POP Projects is a collection of new and classic projects from more than a century of Popular Mechanics. Master skills, get tool recommendations, and, most importantly, build something of your very. Update: When we commissioned this shed project 20 years ago, we had no idea we were creating a hero of a DIY project.

Super Shed. Hundreds of thousands of visits later, Neal tells us his shed is still standing proudly in the Adirondacks, despite an utter lack of maintenance! A few things have changed in the lumber business since this shed was built. To have a look at the original project male it appeared in print, go. Illustration by Eugene Thompson. For our new jackk list, we found a window at how to make Dismantle Old Garden Shed Jacket a garden shed window jack x Shim the window in place and call it a day, and if you hinge a barn sash to the exterior trim, size the rough opening so the gardeb can swing into the opening, and place window stops inside sindow jamb.

Next, the chemical gqrden used in the pressure treated floor and rim joists has changed. When this shed was built, it was chromated copper arsenate Ma,e ; now it is alkaline copper quarternary, an effective preservative but one that is extremely corrosive to fasteners.

You must use hot-dipped galvanized joist brackets and the same for the how to make a garden shed window jack bracket nails. Finally, study the garven Garden Sheds Timber Jacket carefully, and read the step-by-step instructions. This enables the cedar siding to smoothly cover the base and walls. Another detail that might trip up a first-time builder are the gussets on the trusses.

When you stand the trusses up, be sure the gussets on the end trusses are facing the inside of the shed. Small dimensional discrepancies are bound to occur during construction, and even a fraction of an inch can affect the angle and fit of these trusses. The design of your garden shed can take any form, from a simple lean-to to a large free-standing building. Ours occupies a modest 6 x 8-ft. The straightforward design is easy to expand—up to about 8 x 12 ft. Before you begin work, contact your gardeen building codes office and find out about necessary permits or other requirements for this type of building.

Our shed uses standard framing techniques and materials. The exterior trim is rough-sawn cedar. In most cases, a shed of this size will not require an elaborate foundation—it's fine to simply rest the structure on four corner blocks that sit on the ground.

Some excavation is inevitable to provide a level and firm base, shec there's really no need to dig below the frost line.

If the building settles unevenly, simply jack up a low corner and place cedar shims between the corner block and floor framing. To bring light into our shed, we installed tto x in. If you can't find these stocked by a local supplier, something similar can usually be ordered.

Begin by marking out the building's location in your yard. For a structure of this size, it's simplest to build a lightweight frame that's the exact size of the shed, then use the frame to mark the site. Cut the sides how to make a garden shed window jack the exact dimensions of the floor, and use one screw in each corner to fasten the sides into a rectangle. Screw a diagonal brace between two gardeb of the frame to hold it square. Clear the building site and level any obvious high spots.

Place the frame in the site and adjust its position until hod happy with the location of dhed shed. Drive how to make a garden shed window jack into the ground to mark shwd corner, stretch string between them Photo 1 how to make a garden shed window jack then remove the frame.

Find the highest corner of the site and excavate for the first foundation corner block. Plan on having 3 to 4 in. Dig out an area several inches wider than the block. Spread 2 or 3 in. Now you're ready to position the first block, aligning its edges with the layout string. Check that the block is level across its length and width, and adjust the crushed stone as required.

Use a long, straight nake x 4 and level to check the relative height of the second corner, then excavate the site for the block. Check that the second block is level with jaack first, and add the remaining corner blocks in the same way. It's a good idea to use pressure-treated lumber for the floor joists.

Cut 2 x 6 stock to length for the gardfn and back rim joists, and then lay out the locations of the floor joists on in.

Next, place the inner front and back joists between the corner blocks, and tp cut and position the floor joists Photo 5. How to make a garden shed window jack the floor joists in place, then attach the outer rim joists to the front and back of the floor frame.

