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Consider if you want yours under shelter or completely out in the open as both are inviting looks, it simply depends on your preferences. Outdoor dining space set up by Ikea.

Much like the patio can be the focal point of a garden, the dining area is where it all happens. Whether you've a small bistro table set up for two, or a large family dining set for al fresco dinners a-go-go come summertime, be sure to make it stand out.

Surrounding your table with planting can help zone the space, while added accessories — be them on or off the table — will add interest, color and character. It goes without saying that garden lighten will make all the difference. Try layering lighting for more effect and for a brighter space all-together — especially ideal when you're eating. Use lanterns, scatter tea lights on the table — choose citronella ones if you aren't into mozzies — alongside solar-powered lighting above, even hanging from the trees, to create endless ambiance.

A seating area makes every garden space sing, and it's an opportunity to create the ultimate spot for relaxation. From sun loungers, to day beds, even on a small balcony or patio, you'll be able to squeeze in a solo hammock or hanging seat, and it will make all the difference. How to get the best out of it? Arrange the furniture as if it were indoors — so chairs grouped around a garden coffee table, a sun lounger next to a side table It will look better designed, be more inviting and so much more comfortable to use.

There is no better garden inspiration than when complete with atmosphere. Create ambiance in a garden by choosing low-level lighting like these gorgeous spherical LED globe lights which add interest by day and also light up by night, proving they can be both stylish and functional in every type of outdoor setting.

Perfect for when the sun. This spot couldn't get anymore serene if it tried. Pallet seating in restored the garden of a 17th-century country cottage. A corner sofa can make the best use of space, especially if you have a big family, and it needn't be expensive if you DIY your own with wooden pallets like above for a charismatic, yet rustic finish. This is one of the best cheap garden ideas that boasts a cozy and stylish result with the simple addition of mix-matched cushions and throws.

These deckchairs tick all the boxes. Nautical, in a cool way, and the reason that they look so good — despite the lack of sand and an inflatable beach ball — in this garden setting, is because the colors perfectly coordinate with the exterior house paint and window shutter color.

Hanging around in a hanging chair is the ultimate treat on any day. These work so well in courtyard gardens, helping to add a little modern character to minimal surroundings. Not all beautiful garden ideas have to be labor-intensive or expensive. You can add softness, color and design interest with printed cushions and a tablecloth. The colorful soft furnishings used in this garden idea are made with fabrics from Vanessa Arbuthnott. If you're one for keeping nature at the heart of your space, then adding greenery to your garden buildings is a brilliant place to start when designing a wildlife friendly garden.

Originally introduced as a means of better insulating homes, and absorbing rainwater, green roofs are both beneficial and beautiful. Not only will it create a harmonious color scheme, but it will also be really inviting to wildlife. It goes without saying that you will need to ensure the correct structural support of your building, as they can be considerably heavier than a simple roof.

For a thick and lush green roof, that isn't extensively heavy, it's wise to choose, hardy, low maintenance plants that don't require copious amounts of soil. Opt for Alpines, succulents Sempervirens and evergreen shrubs and herbs like Ice Plant Delosperma cooperi or flowering Thyme Thymus vulgaris.

The garden is always on view, so a flowing arrangement with a Japanese theme ensures it looks good all the time. Japanese-themed garden. A garden water feature is a swell idea and can work with both traditional and modern garden designs.

If you are installing a water feature, or garden pond, remember that it will become a focal point and that you will need to make plans for this early on. If you are phasing your design — perhaps doing a patio first and moving on to other features as budget allows — then make sure you won't have to undo hard work to retrofit pipework. And, if yours is a small garden, just the trickle of a solar powered fountain in a large bowl will work a treat.

Including a pool a paddling pool doesn't count in your garden design will make your space very special indeed, and you have a few different options, depending on how much space you have available. A natural pool is a wonderful way to feel in touch with nature and will let you dabble in a little wild swimming, in your own backyard.

Finish the look off with some gorgeous deck chairs, and who needs to hop on a plane anyway? Real garden transformation: a family garden with a natural swimming pool. The pool, designed by specialist company Ensata , is cleverly designed to include a natural regeneration system which uses reeds and waterlilies to filter the water, while a mechanical system also helps keep the pool clean.

There's nothing quite as pretty as a walkway in your own garden, especially when yours is covered in fragrant and beautiful climbers. Height is key to draw the eye upwards, so making an archway over a garden path, or even including a pergola, are brilliant options not just for large gardens, but also for small garden designs.

Fastigiate shrubs and non-invasive climbers are the perfect combo. If you want a good garden-esque space, but aren't actually green fingered at all or don't have so much outdoor space to work with, then this is a grand DIY garden idea for you. Build a green wall for your balcony, using fake flowers.

