ten pounds ready to give to someone. Chris Fielden I received 92 entries to the competition last year. I'll just have to let you know if I have any problem opening them. If I do, we can always find a way around it Yes, an author can enter up to 3 times. Please read the rules above for full details - it's all covered in there.

We have ruled out stand-up comedy as too much heckling. Chris Fielden Siobahn, I don't think you need to avoid politics, you just need to tackle it in an original way. Fantasy might be good, but the standards are high in that genre, so your friend would need to come up with something original and strong. Whatever they do, I wish them the best of luck with it! Siobhan K Hi Christopher, thanks for your reply- much appreciated. I was attempting to infer that mid May someone maybe out of a job or voted out of a job.

Perhaps, Ed, Dave, Nick or Nigel should attempt a new career in stand-up as they do a lot of standing on debate panels and should at least know what team they support. I like Ballot Monkeys on CH 4 - the vision of a stationary campaign bus going nowhere fast sums up how people probably view the general election. I would appreciate any feedback as am trying to write and actually put my English Literature Degree to use. Chris Fielden Hi Siobahn, ah, that went completely over my head!

Like you say, lots can be lost in the subtext of emails. And readers being slow on the uptake… I think some of our politicians are already attempting a career in stand up. Sadly, the population is the butt of the joke on many occasions. It seems you can write humour well. Keep at it! Siobhan K Thanks Chris. I will attempt my best to submit a decent short story. I had a good look through your website and it was very interesting so I think I will pick up some good pointers there from experienced writers.

We never talk sport as Iam a Rugby Union fan. But I have been to the Humber Bridge by accident. I did the filming for the first competition video a couple of weeks back and rode over the bridge. On purpose. Barbara T Hi Chris, I prefer to post hard copy rather than email attachments.

I am one of the 'aged brigade' and have not come to terms with the electronic techie stuff. Would you accept this with a cheque for my entry fee? I know it makes me seem totally dumb but there are a lot of us about who panic at a keyboard and a screen, I'm afraid. There are a number of reasons, but the main ones are:.

Post and cheques mean extra administration time. I work fulltime, so am forced to minimise this or the competition would not be doable! I need digital copies of the stories for easy distribution to all the judges who live all over the place. Having to type all the stories and biographies up manually and scanning photos for the anthology would take too long.

Sorry about that, but I've chosen to accept modern technology as the way forward with running this competition or I wouldn't have time to run it properly! Kevin S I'm going to enter this competition with my three best short stories. The reason - no one's telling me how to write a story, like so many other competitions. Just a bit of humour, that's all I need to know.

Also, I'm a Bristolian and I went to Hull once. Now does my wife get to find out I'm human? I filled the security code in, so I must be. Tristan M "Christopher Fielden reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition for any reason at his absolute discretion.

Alec S Chris, this looks like great fun, a quick question if I may, please? I have self-published via Kindle and Createspace a collection of short stories based upon my yoof riding bikes with my mates and I was wondering if it would be okay to enter one of those for this competition?

I am thinking of writing something new for the comp. Can you get me another Harley and then we can ride together? Though Hull is only at the other end of the M62 from me. Chris Fielden Alec, entering previously published stories into this competition is fine.

Please go ahead. The competition already runs at a loss, so I'm afraid I won't be able to buy you a Harley. Still, who knows what the future holds. Harley sponsorship? The lottery is always a possibility. I really must enter it Alec S Thanks Chris, I shall send one entry in for sure.

No sweat about the Harley, I'll win the lottery myself this week it's got to be my turn soon so I'll fork up for that.

Tristan M I hope your psychiatrist knows you're doing this. Tristan M Well you have a moral obligation to tell him. Lesley T I would like to enter one of my humorous short stories in your competition. Your rules state the preferred font, however, do you prefer double or single spacing, indented first lines, or not? Chris Fielden Hi Lesley, you can never be too pedantic about competition rules… Bill L Very interested in the competition but on reading the conditions of entry, I tend to shy away due to clause 8.

