For outdoor wood pellet storage, be sure to keep them: In an airtight container; Covered from the rain; Off the ground; Pay attention to the weather to know if you need to bring your wood pellets in for any reason. If you don’t have the space, put your pellet storage containers on wood pallets or other elevated surfaces and cover them with tarps. Oct 14,  · If you’re not storing your pellets bags, make sure they’re kept in a closed container. If storing outside,cover whenever possible. To really protect your pellets, cover them with a tarp. This will ensure that if there are any possible contamination is prevented, such as . Sep 01,  · If you don’t have room to store your wood pellets in the garage or basement, the next best thing is a shed or shelter in a raised, dry place. If you have to store your wood pellets outside, you’ll need to fully inspect the outer plastic that has been wrapped around your fuel, when it arrives. Check for any rips or holes where moisture can seep in. Make sure to repair any damage with water .

Outodor really protect your pellets, cover them with a tarp. When restacking you can probably stack bags up to 3 pallets worth of bags high. Image Source : varunaweb. Thanks, great article. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Image Source : flexzone.

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