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Learn how to paint a shed from start to finish in TWO days. This step by step tutorial shows how to paint a wooden garden shed the right way so it lasts for years. It is one of those projects I have dreamed of for a while but seemed way too intimidating to tackle. I guess I could actually call it a she-shed because it does store all my scrap wood and paint, a few original packaging boxes of tools like my miter saw and table saw because I refuse to throw them away plus a whole bunch of random crap.

There were however a few other little things that needed fixing�. But to start off with, I decided to tackle painting this outdoor shed and pool equipment enclosure in the backyard. I have been slowly updating and adding things to the backyard to make it fun, functional and colorful, and organic like I did with the patio makeover.

For the shed, I decided to go with deep teal and dark brown trim. Nope, I am not going to be painting my house in this color� but who says the shed should always match the color of the house. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for supporting the brands that help me bring more projects to you. The process of painting a wooden shed is honestly not all that different from painting anything else � walls or furniture.

Ideally, you could do this with a paintbrush and some basic painting supplies, but to here is what you need to get the job done quickly. Painting your shed � get all the supplies delivered to your doorstep. As they always say, the most important step in any painting project is preparation. No matter how boring it is, the preparation determines how well your final project turns out. Here is what I recommend to prepare for painting.

You might need more or fewer items to be prepared depending on your shed situation. Taking the time to prepare everything makes for much better project quality and saves time in the long run! TIP � Use pre-taped painters plastic to make it easy to tape. However, be prepared to use a separate roll of tape to make sure everything stays in place.

I researched a lot if I needed to sand before painting. Since the shed was previously painted and the finish seemed glossy, I decided to go ahead and do it the right way and sand to give the primer and paint something to grip to. As soon as I started applying the primer, I knew it was going to be a quick job! TIP � Use continuous up and down motion with overlapping coats to get the best coverage without any drips. Here is the garden shed in all its grey glory�. With the lower spray width, there was very little overspray on the trim and I was happy I went with that decision.

I added 3 coats of paint. Because it was a hot day, by the time I went from one end of the shed to the other, paint for dry to touch and I could easily start the next coat right away. One of the most common questions I get from readers is the sprayer using more paint and the clean-up involved with paint sprayers. The time that the sprayer saves during the actual painting more than makes up for using slightly more paint. It took me about minutes to clean up my paint sprayer after each use � not bad at all!

Just think about how long it would have taken me to paint the shed using a paintbrush and roller. If it were a large structure like a house, you can also spray the trim, but I decided to go with a brush for the little structure. This ended up being the part that felt like it took forever because it was almost mid-day and it was pretty hot.

But overall, it took only about 90 minutes which is not bad at all! I wanted to paint my hardware dark so I decided to go with oil rubbed bronze. Also, you might want to take off all the hardware and paint it if you are up for it. The metal roof on the pool equipment enclosure also needed new life, so I taped around it and spray painted that in oil rubbed bronze as well. I added a couple of motion detector lights on the shed � one that is a pretty lantern and the other a basic motion detector LED floodlight.

This is how we started-. Here is the after �. You typically need a paint that is fade resistant plus mold and mildew resistant. Most exterior grade paints offer these characteristics. Even if you choose to apply primer as I did, you might still want to go with a paint and primer in one. This helps with coverage and makes sure that the paint sticks to the structure. In terms of sheen � there are a couple of options � flat and satin.

Satin is a little shinier but is a lot easier to clean which is why I picked a satin for my shed. I used Behr Marquee and painted 3 coats on 2 sides of the shed plus the pool equipment enclosure and I almost used up a whole gallon. I have a little bit left for future touch-ups if needed. This is a huge question. But think about the basics of re-painting anything or painting new wood for the first time � you always need a primer.

The primer helps seal the surface enabling the paint to grip better. I always recommend priming the shed. It will take a couple of extra hours but will be totally worth it. Have you ever painted an outdoor shed or outdoor building? It also comes with a detail finish sprayer for smaller projects.

I will be trying it out soon and will let you know how I like it. Please share and tag me on I nstagram anikasdiylife or post it to my Facebook Page! This post contains affiliate or referral links. Please read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Hi Anika! Thank you for sharing your ideas and work with the world. What a beautiful job you did with your shed!

Love the bold color. I just started woodworking and just trying to figure out how to use a planet and jointer and mitre saw et al has been overwhelming. Have a great time building! Nobody likes spam! I made the hard decision to turn off comments on my posts after two weeks. Thanks for visiting! I am NOT a professional. Just learning as I go and trying to inspire others!

I advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and hire a professional when in doubt. I love it when you use my site for inspiration, but by using it, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Full disclosure here. I gave my outdoor shed a new completely different look. The shed in our backyard is one such project. The inside is a big hot mess and the shed itself is bare to the studs. But we are not talking about the inside of the shed today� We are talking about the outside!

Table of Contents The before Materials needed to paint a shed How to paint an outdoor shed Before and after of shed makeover Frequently asked questions about painting a shed Pin this project to Pinterest Painting a shed � the before There was nothing really wrong with the paint on shed� it was in great condition. Guess how long it took me to do all of that?

A total of 5 hours across 2 days! Here is a breakdown of the time � Cleaning � 30 minutes Sanding � 30 minutes One coat of primer � 30 minutes Three coats of Paint � 1 hour Painting the trim � 1. Supplies needed to paint a shed Ideally, you could do this with a paintbrush and some basic painting supplies, but to here is what you need to get the job done quickly. You will see below why. HERE Primer meant for outdoors. I used this gray primer because I was planning to paint a deep dark color.

You can use a white primer if you plan on painting a light color. Exterior grade paint. Be sure to get a good quality paint that will last and be durable through all the seasons.

This is my go-to paintbrush for any job � the flexible handle is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The high-quality bristles work well for a long time! I have had mine for almost 2 years now. A paint pail. This is my 4 Tall Storage Shed Not Working absolute favorite to use when I need to hold paint and climb up and down ladders and paint trim for a long time.

Outdoor metallic spray paint optional. I used it to update all of my hardware. Supplies needed for painting a shed Pressure washer Painters tape Plastic tarp or pre-taped painters plastic Sanding block and grit sandpaper Paint Sprayer Exterior Primer Exterior grade paint. Good quality paintbrush.

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