What are the factors to consider you need to be familiar with if you’ve experienced a brain injury? If you’ve experiences any sort of loss of consciousness, that is evidence of brain injury. The trauma was so significant to your brain, that you in fact lost consciousness. There are important concerns in dealing with the medication that the attorney that you go over the case with likewise requires to comprehend.

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It may be that the attorney requires to know that about the medication to be able to go to the doctor and talk with the neurologist or neuropsychologist to help figure out a diagnosis, to develop the linkage in between the accident and the injury, and likewise to figure out to what degree you may have experienced permanent injury to your brain. So, in addition to the medication, the attorney needs to be able to bring the medication and the law together to advocate for a customer who has experienced brain injury. One example of a case that i’ve handled involved a gentleman who was sitting in traffic in his car, and a car came up with terrific speed from behind, knocked from the rear, and caused him to have a brain injury that needed him to on go into the hospital, and he did report having actually lost consciousness.

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Even when he concerned, he had headaches, he had memory problems, and his spouse reported that he had a substantial change in personality. Well, in going over the case with him, it ended up being more and more obvious that his problems truly were stemming from his brain injury. So by talking with his spouse, talking with this doctor’s neuropsychologist, and other medical service providers, we had the ability to pursue a legal solution for him due to the fact that we comprehended the nature of his brain injury, and how an attorney might appropriately and appropriately advocate for a person experiencing brain injury.

Not a single one of the ninety-eight subjects, you know sections, was entitled brain injury or head injury There was a trauma section and in the trauma section out of 25 documents, there were 3 that dealt with head injury two which were serious. So, out of the thousands of pages of presentation at American Academy of Neurology program, there were two or 3 documents were composed on brain injury. Now that was 6-8 years back.

Our understanding of head injuries have increased but mostly only with the in military head injury or sport head injury. And if I were to go back and look at that exact same publication today I would probably find that there may be fifteen or twenty out of the 2000 documents may have something to do with head injury or brain injury but ninety percent of those are going to be sports perhaps a sprinkling of military and perhaps only one what you call civilian head injury. What we have in British Columbia we have a very high and rehab center for people with brain injuries and they don’t have any neurologists on staff 0, they have a psychiatrist they have psychologists and psychiatrists they have all kinds of voc reg people and if you ask individuals there who head the center why don’t we have any neurologists? Their usual answer is “that neurologists are much good from the neck up.” It’s like if your computer system crashes and you call a welder he’s gon na be truly good at repairing joints and breaks but he will not be able to reprogram it.

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I would not be as hard on the field of neurology rather as that. I like to play neurologists on tv. No … in fact you and I participated in a mock trial where I was played the role of a neurologists, but there is a subset of neurology that is significantly much better the behavioral neurologist. Yes. Some of the influential work carried out in sport concussion was done by a behavioral neurologist. Yes, but’s that behavior. That’s software application, that’s not hardware. Exactly … and is neurology but it is a subset within that. And I do believe that the field of behavioral neurology is growing but it’s not growing nearly fast enough.