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Original Post: Insulating a Plastic shed?? PathofFenix Member. Hello everyone. I have been all over trying to figure out how or even if it's possible to insulate a plastic shed, and I flat can't find anything. Basically, my shed is a small 10'x8', but I'm using it kind of like a workshop.

The problem is that I want to use it as a workshop, but where I live, it gets well into the s. I'd like to buy a mobile AC type thing, but I figured I would need to insulate my shed. Any ideas how that could be done? It's obviously not the most sturdy thing, but is there no type of insulation I could use? Doesn't have to be pretty. Maybe even foam spray or something I don't know.

Thanks for any answers. PJmax Group Moderator. I'm guessing this shed is out in direct sunlight all day. Is it a dark color? Possibly one with dual hoses, but that would still struggle.

If you are in hot and dry area maybe an evaporative cooler would be better. Uses a lot less electricity but does need a water source. As far as insulation, spray foam would be one choice. Styrofoam panels may be another. PathofFenix Thread Starter. Well, when I say portable, I mean one of those ones that's like much bigger than a window unit.

Like this. And the outside is dark. Here it is. Do you think I could even do it without insulation? Oh, and styrofoam could work.

That's smart. It looks to be a single exhaust line portable AC with very optimistic specs. The problem with a single exhaust line unit is it draws the cool air in from the room and discharges it and the hot air outside. A two hose unit draws air in from outside to cool the unit and the hot air goes outside. Costs more but is more effective. Marq1 Member. There is no easy way that thing is going to be insulated, if it's like my deck box it's blow molded and the panels are probably an inch thick and hollow.

Those were never assumed to be occupied, they are storage only! Pilot Dane Group Moderator. I would screw rigid foam panels to the inside of the shed. Right now the shed is probably R1 or 2 so anything you do will be a dramatic improvement. As for an air conditioner you MUST have a two hose portable unit or a Plastic Storage Sheds Toolstation Youtube window unit.

A single hose portable wont stand a chance cooling the shed on a hot day. I have a large deck box that is the same the walls are very thin plastic with min gap a screw would easily pull out. Maybe glue but it was never intended to be insulated so it would be a cobble job at the very best! The only workable options I can think of are either to paint the roof white, or to get a black camper's canopy for shade, or both. I'm thinking along the same lines as Hal.

First thing I would do is paint the roof and at least the south and west exposures a lighter color, preferably white. The other thing I was thinking, obviously dependent on local codes, and although your latitude may make it pointless, is a fence, even if it's just posts and a canvas tarp, along the south side of it. But even just the paint I think would be as beneficial as insulation. Also, if possible, you want the doors facing North or West to get the prevailing breeze, and so you can paint the South side and roof white.

Once you get some shade, I'd consider "thermal intertia" from some masonry-. The material that made the southwest US and northwest Mexico livable for thousands of years before air conditioning. Thanks for all the great answer. So it basically sounds like I won't be able to add an AC. Do you think a unit could be good enough to cool it without costing a ton in electricity or having to insulate since it can't really be insulated.

For hot-arid, a simple water mister will cool you down, for hot-humid a fan and shade are a good start. Geochurchi Member. Hi, I believe any type of styrofoam insulation must be covered by a non combustible material, read the warnings on the product, also an 8X10 area then you add a 2 hose AC unit your loosing space.

The main purpose of batt insulation is to slow air movement and heat radiating from the underside of a hot roof.

You may be able to accomplish that without much actual insulation, you simply want to reduce radiant heat and limit convection to the peak of the roof. I have gotten good results reducing the heat in a garage and attic by simply draping thin white fabric across the rafters.

I took several old window shades inherited from Aunt-X and quickly stitched them into long bolts of fabric. Just drape the run of fabric over the rafters, and hammer-tack to the ends to the gable ends Plastic Garden Sheds 12x8 Wifi of the roof. This dropped the attic temperature in summer by about degrees Fahrenheit, from an instantly-dripping-with-sweat F to an at least tolerable degrees.

This DOES require that you have a peak vent in the roof, with the plastic shed, I suspect a utility knife will make vents, remember to cover them with some screening on the inside.

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