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Shiplap cladding offers the visual appeal of overlap cladding whilst providing the strength and durability of tongue and groove cladding. It is considered a good option for a backyard or garden shed because it will last for quite some time. Shiplap cladding is watertight, and water actually run off the sides of the shed more effectively.

For the wood treatment, many experts recommend using a spirit-based treatment as shed cladding ideas. This type of treatment actually sinks into Cladding A Block Shed 80 the wood used instead of sitting on the surface, providing better protection. Water-based treatments can be used with shiplap cladding, but they may need to be re-applied annually. Overlap cladding is another example of shed cladding types.

By overlapping the boards, the shed is well protected from the elements. This form of timber cladding creates a durable building that is also very cost effective. However, this type of cladding may warp if the shed is placed under direct sunlight much of the day.

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