Compare opposite diagonal measurements of the floor assembly to check that it's square. Nail it in place with 8d nails spaced about 6 in. Cut 2 x 6 stock to size for the door and window headers. Nail together the header pieces with 16d common nails. Cut 2 x 4 stock to length for the wall studs and window and door jack studs. Nail each jack stud to a wall stud with 8d common nails. Build the four wjndow posts by nailing three 2 x 4 spacers between two studs.

Begin framing the back wall by laying out the stud locations on the top and bottom plates. Then, lay out the framing members on the deck. Nail through the top plate and into the wall members with two 16d common nails at each stud. Secure the bottom plate to the wall studs in the same fashion. Now compare the opposite diagonal measurements of the wall and adjust how to make a garden shed window jack assembly until it's square.

Stand the rear wall, bracing it with 2 x 4s nailed between the wall and the outside floor joists Photo 8. Nail the bottom plate to the deck so the plywood sheathing is flush with the edge of the deck. Frame the front wall, but don't apply the sheathing. Instead, stand the framed wall and brace it. Then frame the side walls, one at a time, and stand. Leave the second top barden off the side walls until they are raised.

Nail the walls together at the corners, and then cut and install the side wall jaxk plates How to make a garden shed window jack 9. Use a level to check that the corners of the building are plumb, and nail temporary diagonal braces to the inside surface of each wall.

Frame and raise the remaining walls without sheathing. After nailing together the corner studs, add the top plates. Apply the remaining plywood sheathing Photo harden Use a framing square to lay out the 5-in. Cut out the rafter and use it as a pattern to make the second rafter. Test the first two for ho fit, then trace and cut the remaining rafters. To find the rafter cutting angle, align the 5- and in.

Toenail the trusses to the front and rear walls with 8d common nails Photo At the gable ends keep the gussets on the inside faces of the trusses.

Cut 2 x 6 stock to length for the subfascia, and nail the boards to the rafter ends with 16d common nails. Cut and install the gable-end sheathing, and then nail 1 x 6 pine furring over the gable rafters.

Rip cedar stock to width for the front and back soffits and cut it winndow length. Shd 6d galvanized finishing nails to fasten the soffit boards to the rafters and windoww. Then, install the cedar fascia and rake trim. Nail aluminum drip edge to the eaves, and apply roofing felt.

Then, install the drip edge along the rake edges. Install shingles following the manufacturer's instructions. Since the tongue-and-groove siding is installed vertically, add 2 x 4 nailing blocks between the studs, about halfway up the wall. Cut and install these nailers by toenailing them between adjacent studs. If you plan to stain or paint the trim a different color than the shed siding, it's a good idea to finish the roof trim before applying the siding. Cut siding boards to length and begin installing them at a corner of the building.

Use galvanized finishing nails to fasten the boards—8d nails for fastening to the 2 x 4 framing and 6d nails for the plywood sheathing Photo Face nail the first board, but how to make a garden shed window jack succeeding boards with nails driven diagonally through the tongue so maks heads will be hidden.

Set the nailheads slightly below the wood surface. After staining or painting the siding, install the door and window jambs Photo Nail the jambs directly to the framing, with sged outside edge of each jamb flush to the face of the siding. Cut stops for the windows from 1 x cedar stock, and install the outer stops with 6d galvanized finishing nails.

Then, place a window in each opening and add the inner stops. Rip door and window trim gardeh shed wineow boards from rough-sawn cedar. Cut each piece to length and nail in garedn. Cut siding boards to length for the shed door.

Shed Framing for Door and Window Openings Door and window headers are usually constructed from 2x material and this is the most common method. They can also be made from 4x dimensional lumber or veneer laminate lumber. When making a header from 2x material, you will have 2 equal lengths of 2x wood with a middle piece of plywood or osb. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas for your garden or shed window make-over. Checking out sheds and cabins from other cultures can often generate inspiration. Try Pinterest, ‘The world’s catalogue of ideas’, or a Google image search. Both will return hundreds of inspirational images that you can use for a shed and.

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