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Built from planks and bottles, it was built using old building techniques. This particular shed won first prize. Photo Credit: Inhabitat. As you can see from this project for Jenny, she does great work. Even though this is not a potting shed per se, but rather a tiny getaway spot for relaxation, I can see getting many ideas for a neat garden shed on this blog.

From reclaimed siding with chipping paint to brick salvaged from old houses, this newly built gem looks like it was here forever. Photo Credit: Living Vintage.

Think small. This little garden shed is more of a tool keeper than a potting shed, but again put your brain in gear and just imagine what you can do with a few doors. Then move on to the next site, which has a potting shed made up of thirty-four repurposed windows and a few doors as well.

Feeling stressed? Have a seat and feel the cares of the day roll away in this garden paradise. Photo Credit: acultivatednest. Tom Blough calls himself a maker. He built this shed over three weekends, and his wife liked it so well she wanted to take it with them when they moved. Tom used oak from trees on his property.

This is truly a wooded wonder. Photo Credit : The Bloughs. Here we have a shed built entirely of used pallets. Another site: www. This YouTube video gives you a tour of another potting shed made entirely from reclaimed materials. Photo Credit: 99Pallets. Take a look at a very different kind of shed construction. Cordwood Construction has many beautiful photos on their site showing cordwood constructions.

Real World Survivor provides detailed and informative links to other sites dealing with this fascinating old-time method of building that has a potential for you to build your own potting shed. Photo Credit: Cordwood Construction. Want a potting shed with a green roof? No, not painted green, green grass… living, growing greenery. Read up on this roofing method at www. This is truly a different way to go green and save the environment. Photo Credit: Living Roofs.

Naturally, we all want the perfect potting shed. How to get there? Where there are two people there may be 10 different opinions. One creative way to liven up an old garden shed is to break out the paintbrush. Be creative; the more colors you use the more attention your creation will get. Photo Credit: www. Read up on the history of the potting shed on this interesting gardening site. Photo Credit: Heirloom Gardener.

On to the land down under. The Potting Shed , Alexandria is a truly one of a kind spot. Truly a must see for any gardener who visits Australia, The Potting Shed is designed like a greenhouse, with tables situated among planter boxes, shrubs, and lush greenery. Browse all 62 of her photos. Gain insight for some of the best plants for your style of gardening.

Look at her 7 Steps to Create an English garden. Take a look at her ideas for Garden Design Basics. And come away from it all with ideas of your own for your perfect backyard potting shed. Take a look at what Sheds Unlimited has to offer and spring into a brand-new potting shed! Photo Credit: judyscottagegarden. Good quality,good price good salespeople and the delivery of the shed was perfect.

The best shed dealer and the best website that I dealt with. Shopped around and this was the best deal out there. Shed was built to last. Had to wait for delivery but it was worth it!! Very pleased with customer service. Shed was delivered right on time. Nate drove it into the back yard and placed it perfectly.

He even moved my old shed out of the way. The ground was wet and soft and I was afraid my grass would be torn to shreds but there was only very light dents in one part of the lawn so I stamped on it with my feet, threw some seed and that's that. Thanks again. The shed looks great and very well made. I especially like the textured floor. I was expecting plain old plywood as the surface but whatever the coating is looks like it will last a long time. My neighbor is jealous especially after I told him what I paid.

His is not as good looking and he paid almost a grand more. You cannot find a better service, quality, and timely delivery than Sheds Unlimited. Everyone in the construction industry needs to follow their lead. From sales, to service, to delivery, all absolute professionals. And, the icing on the cake, you cannot beat their prices.

Congratulations on a job well done. You found yourselves a life time customer. Thank you! Outstanding quality shed. Even the 4x4 runners were painted. The communication from the headquarters was excellent. Mule delivery was impressive. I researched for several weeks and could not find a better quality shed with various options in this price range. We spent numerous hours online trying to find someone that would build the shed on site.

