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Positioned at the top of Chevy's lineup of Bel Air coupes and convertibles, the Impala featured an all-new front-end design, a relatively short cabin, and a long rear deck, which gave it an elegant, stretched-out appearance.

The muscular snout, prominent headlights, long tailfins, and signature triple taillights on either side helped make the Impala stand out in a crowd and ensured its future as a coveted collector car. Power came from a choice of three engines, including a cubic-inch Blue Flame inline six-cylinder powerplant, a cubic-inch Turbo Fire V8, and a cubic-inch big-block Turbo Thrust V8, which put out about hp. The Impala rode on a new chassis designed for minimal flexing and stability, although there were some safety concerns about the chassis in the event of an accident, according to some reports.

For its second generation, which came along fairly quickly in , the Impala became longer the wheelbase grew by 1. The Impala's brakes, suspension, and handling were also upgraded, although the powerplants remained the same. By the time the third generation appeared in , the Impala had become the best-selling car in America, and would remain so for the next decade, since it epitomized the perfect storm of performance, features, and affordability for car buyers in the early s.

The new Impala displayed a more subdued exterior as Chevy revamped all the sheet metal except for the roof. The triple taillights, which had disappeared for a year, returned, but the tailfins were gone, resulting in a sleeker rear end and nearly straight lines from front to rear. The big news for , however, was the introduction of the Impala SS Super Sport package, the forerunner of the muscle cars of the mid- to late '60s.

Owners could add the SS package to any Impala trim, outfitting it with an upgraded suspension, high-performance brakes and tires, and a choice of several powerful V8 engines, including a new Turbo-Fire cubic-inch V8, which generated an impressive hp. The Beach Boys immortalized the in their song of the same name, which appeared on their debut album in Chevy continued to refine and retune the Impala SS, and particularly the trims, through the early '60s, and split the Impala SS off into its own line in It featured unique trim, side moldings, wheel covers, and badging.

The Impala's sleek, clean exterior lines continued into the fourth generation, which appeared in showrooms in The revamped Impala proved so popular it sold more than 1 million units that year, setting an industry record that stands to this day. The Impala sat on a new chassis and featured a pillarless side profile with vent windows at the front.

In addition, Chevy introduced a new Impala Caprice four-door hardtop sedan trim with unique upholstery and wood-grain interior accents. Chevy phased out the V8, replacing it with a new Mark IV V8, which mated to a new Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission.

Throughout the s, the Impala and Impala SS continued to sell well. However, sales of the SS began to decline in the late '60s, and it was wrapped back into the Impala line as a packaged add-on.

By the time the fifth-generation Impala debuted in , however, more significant changes were in the air. Although the Impala had sold more than 10 million units by , the oil crisis of marked the death knell for the land boats and muscle cars of the s and '60s, and the Impala began to downsize. It remained highly popular, however, becoming the best-selling car again in By , the Impala had stretched to an overall length of It also dropped more than pounds from its weight.

The big-block V8s were gone as well. However, buyers and the industry seemed to like the changes, and the Impala was named Motor Trend Car of the Year in The Impala continued to soldier on into the s, as sales of full-size cars dropped dramatically. Trims were reduced to a four-door sedan and a station wagon by , as the popularity of sport sedans waned. By , however, sales for the Impala proved so poor it was dropped from the lineup, although the Chevy Caprice continued into the '90s.

In , the Impala re-emerged for its seventh generation as the Impala SS. Essentially a revised Caprice, it sat 2 inches lower than the base Caprice and came equipped with sport-oriented features typically reserved for police fleet cars, including a sport-tuned suspension, larger brakes, dual exhaust pipes, and a limited-slip differential. Power came from a hp, 5. Design-wise, the Impala SS drew some styling cues from the muscle cars of the '60s, with a more rounded shape, a body-colored grille, rocker moldings, and a rear spoiler.

It was available only in black, and continued until , when Chevy again dropped it from the lineup, along with the Caprice, the Buick Roadmaster, and the Cadillac Fleetwood, as GM cleared its assembly lines to make way for the coming SUV wave. The Impala was down but not out, as it was set to re-emerge yet again, in , as the eighth generation, with a return to its core values of the early s.

In re-designing the car, Chevy again attempted to create that perfect storm of performance, features, and affordability. The four-door Impala sedan sat on a platform borrowed from the now-defunct Lumina, which it replaced in the automaker's lineup, and came in Base and LS trim levels.

While all previous Impalas had been rear-wheel drive, the new Impala was a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Power came from either a hp, 3. Outside, the new Impala took a more conservative approach, with rounded, contemporary lines, although the rounded taillights brought back some of the old Impala's mystique. In , Chevy introduced an LS Sport appearance package, which included a front bumper extension, a chrome-finished exhaust pipe, and a unique six-gauge instrument cluster.