Whereas, under 9. The reason I list clause 8 is in case an opportunity arises to promote the anthology and the writers featured in it - it's a common clause in many competitions. It's always good to have options open should an opportunity with a renowned website, newspaper, TV show, radio show etc. As I accept previously published stories into the competition, I'm happy for writers to approach other markets whenever they like, so I don't demand first publication rights or anything like that.

The writer can do what they like with their stories. I just need permission to use any shortlisted stories via any medium because you never know what marketing opportunities might present themselves in the future.

Angela B Hi Chris, is it OK to attach more than one entry to an email, or must they be on single emails? Chris Fielden Hi Angela, it's fine to attach more than 1 entry to an email - anything up to the max of 3 entries. Gil J Chris, tried to log on to your mailing list but it won't take it, saying that it's already in use. I've been using it for a number of years but no one has mentioned it before. The 'gill' bit is because a girlfriend on a ship with me some years ago opened the site for me, but couldn't spell 'Gil'.

Am trying to send a few stories to your competition at the moment - a prize worth winning. Chris Fielden Hi Gil, I've just checked my email list and you are already subscribed.

Look forward to reading your stories! Jenifer G Hi Chris, bravo for the way you keep up your website and your generosity in responding to your many emails.

This message is about the difficulty you had selecting stories for your competition anthology. Under 1, words, 2,, 3,, 4, etc. The word cap was 4, words. It's as if you were comparing the qualities of a bantam weight boxer with a middle-weight or heavy-weight. Brevity being the soul of wit, it is more difficult to pull off a humorous story of 3,, words than one of 1,, words.

I realize that your rules do not specify a minimum length and it is in your interest to encourage as many entries as possible; however I do think the stories selected should be on a more comparable footing. Chris Fielden Hi Jenifer, thanks for your comments, and I'm glad to hear you like the site I don't think the length of a story has anything to do with how well it's written or constructed.

The stories featured in the anthology range from very short, as you say, to very close to the maximum word count. For example, while the first place story was just over 1, words in length, the second place story was only a few words short of the 4, word maximum. The majority of short story competitions accept a wide range of word counts and the top cap is usually to limit reading time due to the amount of entries.

I have considered shortening my competition's maximum word count requirement, but for that reason only. Any short story competition is subjective, and no matter what criteria you use to 'score' the stories, a judge's personal taste will always play some part in the decision making.

This is certainly the case with humour. I find all manner of story lengths appealing, and it really has very little if anything to do with judging a story. I also like to present a wide range of stories in the anthology as it offers more variety to readers, so I feel different story lengths and styles are a positive for people buying the anthology.

Part of the reason I use a panel of judges to decide the winners is because tastes vary so much. If I judged the competition alone, the final result would be different. I feel it's fairer to use a variety of tastes. That way, the stories that score consistently well from all the judges, win. Unfortunately, due to the amount of submissions I receive, I can't ask all the judges to read all the stories - it's too much to ask as we all give our time for free.

So I compile the shortlist alone. This may have to change in the future if I continue to see a rise in the number of entries. I hope that explains this alternate point of view. I wish you the best of luck with getting your story published in the future - it was incredibly well written Jenifer G Hi Chris, no one would disagree that the length of a story has nothing to do with its quality. My message to you was only to suggest that it is easier to compare the quality of pieces when the quantities are approximately the same.

Chris Fielden Hi Jenifer, I believe you can judge the quality of a very short story and compare it to the qualities of a longer tale. But hey, that's just my opinion.

We are all different and so are our opinions - I guess the world would be boring if everyone agreed on everything Lawrie W "Alright Fielden, we have you surrounded. Step outside with your hands where we can see them. No funny business. Itchy piles make for itchy trigger fingers and these blokes have been sitting for hours. As part of my green policy I will be sending a re-scragged version of an old story. Feel free to put it with the rest of the re-cycling. Lawrie W Oh cripes!

I sent the whole darn story, that's all I had. Are people not from Britain aloud to enter? Chris Fielden Hi Erin, yes - anyone can enter from anywhere in the world, as long as the entry is written in English Andrew S Hi, Chris, and Greetings.

