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Having a shed in your yard is great and all, but they can be made even better with a little ingenuity. But nobody wants boring shelves, right? Being the do-it-myself kind of guy, I rummaged around the internet for some cool ideas and plans on how to build shelves for a storage shed. And now, I present to you, dear reader, my awesome master list. Who says that building shelves for your storage shed has to be difficult or expensive?

What I love about these shelf and storage designs is the pure simplicity of each one. The designers use their available space wisely and reduce waste while they build. Each inch of storage has a purpose and no space is squandered. Even with all that functionality, it all still looks great!

One major downside to storage shelves inside sheds is the lack of usable work surfaces. Using sturdy, rugged materials, these designers created a usable workspace that doubles as storage. This kind of design maximizes your available space without breaking your budget. Using things you probably already have laying around, you can knock out these great shelves in a day without breaking a sweat. If you want to maximize every last inch of your available space when you learn how to build shelves for a shed, check out this set of skinny shelves.

Short on materials but big on storage, they use the previously wasted space between studs to store smaller items that often get lost in untidy sheds.

They even make room for unwieldy garden tools! Sometimes you just need a beefy, sturdy shelf to store those heavy, bulky items. If that sounds like you, this design is sure to please. It even specifies using leftover lumber as opposed to buying everything brand new.

I can get behind money-saving shelves! The design itself is simple, but the results are pretty impressive. Just be sure to build front legs and use the suggested brackets to keep everything stable before you drop your heavy tools here. One of my biggest peeves when it comes to shelving in sheds is the wasted space above my head. For those times, I like designs like this one. It boasts a generous storage area without encroaching on workspace below. Oh, the agony of dealing with a store-bought shed!

Frustrating designs and weird materials make store-bought sheds a nightmare to work with. These freestanding tall shelves solve many of those problems with relative ease. Make a pair and you might even have room for some cool shop cabinets in between.

All you need are 2x3s and oriented strand board OSB walling and you can have your shed shelves cut, built, and set up in a single afternoon! The very popular YouTuber April Wilkerson provides a great tutorial on how to make your own ladder shelves, which you can watch here. This is a great idea if your storage shed is unfinished, as building your own wooden rungs between the vertical wooden boards of the shed is incredibly easy. Rectangular shelves are another idea worth considering for your storage shed since they take up so little room but can stash so much more than shorter shelves can.

You get three shelves total for your most organized storage shelf yet. If you like the durability of ladder shelving but want to use it for more than climbing, then you have to check out this video from YouTuber Mark Hanson. The best part is Mark lies the shelves down flat and uses them as the skeleton of his storage solution, making the whole thing incredibly strong.

We recommend following the instructions in the tutorial and creating your own jig so you can ensure that each cubby is the same size as all the others.

This will save you time and prevent you from having to start the project over again. Another quick option you have if time truly is of the essence is to make simple, no-frills shelves from cut wood and then install them right on the wall.

The coolest part about this is all the materials used to construct the shelves are reused, which is crafty and environmentally-friendly. Keeping It Real provides yet more storage shed shelving inspiration in this video if you need some ideas. Their shelves are U-shaped and then turned sideways and built into the wall; that means that not only do you get a bottom shelf but a top shelf as well. This gives you twice the storage space since you can now stash some lighter-weight items on top of your shelf as well as inside it.

This project is only recommended if you have a large storage shed to match; otherwise, it will overwhelm your smaller shed and take up too much space.

Our next pick is another great tutorial from Wood Tools Workshop and is more ceiling-based shelving for those too-cramped storage sheds. Once again, Wood Tools Workshop uses repurposed materials, so try to get your hands on some reclaimed wood if you can! If space is indeed an issue, then you must try out the corner shelving idea Kenarry came up with. Most of them take little time and few materials, so you can make this an afternoon project over the weekend.

Did you enjoy this list? Which shed plan was your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to share the article if you enjoyed it. Eugene has been a DIY enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity in others.

He is passionately interested in home improvement, renovation and woodworking. Eugene Sokol.

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