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Its wooden construction gives it a very sophisticated appearance, while the practical side shed provides the perfect space for storing your tools or relaxing in the garden.

And along with the heavy duty roof felt it is able to protect your tools from dampness and water damage. The double doors and the side storage shed comes with a lock and key giving an element of security. While the eco-friendly shatterproof floor and ceiling styrene windows allow ample illumination and airflow. If you like going out on camping trips with your bike, on far away forested and suburban lands, then the ATV Shelter can indeed become your ideal traveling buddy.

Its steel frame core topped with a durable waterproof tarpaulin exterior will be ideal in becoming an instant and portable garage for your bikes, ATVs, motorcycles or even your lawn equipment. If portability is a plus when it comes to choosing your storage shed , this might be the right pick for you.

If assembling your own backyard shed feels like a fun and exciting project to you, then why not give the Hopkins Barn Style Roof Shed a try? Its amazingly fun to use kit will allow you to build your own shed from scratch. And its 55 sturdy gauge galvanized steel connector brackets keeps it sturdy and durable as you build it from the ground up.

Additionally, it Plastic Storage Sheds For Lawn Mowers Sheet comes with easy to follow instructions that will guide you through all the steps and necessary processes of building your own shed. But the challenge of building your own shade comes with its advantages as well.

Image via Jack Douglass jackdouglass. The storage shed market of has a lot of amazing sheds that boast unique features and cater to a variety of customer demands.

But we hope that our top 10 list today was able to help you out with all your storage problems. If you want more amazing options for DIY or custom made sheds, check out Woodtex. Tuesday, March 23, About Advertise Contact. Architecture Lab. Outdoor Reviews. Share on Facebook. Best in Durability. Suncast BMS Cascade. Best Overall. The YardStash IV. Best Decorative Shed. Sale Bestseller No. Tough, double-walled construction and an Will not rot or rust like metal or wood sheds Space-saving footprint 74 inches wide x 32 inches Best Barns Easton 12 ft.

Wood Shed Kit. Be creative. Use your imagination. Most people would love to have more space in addition to their home. Is your garden shed finally falling apart after all these years?

Homeowners are attracted to them because they come with lots of amazing benefits. This 4 ft. This is another great resin shed from Keter. The choice is yours. Older Resin Sheds worth considering :. Also available in the following sizes:. Once the Suncast Tremont resin shed is set up in your garden it will look like a little house. It has a total capacity of cubic feet, which is more than enough to store big appliances like lawn mowers and snow blowers.

Normally, wooden and steel sheds are a lot more solid than their resin cousins. The roof is reinforced with a metal truss system to ensure there are no weak links in the chain. Do you think the best resin shed should be even greener? There are ways to fit guttering to plastic sheds without damaging them. If there is enough rain to keep the barrel full you can care for your garden without wasting precious fresh water.

It comes with brackets for multiple shelves in case you want to keep your possessions organized. This will come in extremely handy if you plan to keep a couple of 32 gallon trash cans inside your shed. It will stop rats and other animals from causing a lot of mess in your garden. Open it from the front when you have extra time on your hands, but opening it from the top is much more interesting.

Also available in the following size : 6 ft. Some people like to keep valuable possessions inside their garden shed. The Keter Manor storage shed will keep everything safe because it comes with a built-in vent. The window will let you see inside your shed too. Larger Shed : 6 ft. The Keter Manor resin storage shed has a lot in common with wooden models. Some way wooden sheds are more attractive, which is sometimes true.

The smaller model has a total capacity of The decorative windows and shingle-style roof make this a really nice looking shed. Eyes will be drawn to the stunning shingle roof too. The shed weighs a whopping pounds.

Can you really trust a plastic shed to take care of your most prized possessions? The carefully positioned vent will also let air circulate to prevent your shiny toys from rusting. Best Resin Shed if you need a compact storage space around your yard. First of all, the doors come with metal hinges that will guarantee they swing open without any difficulties. If they were made from plastic everything would be a lot stiffer. A 3-door locking system will stop anyone from opening it up without your permission.

Thankfully, plastic sheds are usually much easier to piece together. Suncast have taken things to the next level by designing the best resin shed for those with minimal skills. It all comes down to the easy bolt assembly system they use. It basically involves positioning everything correctly and turning a few bolts. There are also very similar resin sheds in the lineup you should spend a minute looking at.

Visit Suncast to learn more about their line of sheds and other products. Extremely Cheap — Nothing beats having lots of storage space in your garden, but I doubt you want to spend a ton of money acquiring it. If you are in a hurry, here is our 10 x 8 plastic shed winner. You can compare it for yourself here. As you begin your search for a garden shed, one of your first thoughts probably turned to the dimensions of your new shed.

