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RO Water Purifier. Electric Home Appliance. Kitchen Appliances. Electrical Applicances. Electric Testing Equipment. Fire resistant door. Vietnamese Vietnamese English. Menu Menu. Click to enlarge. View all 4 image. Watch Compare View store Download catalog. If you are considering cooktop changing, this product should be a priority. Legs are coated with rubber to avoid being slippery which is safe when cooking. In particular, this cooktop is resistant and resistant to heat up to degrees C to help you cook easily and safely.

Heating plate is made of pure copper Not only does it heat up fast, it also helps to spread heat evenly, which saves time and improves the longevity of the cooktop thanks to pure copper. Easy-to-use dashboard The display panel is made of LED so that the users can easily view the temperature of the cooktop. Function keys are induction keys which require a light touch to operate, Sunhouse Shd6800 Weight easy to use. Convenient timer Single induction cooktop SHD has timer which allows you to apply suitable time for every kind of food hours.

You can have more time for preparing other foods or doing other housework. Automatically switch off when heat overloaded Sunhouse Shd 6015 Datasheet The cooktop is equipped with a protective device when the electric current is overloaded. You only have to wait a few minutes for the cooktop to get cool and then turn on the cooktop and use it normally. Specifications Color.

Photo realistic. Product Reviews. Post a comment. Facebook Comments product. The agent system is selling this product nationwide. Found 0 distributor. The agent system goes from north to south and is available for purchase. View products Front View products Next. Products same category 9 product. Products you viewed 1 product. Find a product to compare. Compare Close. Watch FanPage: k like. Register to update information on new services, events and promotions.

Floor 12, Richy Sunhouse Shd6800 010 Tower, No.

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