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The first choice in quality metal garages is Garage Buildings, combining the best in metal building expertise with top-notch customer service.

A prefab metal garage can give you the extra space you need for a vehicle, for additional storage, or to serve as a workshop. It was up and ready in 2 hours when they got here.

You people need to go to the website and price what you need. Window and door placement have always been exact. The only thing that I could add in a negative connotation would be that the workers should not be installing buildings by truck headlights at night and I wish that they would do a better job on picking up loose screws before departure.

We were so lost when a tornado took out all our buildings. Thanks soooo much!!! Deb: "The guys were here Friday afternoon and they worked until 10 o'clock that night. And they got our building up and it looks beautiful! They did a great job. I just wanted to say thank you for helping us!

Joe: "Thank you! They cleaned up everything. They were on it They never stopped the whole time they were here. They were very informative. I love the building. So happy I made that choice. I will recommend you to anybody that asks. Thanks again We appreciate it! The customer service was outstanding. The product is made with high quality materials. If you want a quick, hassle free building then this is the place for you!

Very pleased with our new horse barn! Financing with Garage Buildings is stress-free. There are no hidden fees, making sure you are applying for the right financing program that will suit your needs and abilities. Garage Buildings offer some incredible payment options with the best RTO program. Take advantage of the Rent-to-Own program without having to worry about your budget. Working with our qualified and trained Building Specialists, your choices for customizing your new metal garage are endless.

As a dealer of the highest quality steel garage buildings, we will build to your precise dimensions. A steel garage provides protection from damaging sun in hot weather and from rain and snow in inclement weather.

In fact, metal garages are specialty buildings designed to store and protect vehicles and other items from the weather and potential theft. Steel garage buildings can be built to any size and shape according to the needs of the end-user and the number of vehicles they own or plan to own in the future. On a farm, a prefab metal garage adds workshop space, room for smaller implements like lawn tractors, or for a spot for the family vehicle to be parked away from the farm vehicles.

A metal garage is also useful for a commercial enterprise, such as a landscape business. The uses are really as vast as the imagination of the property owner, and Garage Buildings can make space work for your specific needs. There are variables when it comes to determining the price of a new metal garage building. That includes local building codes, local weather requirements, any type of customized design, and other considerations about the intended use of the building.

This estimate includes materials and installation. Of course, you have the option of installing it yourself or hiring your own contractor, which can impact your end price.

There are many benefits and advantages to choosing a metal garage building from Garage Buildings:. There are over 15 color options to choose from for your new prefab metal garage. Garage Buildings can customize the wall colors, including side and end walls, and the trim. Have your metal garage painted the way you want it to look. Match your home color or your other outbuildings or choose a neutral shade that will blend with anything.

Opt for your favorite color or consider traditional barn red, a popular and attractive look. White and several tones of off-white are also available. You can choose to either draw attention with your color option or blend in with the surroundings. So after you have built your foundation , this is your first job. Make sure that it is square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner.

The measurements should be the same for the frame to be square. You can then fix the floor frame into your foundation. This can be fiddly because the panels are flimsy until they are all held together. It does help to have another person help you with this. There will be braces that secure the walls so they stay together.

This includes the door trim which will make the area around the door much stronger. Install the gables which are at the front and back of the shed , then install the roof beams. The roof beams will give you a strong foundation to install the roof panels on. They are also where you will screw your roof panels into. The roof on metal storage sheds have center Build Your Own Metal Shed Factory and side coverings.

These need to be on to keep the water out successfully, and secure the roof. An homeowner time lapse video that shows all the running around that you do building a shed!

Thanks for reading. If you're building a shed not out of metal, please have a look at the shed assembly page or at the homepage. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. Quick Navigation. Quick Navigation Metal sheds can be tough to install…. The 6 steps of Building a Metal Shed. Make the roof watertight.

Install the doors and windows. Tips for building a metal shed. Metal sheds can be tough to install… They don't forgive mistakes well.

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