There are a couple of things you need to consider when trying to decide the final size, starting with how much room you have to spare in your backyard. If you live out in the country, this is probably not an issue, but for the rest of us, size truly does matter.

When you stop to think about an area that measures 10 feet deep and 8 feet wide, it might not seem like much space. Still not sure this is big enough? Take a roll of masking tape and mark out 10 feet by 8 feet on your floor. Now you can see how much space your 10 x 8 plastic shed is going to occupy in your backyard and approximately how much space it will have on the inside. The next thing to do is ask yourself exactly what you are planning to store in your shed.

During your search, each listing should cover the inner and outer dimensions, what type of floor, if any, the shed has, and what type of material was used to construct the shed. Over the years, plastic sheds have been given a pretty bad rap. In the beginning, the plastics used to create garden sheds was not ideally suited to the use.

They did not hold up well to the heat of the summer sun or the cold bite of winter. Many faded, ended up with warped roofs and sides, cracked and leaked, or simply fell apart.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case as most manufacturers use their own unique blends of polyethylene and resin to create new plastics that can withstand the hottest scorching sun and the coldest bite of Old Man Winter. Image courtesy of Amazon. Ok, so to start with, once you have decided that a 10 x 8 plastic shed is just right for your needs, it is important that you understand not all plastic sheds listed as being 10 x 8 in size are actually this size.

Some are slightly larger, some smaller, and only a few are actually this size on the inside. However, an in the overall scheme of things an inch or two may not make that much of a difference, instead you may need to consider whether a shed that is 10 feet long or one that is 10 Plastic Storage Sheds Costco Pdf feet wide is a better fit for your yard. Next up, how many doors do you need, will a single door be wide enough to fit everything you plan to store in your shed or would double doors be a better choice?

If all you are storing is your garden tools, then a single door is probably enough, but if you are planning to store a lawn mower or your family's bikes, double doors make a better choice. Does the shed you have been considering come with a built-in floor? Having a built-in floor gives you far more options with regard to what kind of foundation or pad will be needed.

Many of them now feature heavy duty floors designed to be placed directly onto a flat section of ground, others may require pavers or a concrete slab. Single wall or double wall construction? Single wall sheds are less expensive and may prove to be flimsy unless they have a steel frame. Double wall sheds offer far more structural integrity and may come with built-in shelf brackets so that you can add extra storage.

While most double wall sheds have steel reinforced roofs, few have steel reinforced walls, but they are typically strong enough to withstand significant snow weight. Speaking of walls and doors, have you given much thought to security? Can the doors be locked securely to protect your stuff? Is there a window and if there is, can it be secured? A window can provide you with extra light on the inside, but at the same time, it offers yet another port of entry for a dedicated thief.

How much construction experience do you have? When it comes to 10 x 8 plastic sheds or for that matter any other size, there are two basic construction style choices. The first and easiest method of assembly is the snap together shed. These sheds go together using almost no tools beyond a mallet to help snap the pieces together and can be built in a couple of hours or so. The only real problem with this type of plastic shed is that they tend to come apart in strong winds as the final assembly on many is not very secure.

The other style of plastic shed is the type that bolts together. Here again, we see a split in that some use steel nuts and bolts, while others use plastic hardware. While the plastic hardware will never suffer from any type of corrosion, it lacks the strength of steel. Steel hardware, on the other hand, is much stronger, but you do run the risk of it corroding unless you paint it. Both offer a much stronger completed construction with steel hardware coming out the clear winner.

By now you have probably already noticed that there are dozens of 10 x 8 plastic sheds for you to consider. This is not surprising as this is one of the most popular sizes out there, in fact, I have one at the back of my garden just for my garden tools.

So to save you a bunch of time and help you narrow down your search, I have created a list containing four of the best plastic sheds in this size just for you. So you are looking for a good structurally sound 10 x 8 plastic shed , one that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. This shed from Lifetime seems to fit that bill almost perfectly.

It offers an apex style roof with no less than 4 skylights for plenty of natural light, steel reinforced double doors with an internal latch that are lockable, a single shatterproof window, and a pair of screened vents.

On top of this, there are 6 feet 8 inches of headroom. The walls are made from steel reinforced double walled polyethylene for added strength, weather resistance, and Lowes Outdoor Metal Storage Sheds Key load bearing. It is one of the top plastic sheds on the market. Even better than this, is that the floor has been reinforced in all the right places to hold the weight of your tractor.

It features reinforced double doors and no less than 14, yes that's right 14 windows. There are also a pair of vents in the gables to keep fresh air circulating and help keep your shed from getting too hot in the summer months.

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