I read your devotional accolades to Harvey Davidson Motorcycles Inc. My experience with them is falling out of bed from the rattling and the decibel noise when one passes in the nearby city throughfare, if that's a word, about half a mile away.

I appreciate, however, the thrill, joy, exhileration, and spiritual bliss that comes from keeping the neighbourhood terrified, scaring young children with the noise, as well as riding the easily avoidable yet high risk of causing death or serious injuries to yourself or others with wiping out on the road at miles per hour, with no helmet but the last chords of the tunes "Motorcycle Mama".

And I ain't joking. I know how much adrenaline-driven bliss can be provided by living dangerously and with reckless abandon. I used to "feel the wind in my hair" by playing chess at the park with no elbow warmers, and without sunscreen, in my days. And my father expressed so many times that he wants to go like my brother: happy, smiling, arms held out, facing towards the Oslo in the Northeast, sitting in his favourite armchair, and listening to Wagner's Lohengrin trilogy on a record player.

He's my hero. My sister, on the other hand, the renegade and the only one in our family without the blessings and curse of holding an officially issued poetic licence by the Licencing Board of North London, came out unscathed from a drunken funeral home brawl, as the last one standing. Go imagine. May a thousand Harveys rain from the sky upon your head and on the creators of Harvey Davidson Motorcycles on your most favourite day.

Chris Fielden Ah, Andrew, who doth appreciate the squawking of the screaming eagles, the blatting of the V-Twin, the howling of the wind I would add 'through one's hair', but there isn't as much on my head as once there was and thus it would be highly misleading , one must remember that this is a Davidson of Harley we are talking about.

If I were to attain the speed of miles-per-hour it is likely I would cause myself irreparable damage as said motorcycle is not known for its wind-resisting capabilities. No faring have I, no screen; the elements cascade into me as I ride. Hence, loud thundering at mostly sensible-speeds is my chosen path, as no longer am I youthful with little fear of death. But sometimes, just sometimes, the throttle calls and one finds oneself answering, laughing for no particular reason as one's velocity increases and insects die in biblical proportions as one seeks the joy of speed on the highway to Hull Can you do pdf.?

If I cannot submit it thru pdf, or final draft, any suggestions would be great. Love your bike. I had a beautiful Harley Dinah until some creature decided to take a break from using his mirrors in his Ford Taurus.

Hope to hear from you, and thank you for listing all the competitions. Chris Fielden Hi Joe. Yes, send me a PDF, that's fine. I think I'll add that to the accepted formats as a few Mac users have said the same.

Jerry W Hello, Chris. Many thanks for your web site. Your cause has inspired me toward a timid hope that "however minimal my efforts may prove" I might join my voice with those of you who wield the much needed healing power of humor in this sad, angry world. Humor has long been the sanctuary in which I huddled to escape the harshness of life. I respect those of you who don't passively retreat into humor, but forge boldly forth carrying its banner against the mock sincerity that dictates our lives.

Thanks to all who join you. I've carefully noted your advice regarding the overuse of exclamation points. As an appeasing gesture I think sucking up is a harsh term, don't you? Total banishment. I was wondering, though, where you stand regarding italics as indicators of relative emphasis. Chris Fielden Hi Jerry, I'm glad to hear you have banished those superfluous exclamation marks.

It's amazing how many people pepper their stories with billions of them, despite the advice on this page. Ah well, not everyone reads the rules either. Personally, I don't tend to use italics, except to illustrate thoughts. It's common practice. Eg, I'm going to have fish tonight , he thought. I do love a bit of kipper. Everything in moderation and all that. Chris Fielden Hi Aimee. No, there is no age limit - anyone can enter Adolf W Dear Chris, the very way you present this competition put a smile on my face.

You are heading to make this planet a happier place to live. Cheers, fr. Adolf W India , a priest who does pulpit humour more than pulpit preaching People take you seriously when you can make them laugh. Chris Fielden Thanks, Adolf, glad you like the competition. Michael D Regarding 'your name - story name'.

