hand tools - Precise 90 degree cuts on small pieces - Woodworking Stack Exchange 90 Degree Positioning Squares Aluminium Alloy " x "(12x12cm) Right Angle Clamps Woodworking Carpenter Tool Corner Clamping Square for Picture Frame Box Cabinets Drawers out of 5 stars $/5(). Dec 24, �� Unlike metal squares, these clamp squares will not mar your workpieces. 90� angles are a woodworking essential, which makes these the perfect accessory. Clamp Squares can be used on both inside and outside edges. The 8 in. squares are ideal for project construction, from assembling boxes to building shelving/5(35). Mar 27, �� For the bandsaw, jointer and nearly everything else, I turn to a pocket-size 4-in. double square. Its blade slides just like a combination square, so I can use it for layout work, too. A 4-in. machinist�s square is a less expensive substitute. How to Square a Jointer Fence. I�ve never really trusted the degree stop on my jointer�s fence.

It does sound strange. I will see if I can test your script. Joined: Oct 3, Posts: 7, I just tried your script and it seems to be working as expected. I do see some tiny floating point issues happening but they are on the order of e-5 to e-8, which is basically 0.

I am assuming your inspector window is large enough to see the full number and you are not just seeing the first few digits? I almost never use this function and always use the Euler functions. But not for this reason. The numbers i am seeing are essentially 0 in floating point and games. If you need absolute numbers then you need to use absolute rotations not multiple relative rotations.

Last edited: Jun 12, One thing you didn't mention in your test case is you have a rigid body on your object. It is not kinematic and at least gravity is turned off, but this could possibly be causing issues because the rigidbody can mover your game object.

But this is not your current problem. I repeated your test and in my earlier post I had described what the issue was. Matt Caleb Caleb 5, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. I doubt this is an answer will stand on its own but are you using a mitre saw?

Have you measure with a square that your blade is true? I did recently and found I was out by almost a degree. Had the same issue when I was making my frames � Matt May 14 '15 at Matt I agree about making sure tools are properly adjusted, that's a great point. But I mean to ask here specifically about table saw techniques. I missed the part about table saws. Sorry about that. The sled is a great answer. It may seem counterintuitive, but measuring is often the enemy of precision in the shop.

Parallax and even the thickness of a line on a scale will challenge your ability to set up equal-length or perfectly-mated cuts. Use stop blocks, and gauge against known reference surfaces. An operation can be precise without being easily repeatable, or repeatable without being very precise.

Maybe a question for meta. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. The slick thing about a miter sled is that the only measurement that matters is the "finished" angle. It works regardless of the two sides are exactly 45 degrees. As long as they add up to 90 or whatever angle you're shooting for it doesn't matter if one is slightly more acute and the other is slightly more obtuse.

But with a 90 degree angle that isn't perfectly bisected, the faces of the miter won't be the same length. You could just reduce the width of one of the pieces and it might work out though! John S John S 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Heya forumites, I'm trying to script a bunch of square blocks to instantiate at a random rotation along the y-axis, only at 90 degree increments so that no matter which rotation value the blocks adopt, they still line up next to each other.

When instantiating these blocks, my script draws a random value from an array of 4 values in degrees : 90, , , , and applies the value to transform.

Here's the script for reference: Code csharp :. Range 0 , rotationAngle. Length Woodworking 90 Degree Jig Ed ;. Range 1 , blockPrefab. Length ] ;. Instantiate block, transform. Joined: Mar 20, Posts: I guess you need to change the value of eulerAngles, not the rotation value. Range 0, rotationAngle.

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