In , Chevy debuted a new hp, 3. The ninth and current generation Impala appeared in showrooms with the model year. The base powerplant for the Impala was a hp, 3. Inside the spacious cabin, the Impala sported an all-new interior with wood-grain trim, chrome accents, and revised control knobs. In , Chevy added a FlexFuel-capable hp, 3. For it's 50th anniversary in , Chevy unveiled a 50th Anniversary Edition Impala, which featured leather-trimmed seats with a 50th-anniversary logo, leather-wrapped steering wheel with contrast stitching, a sport suspension, a rear SS-style spoiler, and inch SS-style alloy wheels.

In , Chevy dropped the SS trim from the Impala lineup. More than likely, though, given its history, we'll be seeing it again at some point in the future. With millions of Impalas sold over the past few decades, prospective buyers have a lot of options, from the collector cars of the late s and early '60s to the sportier versions of the late '60s and '70s, to the revamped and short-lived Chevy Impala SS of the mids, to the current 21st century generation.

In particular, buyers seeking a full-size, front-wheel-drive family sedan with plenty of safety features should look at late-model Impalas, especially those of the ninth generation, built after Late-model Impalas have held their value fairly well, according to Kelley Blue Book. In fact, the Impala has held its value better than comparable cars from Ford and Chrysler. However, with the current generation nearing its end and a new Impala likely on the horizon, prospective buyers can probably find some good deals on the Impala.

Chevy recalled Impalas built in and due to issues with the seat belts, so be sure to check if that feature has been fixed on any late-model Impala you're considering. Owners on a budget might want to look at the eighth-generation Impala, produced from to Essentially the same size as the current generation, its front-wheel-drive configuration emphasizes handling over performance, but it will meet the needs of most families who require plenty of interior space.

The SS Impalas of the mid-'90s have also held their value well, according to some owners. Over 90 years later, biographers and historians are still debating what happened during those days in Was it revenge, depression or amnesia? Recent biographies, like one by Laura Thompson , shed little light on the episode.

Agatha refused to talk about it. To anyone. Christie herself discussed the incident publicly only once, in a interview she gave to The Daily Mail.

She told them she had been driving past a quarry on Dec. However, as my daughter was with me in the car, I dismissed the idea at once. That night I felt terribly miserable. I felt that I could go on no longer. I left home that night in a state of high nervous strain with the intention of doing something desperate.

I left the wheel and let the car run. The car struck something with a jerk and pulled up suddenly. I was flung against the steering wheel, and my head hit something. Up to this moment I was Mrs. The episode continues to fascinate. But God is good and with lots of prayers and determination I know things can and will happen.

I own 14 acres and I applied for a shed permit from a local company selling all types of sheds, I bought the shed to convert to a cabin. Well the township denied the permit saying that I was unable to put a shed on my land due to the fact that it would become the primary structure.

He stated I would have to first have a primary structure, a home then the shed would be permissible? There is more to this but I wanted others to know they may encounter this problem. Be sure to put a padlock on it for show.. The idea is to have the site look like a storage area so no outdoor Hay Shed For Sale Qld Quality clothesline, garden, chicken coop etc. Sorry but the county will fine you into oblivion if they think you are living in a shed, although I suppose you could just continue to live there and wait til the county took the property back after 3 years, then buy it back from the sheriffs sale?

I have watched the Tiny House TH shows and have left them with a heavy heart. To do otherwise is in conflict with the answer to the basic question: How do I live simply, comfortably, inexpensively, and on a small scale in such a way as to enhance my life?

The answer to any question should not be more complex than the question itself. Borrowed from Thoreau. The best answer to the question is what you propose, which is an outbuilding converted to a livable space. It is far cheaper and far easier to put in place than the majority of what is presented. With a little study, people who want a TH can learn what they need to build much of it themselves.

Actually, if you want to live in a TH, you probably have a mindset of self-sufficiency anyway. I am of the same mindset as Greg Nixon. Living a simplistic lifestyle, if one uses the reduce, reuse, and recycle rule, a TH can, and should be, a very low cost option for all. What are all you folks doing about a toilet and grey water…? Or even just water to the shed?

My hubby and I bought two 16 x 40 portable buildings utility sheds to move onto our 2 acres in southern TN. After checking with the county courthouse to see if a building permit could be obtained and being told by officials in several odduces that no permit would be needed, we were thrilled and proceeded to put in many long hours and a lot of our life savings into turning one of them into our forever home.

My husband even added on a 16 x 12 addition and plumbed in a bathroom and built a sweet tiny bedroom. He just finished the wiring and called for the electrical inspection. When the inspector came out, we got the shock of our lives. We were supposed to get a building permit after all TCA The only time a permit is not needed is when the structure will be used only for storage, maintenance etc. We are currently awaiting a packer of info from the TN dept of Commerce and Insurance that supposedly outlines info on the type of foundation that is requirements.