This one has been made using a combination of artificial lilies, monstera leaves and Ikea's very handy faux plant wall panels. It will work in a small courtyard garden or even to dress the inside of a garden room too, because when you don't need to worry so much about light and water levels for your plants — your options are endless! Painting a garden gate in a bright and playful color is a simple way to bring life into your outdoor space.

Fresh, modern and cheap to do, using a bold color is one of the easiest ways to nicely interrupt a pared back garden design that deserves a bit more oomph. Plants are gorgeous in their own right, but, why wouldn't you exaggerate their hidden colors with what's in your surroundings?

Simply painting your garden deck in a similar hue can help your flowers' coloring stand out. Plants can help define zones too, especially if you go for a strong color theme by area. So, if your dining space has dark-colored decking and walls, deep purple plants with rich blue hues will look the part.

While if your lounging space has say, a white wall behind it and light-colored decking, this will make white and pastel colored flowers look incredible. The similar lines of both the garden fencing and the containers on wheels might we point out brings continuity to this design and adds a bit of depth to what is quite a simple display.

From the materials, to the planting itself, it's a feast for the eyes and ideal to bring even an awkward garden corner to life. Outdoor living spaces aren't just reserved to those in very warm climates. And you can create one easily, no matter what size garden you have. It should be inviting, stylish and super comfortable, of course, so that you can wile away the hours in front of your outdoor projector or with a magazine in hand.

Use different colors on fencing or walls to create separate zones for your outdoor living room. White is a good backdrop for lounging areas that you want to feel bright and sunny, while deep greens are good for more of a zen space, perfect for yoga and the likes. Use rich shades, such as blue or eggplant, to create more atmosphere during long summer evenings, and brights like red, orange or yellow will add instant energy.

Color blocking works a treat indoors — but look for these for inspiration as they make great garden ideas, too. Use this technique to bring small garden spaces to life. What do we love about this look in particular? Note how the color on the walls complements a few of the plant pots on the table.

If you ask us, it's the perfect way to cheat more room into a small courtyard or garden dining area. White wash decking is a surefire way to bring the feeling of a beach hut, to your own back garden. And, when teamed — as above — with painted white bamboo shelter, it can really make a small space sing. Speaking of singing, we're getting Mamma Mia! Take this garden inspiration on in your own space and you won't even need to get on a plane, to feel like you're relaxing on a beautiful and remote Greek island.

Getting arty in a small garden goes a long way, and the proof is in this stunning patio floor. The terrazzo print was simply created using masonry paint, and toothbrushes, but the effect is second to none. For what is such a simple painting hack, it adds instant color, energy and interest, and is much more affordable than pulling up old patio tiles and replacing them.

Well positioned lighting can completely transform your backyard or patio area, adding the final touch to a seating or dining area, or highlighting beautiful planting spots and other areas of your outdoor space at night.

There are endless garden lighting ideas to try for all types of gardens and outdoor spaces. Consider the kind of atmosphere you'd like to create and choose your outdoor lighting accordingly. Perhaps you like the relaxed, boho vibe that is easily achieved by hanging some festoon lights and accessorising with tea lights and lanterns? You may want to opt for something elegant and permanent, such as a pendant or porch light. And if security is a concern, you may want to think about flood lights.

Last but not least, the coloring and strength of your lights will contribute to the overall effect. One of the most Midsummer Night's Dream-esque garden ideas going, plus, using solar lighting in your garden is a really eco-friendly and economical way to bring more light to your space come sundown.

Discreet yet really effective, hang them loosely within your tree canopy, over a balcony railing or running through containers in a smaller spot and enjoy. If you're ready to take your outdoor living room to the next level, and if you have the room, adding a living pod like this one is the next jump. With more structure, it's a surefire way to create an outside space that's perfect for relaxing and having a laugh in, with the whole family.

Choosing a building that is beautiful and contemporary in structure is key for this look is to ensure that you create a refined finish, while you should make sure that it's weather resistant too so you have shelter when you need it, and to make it last for years to come.

Greenhouses are not only great garden idea for growing and propagating a whole host of plants, but they are also the perfect solution to garden storage needs and can instantly add more appeal to your garden. Yours doesn't need to be enormous, or made from glass. Many are often made with plastic sheeting, simply to help trap the heat of the sun inside. Whichever structure you choose, you have the potential to do lots of vegetable gardening and to grow new floral additions for your garden in quick time.

And should you want to conceal a not-so-gorgeous plastic greenhouse, just up your planting game! A few of our faves to grow from the inside include tomatoes, peas, squash, mushrooms and more, but you really have no limits. While outside, take on a little invasive Ivy, Jasmine and the like to cover your greenhouse in style. Should you be working with a tiny, or even courtyard garden, there are lots of clever and cute small greenhouses or even cold frames to incorporate into the outdoor space you do have, and for advice on greenhouse gardening be sure to visit our guide.

