These hand painted donut shoes are painted with acrylic paint and sprayed with acrylic protection spray. Great for birthday parties, gifts, themed events or just your everyday ware!!

I love some of the random fun prints Toms has on their shoes! They can add a pop to a monochromatic outfit or just do a little extra in a good way. Primed with acrylic paint primer Made using high quality acrylic paint Set with clear sealer top coat Message me for any specific requests! Please double check to make sure you Painted Shoes For Sale 50 are ordering the correct size!

I make each pair to order, I do not have a stock of shoes so I am not able to do exchanges…. Old window, painted by Dawn Tarr. We love this creative idea of turning PVC pipe into Painted Shoes Diy 5d stylish shoe storage that resembles birch logs, thanks to the addition of some pretty wallpaper.

Get the tutorial at Home Stories A to Z. Get the tutorial at Crafting in the Rain. Spray paint some moulding or cornice to create a stunning display that doubles as storage. Get the tutorial at Jenna McArthur. Get the tutorial at Sawdust Girl. Clever crates allow you to secretly stash shoes beneath a bench or table. With name tags, everyone in the family knows where their shoes are supposed to go.

Plus, they look too cute stowed beneath a pretty, homemade entryway bench. Get the tutorial at Trey and Lucy. Get the tutorial at Fresh Crush.

Mount paint cans on the wall and paint a pallet—and then and watch your shoe clutter disappear. See more photos at Crafty Nester. In this chic setup, heels are mounted on wall mouldings, and handbags are stashed in acrylic pockets. Perfect for a fashionista's walk-in closet.

See more photos at Heathered Nest. Use a combo of wood and pipe to create a pretty sweet shoe bench. Get the tutorial at Two Feet First. This DIY shoe rack is so easy to make—plus, it may cost you next to nothing, since it can be made from cardboard from your last online shopping splurge, plus a little duct tape. Get the tutorial at A Piece of Rainbow. Anyone who loves skateboarding will go crazy for these wall shelves made from old skateboards.

Forget hiding them away in the closet; this is cool one-of-a-kind decor. This classic shoe storage bench makes a lovely accent piece in an entryway, and neatly corrals the whole family's shoes. Get the tutorial at Fix This Build That. What if you had a lazy-Susan-style rack you could spin around and easily see and select the perfect shoe for every occasion?

Well, you can. This one comes ready to assemble. All you need to do is put it together and then paint it any color you like.

Short on floor space? This over-the-door rack can stash 12 pairs of shoes without taking up any valuable square footage. If you're not a huge DIYer, but you also don't mind putting together furniture with the help of directions, this industrial-style Moriah Elizabeth Painted Shoes shoe bench offers the homemade look with just a little assembly time.

Make smart use of an empty corner with a bench that fits both shoes and boots with style. No need to DIY this one, but you can work with the maker to customize the dimensions and shoe cubby sizes.

This bamboo shoe rack is lightweight and adaptable for your needs. Choose from a 4-tier or 6-tier version, depending on how much storage and height you want, and put it together in the configuration that works best for you.

Great Painted Shoes Voodoo news! You can still have tons of storage, even if you don't have room for a wide bench. This tall shoe rack uses its height to its advantage. Seven or more pairs of shoes fit comfortably. Apartment dwellers and anyone without a huge foyer, rejoice! Country Life. Design Ideas. Home Maintenance. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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