Also, if any of you have had any success getting a building permit approved for a residence under similar circumstances, we could sure use the encouragement! We were definitely not prepared to pay to have an engineer design and will be forced to do all the work ourselves. Hi Heidi. Did this get resolved? Would they have allowed the shed as a home if you would have gotten a foundation put in first to place shed on?

Be sure to check local building requirements. Most sheds as sold do not meet building codes. However, most can be built to code by a licensed home builder, but then they do cost more. Other areas will allow sheds up to a certain size on land that has no other structures, but the sheds are not residences and can be used only for short camping vacations like a hunting cabin, for instance.

Different areas are different. It has happened that people have spent thousands of dollars on sheds and then fixed them up to live in, and then they get caught living in a home without a certificate of occupancy required in the vast majority of places and they are forced to move out. And many areas now use overhead satellite imagery to locate unauthorized sheds or other structures. Sadly, the days of pioneers building their own log cabins without permits and codes are long gone.

We no longer have that personal freedom. Just a friendly warning that may save some folks a lot of money and a lot more grief. Only other structure is a barn that I work out of. Have temp electric, septic tank and water. Starting process. Talked to an electric inspector and found I can not live in this!! Needless to say I am a 72 year old devastated retired woman. What can I do but cry? Be very cautious before buying. I was wondering I know there regulation codes on building a house but are there any on these dwelling such as ceiling height or anything specific that would prevent me from living in one?

It was easier to just leave the mobile home on the property and list the cabin as a storage building—cheaper on property taxes too! What about if your primary residence is a home in a medium-density zone, and you want to convert a shed in the backyard to use for AirBnB income?

There is already a shed on the property that is dilapidated, so I was considering taking it out and putting in a newer one. Holds lbs. Does anyone have any information about TH communities in Virginia?

It looks good idea but I think planning regulations would have something to say on the matter here. What is wrong with the world?? I no longer wonder why there are so many homeless people in San Antonio. If it was easy to build a structure to live in then the homeless population would go down. I know they want to increase property values by not having lower quality homes in the neighborhoods and stuff.

Totally agreed. We just wanted to use our customers shed as a fourth bedroom, only for sleeping at night maybe a nap sometimes during day but nope, against the law here in Sacramento. Meanwhile the numbers of homeless folks sleeping on public sidewalks, roadsides, etc, is like over strong and growing.

America is far from being about Freedom. Free to move about is about it. So if you have any mental conditions where you freak out indoors and rather sleep under the stars at night in your own backyard, forget it, you will be written up and fined big time!

Technically, I can have electricity but not be attached to the septic system. So, my question is this… is there a checklist of things that one must do to finish a shed for a livable structure? Any legitimate help is VERY much appreciated! Yes, I too would like to see a check list to make a shed into a livable structure.

Is there such a check list? Each State and even county differ. There is no set single rule. I can bullshit and i wish people would start challenging this and make things change. Excellent information. A airtight woodburning wood stove, or a pellet stove would be the main source of heat, the furnace for a backup system. After reading all of the comments, I never realized that getting permitted can be such a pain in the heiny.

A mobile home is out of the question as they actually lose value over time. Another option may be to build a barn with living quarters inside? A freind of mine did that. Real nice, no evidence of anyone living inside as well. No building restrictions here. I appreciate how you mentioned hat tiny sheds are cheap and it comes with windows and doors and other important features included. I just graduated college and I am looking for an affordable and organized way of living.

I will have to consult a specialist to be able to make the best decision when it comes to what kind of on-site cabin to purchase. Funny you should ask. There is one of these as an Airbnb near Owensburg Indiana. I am going to purchase a graceland shed 14 x 36 with a loft. Does anyone have pictures of one this size done on the inside? Thank you, Amy. I have purchased land with a well and septic tank already there.

Why is it code officer say I cant convert a shed into a home? I am living on S. I am basically homeless. Should I go to Calif. And live in the streets as they do there? Doesnt seem fair to me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The Tiny Life. Living in a Shed? Have the gravel base extend in all directions about feet beyond the footprint of the shed.

Make sure the space is totally level and compact the base with a plate compactor. Also consider where the water will flow off the roof if you have gutters, consider trenching a drain pipe to flush water away from the shed. Make Utility Connections To Your Shed Once the shed is delivered on the pad you created, the inspector has come and gone, then bring your connections from wherever they are to the shed and inside.

If you pre-buried your connections, uncover the connection points, and connect them. Test everything before you close up the walls. The underside of the floor where it faces the ground is a place that moisture can build up and bugs can eat into. I suggest that you have you shed on blocks just high enough for you to crawl under so you can access things easier.

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