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Jumping for joy Image source: PetForums. Did you know that rabbits can jump up to three metres long and a metre high? They also enjoy exploring, foraging and digging. But all this activity requires much more space than a traditional wooden hutch has to offer. A rabbit fun house. The tradition of keeping them in a hutch stems from Victorian times, when rabbit stew was a popular dish. According to The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund RWAF , a hutch needs to be a minimum of six feet long, two feet wide and two feet high, with an attached eight foot run.

They're not designed to live alone either - wild rabbits live in large social groups, foraging, grooming each other and huddling together for warmth. Rabbits living alone experience high levels of stress. But before you begin building, you need to ensure that your playhouse has a level base. Once your playhouse is up, paint the exterior with pet-safe wood preservative.

Sheds have much easier access than playhouses, so cleaning becomes a lot less awkward, especially in the winter. Facebook follower Dawn Westron is obviously a fan:. So we now have 3 sheds. In particular, watch out for overlap cladding which you will need to keep away from nibbling rabbit teeth. Protect the cladding by screwing MDF boards treated with pet-safe wood sealer onto the upright batons.

To keep your rabbit cosy, insulate the shed by filling the gap between the cladding and the boards with bubble wrap, newspaper or polystyrene. Whether you pick a playhouse or a shed, both will require some additions and adaptations to keep your rabbit safe and well.

First, reinforce the floor with wooden bearers. This provides protection against wear and tear as bouncing bunnies make quite an impact! Next, cover the floor with lino to make cleaning easier. If you choose this option, Tamsin of The Rabbit House advises:.

You can also create covers for the windows to suit the season such as fly screen Wooden Garden Tool Shed Uk List for summer and heavy duty tarp to increase heat retention in winter. Drilling a few small ventilation holes at the top of the shed will help air to circulate and keep the rabbit house fresher.

Rabbits are sociable creatures who often become lifelong friends. They love to cuddle up and groom each other. Mairwen Guard of Cotton Tails believes rabbits need company to thrive:. A male and female combo is the easiest match, as long as you have them neutered at least three or four weeks before they meet.

This is normal, according to Richard Lord at Barneyandjemima. This is a territorial thing, and although spaying or neutering reduces territorial instincts, they do not always go completely. A room in the house that neither rabbit normally goes into, an enclosure in the garden, or even in the car. Take it slowly - some people prefer to start with each rabbit in their own cage, but able to see the other at a close distance.

Rabbits are easily bored, and a bored bunny can be destructive, aggressive and territorial. So as well as needing company, rabbits need opportunities to play and explore. Enmee of Animal Whoop suggests:. This also maximise play area as they can hide underneath shelves or jump around on top. Got any old plant pots? As well as jumping and hiding, rabbits love throwing around plant pots and plastic tubs. They also enjoy munching on loo roll tubes or cereal boxes stuffed with hay and treats.

Deep trays packed with soil are perfect for digging. To be sure that your rabbits get enough exercise you need to provide a run, which can be securely attached to one side of your shed or playhouse. Consider fitting a cat flap so that your rabbits can access the run independently, or cut a hole in your shed wall and add a sliding door which you close at night. After all, as Linda Hollfield told us on Facebook:.

They deserve nothing less than a good home. Are your rabbits already enjoying their own fun house? Then pop over to our Facebook page and share your creations!

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