Sleep out: �������, ������������, ������������, ������� ������������� We use a variety of timbers to build our Cabins / Sleepouts, with Treated Pine Weatherboard R/S being the main timber we use. If you prefer a different timber please let us know. Check out our range of sleepout designs and garage sleepouts below. Our range of sleepouts can be placed on either a timber or concrete floor. You can choose from a wide range of sleepout designs, or kitset sleepouts if you wish to manage the project yourself and save some money on the building. Your shed your way, pick from a range of colours, profiles and claddings and custom design. No centre poles? No problem! Clearspan available up to 16m. Bird proof rafter and purlin design. Vermin proof** Builder network available for recommendation. Pole Sheds up to .

Depending on the town you live in, there are certain codes that must be adhered to for such things as the number of rooms allowed, or parking spaces required.

The in-law suite should be well designed and offer privacy from the main house. As mentioned above, getting the proper permits and adhering to building codes is key to having an in-law apartment adding value to a home. Changing the original intent of a room with a specified use, to a room with a new, alternate use is a popular way of customizing a home. Some examples are converting a bedroom to create a home office or changing a garage into a game room.

Converting unused space to an additional room can sometimes be a good thing, such as turning an attic into an additional bedroom. Since this adds one more bedroom to your home, it improves value and puts your home in a different category: for instance, your home goes from a 2 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom home, which increases value and will attract more buyers. This change can decrease the value of your home. When you decide to put the home up for sale you will have to now market it as a 2 bedroom home instead of a 3 bedroom home.

This will automatically narrow your pool of buyers since more buyers are looking for a 3 bedroom home. As with in-law apartments, a homeowner will need to check their local ordinances to see which permits are needed for changes made to outbuildings�including having them removed from the property. Outbuildings that are small and in good condition such as storage sheds that can be used for storing tools or equipment can add value to a home.

A larger outbuilding in great condition, such as detached garage, can also add value to the home. The exterior is painted a subtle green that allows the retreat to blend in with its surroundings and provide some privacy despite its openness.

The bare-bones interior is outfitted with a potting bench and supplies, but a bed and a lofted second level signal that this shed is ready for more than just gardening.

The shed is even supplemented with a terrace where visitors can step outside and enjoy the garden. In fact, the couple one is an architect transformed the square-foot structure into a living space that encompasses a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. With the right pops of color and such accents as a sleeping net and driftwood awning , this shed was transformed into a beach paradise.

To make the transformation complete, might we suggest adding an outdoor shower? This model is customizable with a variety of green features, including photovoltaic solar panels , low-energy lighting, and recycled-newspaper-based insulation. Friggebod is Swedish for a small structure or shed. This modern prefab version is particularly tiny at just square feet , which means its construction is possible in many areas without a permit.

With such distinctive design, it's hard to imagine that this guesthouse had a former life sheltering tools and lawn equipment. Another prefab on our list, this shed breaks the manufactured mold to offer a rustic rather than a modern look. Enquire about this plan Talk to us about designing a building to suit your needs. Plan 2: 4. Plan 3: 4. Garage and Office 6. Garage and Sleepout 6.

Karaka Available on Roof, Trim and Doors. Ironsand Available on Roof, Trim and Doors. Scoria Available on Roof, Trim and Doors. Lignite Available on Cladding.

Desert Sand Available on Cladding. Smooth Cream Available on Cladding. Cloud Available on Cladding. Titania Available on Cladding.

Smokey Available on Cladding.

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