We liked the products on Sheds Unlimited so we drove up and had the opportunity to walk around viewing numerous already built sheds which helped us make our determination of type and colors. The process of ordering was pretty painless and didn't feel like we were pressured to upgrade. Really good suggestions were given to us by our salesman, which we did have a nice shelve built. The two young men that delivered it were very professional and even in the tight spaces were able to build our shed.

A few plants were crushed in the process, but we expected that considering the tight spaces. I was amazed at how quickly they worked and we are extremely pleased with the 8 X 10 saltbox. Very well constructed and it kept the Historic Committee happy with the colors and quality. Thank you and I would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone looking for great quality, great price, and great service!!!

The common old garden shed can play a big part in this as the shed will protect all the gardening tools from getting damaged or stolen. The shed also pays for itself as you can store all the garden fertiliser and bulbs in there and it can also be a good place to keep your root vegetables cool and dry. They have the benefit of a normal shed with the storage but there is a lot of light with the windows on the front and both ends. On most potting sheds the front windows slopes backwards which restricts the amount of interior space, however, the Diamond and Platinum Potting sheds are different.

Whilst they have windows on the front and both ends the windows on the front are vertical giving you the maximum of working space with the shed.

They even have an option for half the roof to be glass which is brilliant. The choice of vegetables which is grown is immense from potatoes, peas, broad beans, brussel sprouts, lettuces etc. However the most popular choice for many are tomatoes. The other benefit is that not much digging is required. There are of course a few things to think about whether the tomatoes are in the potting shed or outside and that is to check whether there are any smells coming from them.

The Royal Horticultural Society RHS has warned that if they start to give off a strange, distinctive odour then they could be under attack from botrtis fungus, which does not sound very nice. This particular smell is noticeable before the problem becomes visible on the plant leaves and this early warning can Buy Keter Sheds Online 50 help gardeners detect and treat this problem to limit the damage to the crop.

The plants are infected with a grey mould and can ruin a whole crop of tomatoes if not treated. The scientists hope that their research will enable gardeners to use less pesticide on their crops and to have to spend less time checking their tomatoes. The leader of the research project, Ralph Jansen said that if you can identify an infestation in a greenhouse on time there will be less need for pesticides.

In a separate issue the well known Wisley Gardens famed for its marvellous gardens and plants which gardeners around the country enjoy won the Attraction of the Year at the South East Tourism Awards. The greenhouse is the building which most people think about first as being the best for growing produce or plants etc.

And the main reason for this is the amount of glass within the building and this enables you to take full advantage of light coming into it. Add in benches and various other accessories and it will be a very versatile glass garden building. Available in a range or materials the most popular is the aluminium greenhouse due mainly to the cost. A timber greenhouse feels more at home with the garden and it very popular but tends to be rather expensive.

A third option is plastic and is the cheapest out of the three. Besides that plastic is not very eco-friendly. Normally available is a set range of sizes with the size of glass panes being a defining feature.

The Disadvantages of a Greenhouse: Requires constant monitoring, maintenance and care and can be expensive to heat. Can increase electrical and water bills. An aluminium or plastic but less with timber greenhouse will reduce the aesthetic appeal of a garden. But may be a price worth paying. Wooden potting sheds are a very popular option these days and, being made of wood, tend to have a more attractive apprearance. The normally have glass on the front of the building and on both ends and this allows light to flood in allowing the bench under the window to be used in full.

One of the main advantages is the versatility of these buildings as the wall on the back of the building and the on the two ends there is a large amount of storage space.

They are also easier to keep warm and less prone to condensation. A very large range of sizes and will suit most sizes of garden. The timber potting shed will need treating from time to time to keep it looking the best. A very popular option is for a greenhouse to be combined with a garden shed so you have a greenhouse and a potting shed together.

The best of both worlds. Nearly always made in timber these buildings are a delight to look at — but again the beauty is in the eye of beholder.

Some would say a marriage made in heaven or your garden. Well worth considering so take a look at one, if you can. Whatever you choose all will enable you to grow produce in them, bring on the seedlings whilst the weather is cold or help your flowers and plants to prosper and get stronger. A greenhouse needs to provide all the important aspects Buy Garden Sheds Online 100 in the garden such as being able to develop and nurture plants in all types of climate conditions. It will provide a determined way and controlling way for the plants to grow.

