Keter 6X4 Shed Assembly Time Lapse Video - ������� mp3 ��������� DUOTECH� sheds are designed to be a long-term addition to your favorite outdoor space. The limited lifetime guarantee offered by Keter on DUOTECH� sheds protects your investment against defects in the material or manufacturing flaws. Thanks for buying a Keter product. We are confident about the quality of our products and we hope you will have many years of enjoyment from it. Our warranties start on the day of purchase, but you do need the original purchase receipt as proof of purchase. To register your warranty with us, . What you need is a reliable, easy-to-use outdoor storage solution, and the Stronghold 10 ft. x 8 ft. resin storage shed by Keter should fill the bill nicely. You can store just about anything in this handy storage building and feel confident that it will stay protected from the elements.

Darwin 4x6 Keter Garden Shed 1. Keter Store It Out Ultra 1. Grande Store 1. Factor 6x3 Keter Garden Shed 1. Factor 4x6 Keter Garden Shed 1. Manor 6x5 Keter Resin Garden Shed 1. Factor 6x6 Keter Garden Shed 1. Manor 6x8 Keter Resin Garden Shed 1. Oakland Keter Resin Garden Shed 2. Factor 8x6 Keter Garden Shed 2. Artisan Resin Keter Garden Shed 2. Oakland Resin Garden Shed 2. Factor 8x8 Keter Garden Shed 2. For larger items such as our Sheds, we recommend that you use a wooden or concrete base as a foundation..

This includes full access for a step-ladder. Because of the overhang on the eaves, the width and depth dimensions shown are therefore not identical to the footprint. If you are planning to lay a concrete or other base underneath the shed and want this to be hidden from view, you can find the floor dimensions of each shed in the front section of the assembly instructions on each of the product pages of this website. Keter products are designed for easy, straightforward assembly, and involve no special DIY skill.

Our Storage Boxes can be put together in minutes, while almost all of our Store It Out series can usually be built inside an hour. Even our very largest Sheds can usually be constructed in roughly half a day.

Guidance and recommendations on the tools required are detailed in our assembly instructions. To summarise here:. Our highly popular Store It Out series requires only a screwdriver, power-drill and protective gloves for quick self-assembly. Our Garden Keter Shed Assembly Problems Zone Sheds similarly require only standard household tools: in this case, a screwdriver, power drill, mallet, adjustable spanner and stepladder. We recommend the use of safety gloves and goggles for added protection.

Many of our Garden Boxes involve simple, click-together, assembly. The remainder need only a screwdriver and protective gloves. Finally, our Garden Furniture Lounge Sets come complete with a turn-key and therefore require no additional hand-tools to complete the job.

Additionally, all necessary fixtures and fittings are included with your product � there are Arrow 10x12 Shed Assembly Time Pdf no extra screws, etc to buy. Our assembly instructions contain clear advice, guidance and recommendations on each stage of the assembly process, and can be directly downloaded from the relevant product page. In all cases, assembly requires no special DIY skill and involves standard household tools, for quick, easy construction.

For any additional assembly tips or advice, just click on our Customer Care tab and complete the enquiry form shown in the Contact Us section. Manor 4x3 Shed. Cool Stool. California Armchair. Rio Balcony Set. Cool Bar. Salta Armchair. Rattan Utility Cabinet. Lumberjack Adjustable legs Wood Top Sawhorse. Cantilever Organizer Technician Case. Cantilever Tool Box Master Loader.

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