Ask about custom portable designs to fit your needs. Extra Info. You can see the difference! Free delivery within 40 miles of Perkins. Perkins is 10 miles south of Stillwater, OK. Beyond that, we add a mileage charge.

Free leveling. We provide blocks and level your portable building. You can fill it up! This field should be left blank. Related Products. Horse Barns October 1, Loft Barn Pricing. They offer reasonable rates. Pole barn home plans: Start with quality design and engineering Shouse house plans are different from a conventional house or even a pole barn.

Pole barn home ideas: What will your shouse look like? Single wing structure or a multi-wing structure. Layout Flexibility Clear-span trusses provide flexibility in the interior design for location of walls — there are no load bearing walls unless an interior deck is created like a loft or second story interior living space.

Amazing interiors. Beautiful porch overhang. Great man cave potential! Vaulted ceilings. Beautiful kitchens. What does it cost to build a shouse?

No more hassle of running across town. Just open the door of your quality structure on your own back yard and begin putting up Christmas lights! Our gazebos are so much more than just a wooden structure Shed For Sale Facebook Marketplace Network in your yard or garden. A Sunrise Shed gazebo is a charming addition to your lawn or homestead. With an octagonal shape, tiered roof, decorative wooden railings, sculpted corner braces, real cedar posts, and scalloped roof overhang, our outdoor gazebos are designed to be beautiful.

These wooden gazebos go beyond mere function to become a beautiful part of your own backyard or garden. Our gazebos are not only designed for beauty, they are designed for durability. We choose the best components to construct a wooden gazebo that will last. We use cedar posts, pressure treated lumber, and pressure treated decking to withstand the elements. All of our quality gazebos are backed up with our Five-Year Limited Warranty. Our gazebos, from large to small, are all built to the same highest level of quality.

When you deal with Sunrise Shed, you can take advantage of our rent-to-own option. Rent-to-own means you can start using your new gazebo as soon as you make the required down payment on the contract. After only 36 monthly payments, the gazebo is yours! With Sunrise Shed, you have options. In addition to traditional gazebos, you have other options when you buy a gazebo from us.

Join thousands of our satisfied customers across Oklahoma and order your gazebo today. Beautifully handcrafted, each of our Gazebos is designed with your outdoor enjoyment in mind. It makes it easier to layout out your design. As an outdoor playhouse, these small buildings need to withstand the elements. We carefully construct these wooden playhouses using top-notch durable materials.

Real windows that slide up and down. A front porch with a railing. A child-size front door. Gables on the roof. Real shingles. All of these features, and more, add to the charm and style of these adorable—but fully functional—playhouses. We even include an adult-size door so you have easy access too.

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