And, by doing so, will grow stronger and quicker than normal methods of gardening. Which is never a good thing. At times the crop is left to fend for itself which can be disappointing when they finally get their crop. Also, some crops or plants can only survive at certain times of the year out side of the greenhouse or potting shed. These greenhouses and potting sheds are a great boon in helping gardeners to grow plants all year round.

And this is helped by planning the internal accessories inside the building to aid the growing. This can include heating, ventilation and humidity control systems and automatic opening windows. This control is even more important during the colder, darker months of the year. All plants and produce need sunlight to develop and the natural warmth which radiates to the plant and produces the photosynthetic needed.

This then supplies the chlorophyll needed to grow larger, stronger and larger. And this is key to a good crop. The other side of the coin is to ensure that there is not too much exposure which is detrimental to the plant.

Shading or covers must be used at crucial times in the growing cycle and this is where potting shed can be better as there are more shadier areas inside where the plants can be moved to. Controlling the ventilation is also key to a good and successful crop and the greenhouse owner should search for what ventilation aids are available. You can add water barrels where the downpipes channel water directly into for storage. There are automated water systems which can have timers and metered water but these can be environmentally unfriendly although convenient as they can water the plants at specific times.

With the larger greenhouses, garden glass buildings or potting sheds there maybe be space to keep it well organised and straight and this is where the potting shed has an advantage. The solid walls of the solar potting shed is a good place to fix tools and shelves and this enables the building to be more organised. Some people are happy to just spend their time in the building relaxing whilst looking after their plants. Sometimes hydroponically oriented greenhouses are the talk of the times and organic chemical materials are supplied directly to the plants.

It is an accepted way of growing and may mean the use of soil in the growing is reduced dramatically. By doing so space can be saved as well as time as the liquid solution is fed directly to the roots of the plant and this allows the plant to accept the nutrients faster and aids the growing of the plants. It will also increase the crop in most cases.

And whether to choose a greenhouse, a greenhouse-shed or potting shed all will serve their purpose well. All will be enjoyable and enable you to enjoy produce, plants or flowers from the buildings to enjoy in your lives. With the solar potting sheds and greenhouse combined shed there are glass garden builders available to assemble the buildings for you — and this is free with all 1st Choice wooden buildings. Call us today on email [email protected].

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Diamond Graffham Potting Shed Greenhouse. Choosing A Solar Potting Shed Greenhouse It the time of year when winter is nearly over and spring is about to spring. Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 40 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different.

With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

Where Can I View. Comprehensive Surrey Display Sites For Viewing We believe that it is vital that you are given the opportunity to inspect a summer house before parting with your money so we have established two easily-accessible display sites near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey which, hopefully, is not too far away where you can come and see over buildings from all of our main ranges of buildings.

You can browse our wooden sun rooms at your leisure without worrying about any high pressure salesmen pouncing on you not that we would employ that type in any case! If you need any help then we are there to advise. Guildford Showrooms. Farnham Showrooms. Besides optionally insulating our timber summer buildings for you all of our wooden summerhouses and wooden buildings, will be installed free of charge at the time of delivery providing there is a suitable base.

Experts in timber sun houses, wooden huts and corner summer buildings for sale. And so much more so take a small drive and come and see us. Plastic Greenhouse? Buying a building to grow produce in your garden, raise seedlings or plants then by adding a greenhouse, potting shed or greenhouse combination shed is the best way to go about it.

All have different qualities and advantages and disadvantages. Learn the Benefits of Greenhouse Gardening A greenhouse needs to provide all the important aspects in the garden such as being able to develop and nurture plants in all types of climate conditions.

There are automated water systems which can have timers and metered water but these can be environmentally unfriendly although convenient as they can water the plants at specific times With the larger greenhouses, garden glass buildings or potting sheds there maybe be space to keep it well organised and straight and this is where the potting shed has an advantage.

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