So I should put my name on the story, plus title of story, plus Christoper Fielden? Is that correct? Furthermore Mircosoft Oulook reminds of an error in sending, even to your personal email address. Chris Fielden Hi Michael. Sorry for the confusion. File name should be 'your name' and then 'your story's name'. That's it I've tested my emails and they're working fine, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Please check the spelling of my email address before sending.

If you still get problems, let me know through the comment form and we can look into it further. Chris B Be warned, I will be riding to Hull and back with you. Maybe I ought to submit a story from my formative years in the real 'ull - could be quite amusing! I hope it comes across that way. In fact I registered with PayPal several weeks ago just for that purpose.

However, I have just received an e-mail from them that the account is not entirely confirmed, and it turns out that I can't do what they want to confirm it within the coming month for reasons that I will not bore you with. So I have two questions: 1 It looks like you accept credit card payments for the entry fee; how do I pay it using that method?

If it's missing, I understand that you deduct 1 point during the judging process. Chris Fielden Hi Janet. Ah, the joys of internet banking technology I accept card payments via PayPal - you don't have to have an account to make the payment, so it should work fine. You'll get the option to pay by card when you click on the payment button on my site.

Once you've paid, you should receive a PayPal transaction ID. If you have any problems just let me know Robert R This is the first time I've unearthed this site. Terribly disappointing to note that not only does an entrant have to be human but also must come from anywhere on Earth double whammy. Chris Fielden Fair comment, Robert. I blame the current political climate. It's contagious. Daren D Hi Chris. Just a quick note to only hope there could be a future contest for actual humour books that are published Chris Fielden Thanks Daren.

Dan F Hi Chris. I understand the file entry should have your name and then story title as per the formatting instructions, but I'm not sure about the MS - should that include your byline or be anonymous?

Chris Fielden Hi Dan. It doesn't really matter. It's easier if it's anonymous, but I remove anything identifying the author before the story is read. The file name is more important for admin, so it's easy to find who's written what when all the reading has been done. Chris B Hi Christopher, I'm writing just to ask a technical question:. I've scanned through the terms and conditions for the competition and haven't come across any mention of line indentations or double spacing.

Do you need any kind of formatting with these things included? Chris K Hi Chris, I hope this finds you well. I'm just about ready to send off my entry for your To Hull and Back short story competition. And is the story to be sent in the body of the email or as an attachment? Thanks, Val. Chris Fielden Hi Val. Any spacing is fine. And I request an attachment. The different accepted file types are listed in the rules. If you have any problems submitting the file types, just let me know and we can sort an alternative Morning Chris.

I should like to enter your competition 'funny stories up to 4,' but am reluctant to cut my entry, currently 4, words. Please advise. Hi Jonathan. The word limit for my competition is 3, words, not 4, I reduced it a year ago due to the volume of entries, to help manage the reading process. If your story is over 3, words, even by 1 word, it will be disqualified. So please make sure you adhere to the word count limit. I strictly apply this rule to ensure fairness to all entrants.

OK, Chris. I'm not sure I'll be able to cut down to 3, words on the story I wanted to submit. I'll have to think about an alternative. By the way, the competition guide in Writing Magazine definitely says 'Funny stories up to 4, words'.

So you may be getting a lot of stories above your limit in the next week or so. And a lot of disappointed applicants! The title is included in the word count limit. Details of word count, titles and everything else are in the rules on the page above Hi Chris. I know I was one of the one's that got the rules wrong for submitting to Hull and Back this year.

What an idiot. I have just read a preview on Amazon of a couple of the winning stories. They are brilliant. I can't wait to purchase it and read more. Plus I have read the rules for next year. Love this site, your anthologies, your charity work and your constant support for us all. Ah, thanks for your support Betty - much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the full anthology. There are some great stories, with diverse styles and themes, so I think there should be something for everyone.

I've simplified the rules this year by changing my admin process, so I'm hoping that will help. We shall see You really have brightened up a very dull weekend. For that I thank you.

