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We CAN offer this program to clients who do not have access to drop off a shed fully assembled in certain cases but further investigation into your site will be necessary and certain additional on site construction and crane fees may apply. Please call us to discuss your options. Can I buy any size or style shed under the Rent to Own Wood Storage Buildings Rent To Own Project program?

This varies based on your geographic location. Please call us for more information on your area. Where is Rent to Own available?

Shed World serves Southern California. Rent to Own has some geographical limitations but for the most part it is offered in the entire Southern California Region. Please call us to find out if this program is available in your area. What if I no longer want the shed? Will I be penalized? If you decide you no longer want the shed just call us and we will come and pick it up.

There is a 6 month minimum. You must pay rent through the day that we pick up the shed. There are no penalties to return a shed. Can I pay off the shed early without penalties? What if I have bad credit? There is no credit check required. Bad credit is no problem.

What if I have great credit? Do you offer other terms besides the Rent to Own program? We see clients with all kinds of credit use our simple and affordable Rent to Own program.

We do however have other payment plans available for those with great credit. We will then deliver your building to your site and set it up level and solid for you!

You will receive a statement by mail or email, your choice each month. All payments are due the first 1st day of each month. For your convenience, you have several choices on how you can pay your bill. You even have the option of auto-debit if you prefer.

You can own your building within 36 months! However, you are not required to keep your building. In fact, if at any time throughout the rental period the building becomes a financial burden to you, just call us and we will arrange to have the building picked up and your credit will remain unaffected. So, call us today and order your Mouseproof building Rent-to-Own. We accept cash, check, and credit cards. Affordable storage with Rent-To-Own. No running into town to pick up or drop off your stuff.

You pay off early any time for only the remaining cash price. For the initial payment, we collect only the first month's payment plus a security deposit. No penalty for early payoff! Safer - Having your valuables in your backyard is much safer than somewhere up town. Free delivery to your back yard! Rent it for only 36 or 48 months.

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