Spelling Shed App Review

We have created some spelling shed app review journal tests to aid spelling shed app review journal when using Spelling Shed. These short tests can be used with a whole class using our printable packs or online. The test will give a score which will guide teachers to the correct stage that pupils should appp their spellings.

Our reporting grids are now live!! There is one in the group page for our spelling scheme in the "Spelling Data" tab. Assignment sets also have a similar report so you can see how the linked group has done through a set.

We'll more info adding a similar report for QuizShed content next week if all goes to plan, which will do the same for SPAG and all the Qpp quizzes to help you identify where your pupils need to fill gaps in learning. Introducing EdShed rewards! We have over lesson slide shows on spelling shed covering grammar and punctuation. Each also has an online quiz which can be turned into a PDF at the touch of a button.

One of over small step lesson slides covering the entire SPaG grammar, punctuation and spelling curriculum! Introducing the spellkng voice. If you know, you know. Aapp only does our SpellingShed. Some Medium Gameplay from one of our national curriculum-aligned word lists for words ending -cial and -tial!

See what we did syed Find it all here SpellingShed. Learn more at SpellingShed. Modeling and link a beat the teacher's score is a great way spelling shed app review journal motivate pupils!

New reporting features coming very soon! Each small step on our scheme also has a corresponding question set on QuizShed! Helpful remote learning tips from Brad Nguyen on Twitter!

Self-directed learning is encouraged, children can create their own multiplayer Hive Games to play with friends. If you want an engaging way for children to practise their spelling words, this is an app that can be used in school and at home to achieve it. Enjoyed by over 7 million children worldwide. Within these there are three levels of difficulty. There are two other subscription options which are actually bundled with a Math EdTech platform.

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