Most importantly, you have now given me the inspiration to do something that I have been half-heartedly wanting to do for the last 20 years - write a short story. This will be inspired on my latest travels to India in January, where I will dusting off a lot of old cobwebs. This competition seems just the place to put that weird short story I wrote that I didn't know what to do with until now.

Seems like there is a place for the weird, wonderful and funny stories that one usually thinks up in the middle of the night with no paper and pen to hand, and come morning, struggles to remember, until finally it is written and is better than last night's nightmarish version. Thanks, Diane. It is indeed. I strongly recommend reading past To Hull And Back anthologies prior to submitting. Most entrants don't, so you put yourself ahead of a lot of the competition if you do Hello Chris, I'm entering; A fab project and I want a ride on that bike!

Is it OK to attach Word doc in my email? My Macpro makes submitting some stuff a nightmare. Hi Jeanne. Yes, that should be fine. If there are any issues with the file when I've received your entry, I'll let you know. Dear Chris, I've been to Bristol. All I remember of it was staggering out of The Reckless Engineer and wondering:. However, if you live there, I'd imagine you need cheering up.

On that basis, I'm in. Since actually writing a story will improve my chances of winning, I'll get on with it. Hi Steve. Ah, The Reckless I gigged there many times, in the bands I play in. Sadly, it no longer exists - it was turned into some swanky wine bar last year. I suspect that pleased more people than it upset.

Glad to hear you're writing something - that tends to be an essential element when entering writing competitions.

Good luck with it. I'll look forward to receiving your entry. I am new to writing children's stories - am new to writing full stop. I'm 51, an ex-soldier who suffers from PTSD and depression. I have finished three stories so far - 'Russell the Kangarilla Pig', who lives in the jungle and has no friends so goes out to find some to show them it's not what you look like but what you can do that matters.

The third is 'Saving Willow Wood', about Ellie who is a snail rider and lives with her mum, dad and friends in Willow Wood and has to save their home from being built on by a road. Hi Shaun. Sorry to hear about the PTSD, but congratulations on completing 3 stories - that's great news.

I wish you the best of luck with finding a home for them! Hi Chris, a small question on submitting a MS - writer's details to go into the body of the email. Does that mean that the MS should be anonymous, bear no detail of the author, name or pen name? Hi Tom. It's easier if the writer's name isn't in the manuscript - but if it is I, simply delete it, so it's not a big issue.

Hi Chris, just entered this amazing competition. I can't believe I haven't heard of it before this year. I have only one concern. If I win, what provisions do you have in place for an avid pile sufferer? I do not get out often, and Hull is on my bucket list, but the whole experience of riding tandem could be marred by a sudden flare up.

Hi Mark. Luckily, the hog is super comfy and particularly kind to one's posterior. So all good I feel greatly relieved, albeit a smidge itchy, that the seat on the Hog is suitable for piles, but may I enquire if it's made with real leather?

I only ask because I have a shellfish allergy, so any seat made from the skin of a shrimp for example, could theoretically cause my throat to swell, and become itchy too. If I am forced to employ both hands to scratch the aforementioned areas of concern, it will leave only my teeth to hold on to you.

This wouldn't be a problem ordinarily, but I do not have a dental plan in place, and would quite possibly end up out of pocket despite the generous winnings. The seat is woven made from the hide of unicorns, so has healing properties. After a ride of 30 mins or more, all ills are cured and you will be 5 years younger.

I don't mention that in the competition gumf as people might think I'm insane. I hope that puts your mind at rest. I could not find anywhere whether the author's name should or shouldn't be on the MS. Please advise as to how to submit a short story with the proper identification. Hi Diana. It's easiest for me if your name is not on the MS, but if it is, don't worry too much - I'll just delete it.

Your contest and site were a real find. It was so refreshing to find wackiness and integrity in the same place He said, "There is a pleasure in being mad which none but madmen know.

Thanks, Denis - glad to hear you like the concept. I'll look forward to receiving your wet and windy entry Hi, Chris. Do you want stories submitted within the body of the email, or as an attachment?

Thank you. Hi Geoffrey. As an attachment please. All the details are in the rules, so please review them carefully before submitting. Could I enter a story featuring Super Mario? I've looked on Nintendo's website and it says they don't let people use their characters for anything very strict! Would I get sued for copyright?

