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Ensure that you also account for any opportunities for heat loss in the structure, such as windows, doors and un-insulated walls, as these will affect the performance of your chosen heat output and will need to be taken into account. To get an idea of the stoves that we produce that would be ideal for smaller installation sites, have a look at our 4 to 5 kW stoves which are smaller and at the lower end of the heat output range.

Depending on the structure of your outbuilding, you will need to check that its roof material is suitable for the flue and flashing kit to be fitted: wood and metal would be ideal, but for obvious reasons, glass and plastic would not.

With the actual flue itself, a twin-wall insulated system is a must for your outbuilding, rather than a single, skinned flue pipe. This dual-pipe construction is separated by a layer of high-grade insulation, which ensures that the exterior wall does not get hot enough to cause damage to the surrounding structure. This type of flue is used when a stove is fitted into a structure that has no masonry chimney, and as a result can run internally or externally as an exposed flue, depending on preference.

Anything going into a tiny home needs to be as space efficient as possible. This is one of the reasons sailboat stoves have been so popular among tiny dwellers.

Most stoves require a minimum distance between them and any other material for safety. While most modern stoves are more than capable of burning wood, many also give you other fuel options. These are referred to as multi-fuel stoves and can burn wood, peat, turf, coal, and smokeless fuels. Those last ones are mainly pressed briquettes made using waste wood from furniture production. The biggest difference between pure wood stoves and multi-fuel stoves is the presence Tiny House Shed Florida Virtual of a grate.

Traditional wood stoves are designed to allow wood to burn on a bed of ash. Other fuels Tiny Shed Storage Ideas need the additional airflow provided by a grate. It gives an inch or so of clearance under the fuel and allows high-temperature combustion. For the vast majority of people, a single fuel wood stove will be adequate. If you live in an area with smoke or other environmental restrictions, or a limited supply of wood, a multi-fuel is a great option.

In the past, wood stoves were basically just standalone fireplaces. Modern stoves are far, far more advanced than this and produce significantly more heat for noticeably less smoke. The EPA maintains a registry of wood stoves that meet their emissions standards, currently 4.

For a tiny home application, there are great EPA-certified stoves or smaller recreational style stoves that may work for you. Stove efficiency is often discussed by manufacturers, but matters less than you might expect.

What stove did you decide to go with? Let us know in the comments section below! If you are looking for a wood burning stove your cabin, make sure to check out our post on the best cabin wood stoves.

Many of the options are similar, but we include some stoves with higher BTUs in case your cabin is larger than a tiny home. Download your free off-grid gardening guide for beginners. Josh Davidson January 16, Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Dwarf 3kw. Our Ranking. Why We Love It. Great option for tiny homes on the smaller side. Best option for larger tiny homes.

Smallest Stove On Our List. Up To Sq. Up to Sq. Why We Love This One. Tempered glass door gives super cozy feel. Outstanding product and great company reputation.

Made with very durable cast iron materials. More Information. Check Price. Like the Apple Pie, it has a multifuel grate, though be aware that this one only has a rear flue output, so check this suits your log cabin stove requirements. Shop Ekol Baked Apple. With a design that is full of character, this cabin wood stove not only looks great, but has all the specs you need, too. With a fantastic heat output of up to 4. The Go Eco Adventurer 5 can easily be installed in most small log cabins and sheds, measuring just mm in width x mm in 10x10 Shed Tiny House Rent depth x mm in height.

The flue outlet is positioned in the top and it includes a multifuel grate for both wood and smokeless fuel. Want to be able to cook in your cabin? Take a look at the Go Eco Adventurer 5 Stove with Oven , which includes wire shelving and a temperature gauge to cook your glamping food to perfection. Shop Go Eco Adventurer 5. With a homely exterior, this multifuel stove has a distance to combustibles requirement of just mm to both the sides and rear!

This makes it easy to fit into tighter spaces safely, while still allowing you to keep warm with its powerful 5kW heat output. Shop Mendip Woodland. As the smallest in the range, the Saltfire Peanut 3 makes an ideal shed log burner, boasting a 4.

It does require a little more distance to combustibles to the sides than most of the stoves on this list — mm — though it needs only mm to the rear. Another benefit is its multi fuel grate, giving you versatility when choosing what to burn, and its large viewing window. There is also an option of a stainless steel cooking plate, helping you create the perfect hideaway in your shed or log cabin!

Shop Saltfire Peanut 3. The Charnwood Country 4 is another best selling model that can also make an ideal log cabin or shed wood burner.

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