Garden rooms are more popular than ever right now as they offer a cool, and often more affordable, alternative to an extension. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of different garden room ideas and styles around, modern or traditional, to fit in with your garden design. We are a big fan of this garden room come summer house which adds a contemporary touch to a small and simple garden design. If you are now working from home full time you might be looking for garden ideas to expand your indoor space.

If this is the case, then a garden office may be on your list of priorities and adding an outbuilding can fit the bill. Use yours as an office, or maybe as a place to retreat to when your working day is done but what's great about these garden buildings is that they are functional and can add a really interesting structure to all types of gardens.

A great way to zone your garden space, and to make the most of your lawn, setting up your vert own outdoor movie theatre is a great addition to gardens big and small. All you really need is a sheet, or a white wall and an outdoor projector, but investing in soft furnishings, lighting and all the rest will really help set the ambiance.

If you have a great BBQs about then you may want to have it on show. But, if you want to be more discreet and have the barbie sit in with the rest of your garden's style, there are plenty of nifty ways to do so.

This cool outdoor kitchen setup features a BBQ on wheels by Ikea and the wood that conceals it helps keep the entire look, undisrupted. What a beauty, and yes, it's teamed with brilliant storage too. If you love cooking and dining al fresco on every possible occasion and want to take it further than a BBQ, then why not create a fully equipped kitchen in your garden? An outdoor kitchen Sheds Painted In Cuprinol Shades Kit will allow your inner chef to come alive, letting you cook in different ways, plus it will have all preparation and plating-up space, as well as super-useful features like sinks, fridges and lighting that you need to impress your guests.

Go for a slick yet simple design for a suave finish and you'll feel like your dream Michelin star restaurant has come to you! Every modern garden needs an outdoor bar, right? The beach vibe from the Honolulu bar from John Lewis really fits the bill for us this summer, but there are so many cool and contemporary, or even rustic garden bar options out there to suit your setting perfectly. You may be a minimalist, or you may prefer simple garden ideas as you haven't got much time on your hards, either way, there are plenty of small additions and changes that you can make to your outdoor space to create your desired garden look.

Choosing neutral fabric colors and natural materials in Scandi-like garden furniture is effective to create a zen area. And to finish off your space with ease, try scattering wildflower seeds in surrounding spots for colorful and elaborate growth that's not overbearing and that doesn't ask for a lot of effort, or maintenance.

Opting for a light color scheme in a small garden space can help brighten up the room you do have, making it seem more airy and inviting. We love the harmonious color scheme of this vintage-style courtyard setting.

The painted white table, chairs and white wash walls all come together in a very subtle yet beautiful way, and this works perfectly in what is a pretty tiny garden space. Bright garden furniture can make all the difference to a boring backyard, and what's so great about it, is there is something to suit every type of garden style and personal taste. A small but bold-colored bistro set with low seating can add even more personality to small, but modern patio.

While if you have more space to play with — and a big family in tow — you'll find grand colored corner seating sets and more to cater for all your style needs, no problem.

Whether it's dining, lounging, or both that you've envisaged for your garden space, the right furniture will be functional and enhance a space a space no end, making it welcoming and inviting for all who will use it. Choose comfort and quality to ensure that your pieces stay in good condition throughout the seasons. Most important? Add weather-resistant accessories to make your garden furniture more inviting — from cushions and throws to outdoor rugs.

Bring a bit of your lounge physically outside, by adding an outdoor rug to your garden seating area. We love the vibrant pattern of this one from Maisons du Monde. It's jazzy and cosy at the same time, making it a great centrepiece for this space, and the perfect spot to lounge in at lunch, or after a long day working from home.

Adding curtains to your outdoor patio area is a great idea to bring a sense of the indoors, to your outside space. They will move softly in the wind, — caution if you have a BBQ around please — to add atmosphere and energy aplenty. Plus, if you choose a light color, the eye will be drawn up further, creating the illusion of space. It's clear why Mediterranean gardens are all the rage and choosing this style is a surefire way to make you feel like you're in the South of France, on the Spanish coast or even further afield which, let's face it, is the escapism we all need in Choosing brights when it comes to garden furniture is key for this garden design idea, while you should favor plants that are renowned for their fragrance and color also.

Citrus, Fig and even Olive trees are ideal large plants, while herbs like Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus work well in containers or as border plants to create a natural and relaxed ambiance around a patio area.

There's nothing more playful then opting for a Caribbean theme in a garden. Choose this tropical garden design idea and lush foliage teamed with bright, dramatic flowers will completely ignite your space.

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