Hi Jennifer. If Nintendo say you can't use the character, then yes, it could cause you problems, depending on how you use him in your story. If you're just referencing the character or game by name, that's unlikely to be a problem.

If you're using Super Mario as a character in your story, then it is likely to be a problem. The best bet is to email Nintendo, explaining how you want to use the character, and ask their permission Greetings from Minnesota, where it's degrees F, and everyone who lives here is certifiably insane.

Thanks for the contest! Looks very fun! Greetings from Bristol in the UK, where we're due snow today - it's 0 degrees Celsius After reading your spiel, I like your honesty and approach. I had a Harley story, but it is way too long. I hope you like my story and find it fun.

Chris, I entered your short story competition, submitting on 18th August I believe you accept previously published stories - mine was published by Cornwall Life Magazine on-line early I am mentioning this to you now as I want to make sure that I haven't broken your rules - i.

If so, great, if not, then please disregard my entry. Keep up the good work. Hi Anthony. Thanks for your message. That's fine, I accept previously published stories, so it's not a problem Do you feel a 'but' sliding in here?

Don't possess PayPal method of payment expertise; use Submittable for my contest entries. So, sadly, we won't get to meet or chat, Hull or Chris. Mighta caught a grin. Hi John. Ah, that's a shame PayPal is just a payment window. You can pay by credit card or debit card without having a PayPal account, just like you would in any online shop.

Hi, Chris, just discovered your website and I'd love to submit a story or two. Seems like the perfect place to let loose some of my short fiction I keep chained in the basement. I'd hold onto them but they're expensive to feed, and well, I only have a shred of sanity left so perhaps they'd feel right-at-home, here?

Even if they only give you a chuckle, I'll be happy. I've a question regarding file types: I'm afraid I'm a poor writing peasant and only have access to free word-processing software. Can you accept Open Document Text. It seems if I try to save in any other format I'm assailed with spooky warnings. Also, love the motorcycle, bet she rides like a dream. I used to ride myself but after a car crash and then a motorcycle accident a few days later, both times coming through completely unscathed, I took the hint from my lucky stars and decided it best to stay off the road for a while :.

Sure, send through the stories in. If I get any problems we can sort something else out - in the body of an email or something like that. Yeah, the hog is fun to ride. I'm doing the annual Hull pilgrimage at the beginning of June, so she'll get a decent run then. Sorry to hear about your accidents. I hope the lure of the road gets you riding safely! I send them updates every year, so I've no idea why they're using the information from years ago!

I'll ask them and find out. Hi Claire, further to previous, they apologised for the mistake and gave me an article on their website to make up for it. You can see it here. Same name, same wacky sense of humour. You've convinced me to enter this competition. Sounds like fun. Should make someone laugh more often. At least, I hope to. The competition sounds great. Auto spell nearly put 'the impetigo sounds great'. Hi Chris - do submitted stories have to be anonymous for judging purposes?

I can't see anything here to say so but wanted to check just in case. Hi Sarah. No, they don't have to be, but it saves me some work if they are : I just delete any mention of the author from a story before they are logged in the system so they are judged blind. Hello Chris, I'm looking forward very much to entering the competition again this year and I've really enjoyed reading the last two years' collections, too.

A question for you; would you accept a rewrite of a previous year's offer? It's much better now, honest! Thank you for your message. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the last couple of anthologies. Yes, I'm happy to accept a rewrite from a previous year's competition. I'll look forward to receiving your entry From one biker to another.

I used to drive a Triumph. Now that I'm a writer I drive nothing, but live in a shallow hole in the ground and dream of what used to be.

I'm going to enter this which is the first writing competition I've entered in years. Nervous to say the least. Well done for organising it and good luck to all those who enter. Got my story ready and worrying about the word count. If you use hyphens between words for example three-way instead of three way then microsoft counts one word instead of two.

Can two hyphenated words therefore be considered as one in the word count? Also, should the words "word count " be considered in the word count?

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