You are going to fall in love with this incredible list of outdoor bar ideas! This list includes simple choices for updating an old piece of furniture down to full plans for building your own space from scratch. No matter what size space you have or what your DIY skill set may be, there is something on this list you can add to your patio or deck space! Partying outside is always fun, but who wants to go traipsing back and forth all day for drinks?

Not me! You can add any of these fun ideas to your patio, deck, backyard, or even front yard for entertaining or just to lounge with your friends and family. They are even great for weddings and birthday parties! We always love having people over when able. Building and decorating the space around our home is a. Below are just a few more ideas we have to share with you for adding beauty to your outdoor spaces!

Vintage sewing tables are one of my favorite things to find when antique or thrift shopping. Source: Remodel Aholic. Why not turn it into this stunning little outdoor bar building plans bar! This is a perfect addition to any back deck or patio. Source: Designed Decor. This small and easy to create little bar is a perfect addition to any home. Source: Like Honey Blog. This cedar creation is a beautiful outdoor bar.

Complete with a built-in cooler and additional shelving, it is compact but fully functional for mixing drinks, holding your favorite beer, or even acting as a small space to house utensils and plates for your next cookout. Source: Etsy. An old chair can easily turn into a fun little outdoor drink stand. Grab a bucket, ice, and your favorite drinks and set this up for any outdoor event, or simply lounging outside with your outdoor bar building plans on a hot summer evening.

Source: Oh My Creative. What may have been intended to be outdoor bar building plans potting bench for the garden is easy to transform into a little drink stand or bar on your patio.

Add a bucket and ice to hold beverages and a few hooks for holding glasses to outdoor bar building plans the look! Outdoor bar building plans Simple Stylings.

What a brilliant way to use an old door and reclaimed wood! This can fit easily on any deck, back porch, or patio. Add one or more shelves to the door for holding drinks, or just for helping store glasses and supplies. Source: Dreaming of Our Homestead. What a gorgeous choice for your custom outdoor bar!

This is available with many upgrades including options for granite, drawers, and storage. Both side coolers include spouts for draining melted ice. Rollers on the bottom make it ideal for moving. Customize yours to your style and preferences. Nothing is better than an affordable bar. This one is a cute little bar that uses simple slats of wood to create a basic table that also doubles as a bar for your yard, patio, back porch, or deck!

This may be my favorite yet! Reclaimed oak wood is repurposed into a lovely miniature bar with a great space for a large washtub you can use for keeping drinks cool.

This is ideal outdoor bar building plans a small space! We love pallet furniture ideas! This is so simple, but perfect for adding a full bar to your patio or deck area! String up twinkle lights or add hooks for lanterns. You could even include space for an outdoor outlet and a small sink with drain to create a fun exterior kitchen. Source: All My Good Things. This idea is much more advanced than others but a great start. When building your home, add plans for adding a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven to your outdoor space.

Of course, you can also simply use a bit of brick and extra countertop to any back yard space to create a lovely bar look. Grab those old wood crates and stack them together to create a cute little bar!

I love that this one has a nice flat top and wheels on the bottom so pulling it around the deck is easy for parties and events! Source: Dove Cottage Blog. Simple wood stained to perfection creates a basic L shaped bar that is ideal for your indoor or outdoor entertaining space. Whip up drinks, store snacks, or use as a buffet for burgers and snacks at your next weekend barbecue. What may have been intended as a cart for paper or craft supplies is easy to turn into a beverage cart or outside bar!

Source: A Night Owl Blog. This idea is a simple way to turn an outdoor space into a bar. This outdoor bar building plans easy to customize, and while simple can be updated with different colors of paint or fun accessories. Sometimes, it is just simple things that can turn into something beautiful! Two old wooden whiskey barrels are the perfect base to put an old rustic door or wooden board to create a makeshift table or bar.

This one showcases a drink station and appetizers, but you could add a bucket of ice, your favorite drinks, and all of the cocktail trimmings. I love the addition of just a few simple pallets alongside an outdoor space for a fast and easy bar area. This readily holds drinks outdoor bar building plans snacks, but you could easily make outdoor bar building plans into a fun buffet when serving guests at your next weekend barbecue. Source: This Worthey Life. A fresh coat of paint and a bottle opener are all you need to turn this old ordinary microwave cart into a beautiful little outside bar.

I love that it already has a drawer and a little rack for hanging kitchen towels. All you need to do is update with your choice of paint and some great beverages! Source: 2 Bees in a Pod. An old rolling outdoor bar building plans is easy to paint and turn into a simple beverage cart. Add outdoor bar building plans few trays and buckets along with straws, glasses, fruit, and your favorite cocktail mixers for a great place to mix up any yummy drink.

Source: Hoosier Homemade. I love outdoor bar building plans idea for adding a fun coat of paint and rustic additions to an old nightstand. This look makes it feel Epic Bar Shed Plans List older than it actually is, but also keeps it strong and safe for holding a nice large drink bucket filled with ice. What a great way to keep drinks cool for outdoor bar building plans summer party!

Source: I Should be Mopping the Floor. Old bakers rack is easy to update with just a bit of paint and a few extra hooks and shelves. This one is ideal for an outdoor bar that will be safe in any weather conditions. Start looking for outdoor bar building plans bakers racks in your local thrift shops and flea markets. I love how they turned an old desk into this lovely beverage cart.

Removing a few drawers, painting with a weathered look, and adding a few buckets for ice and drinks turned it into the perfect addition to any outdoor space. The addition of rollers really makes it easy to move. I truly love this idea and plan to see if I can make one similar for our deck!

Source: Down to Earth Style. Outdoor bar building plans is a great tutorial for how to make a simple outdoor bar but with the solid twist of a sturdy concrete bar top. This is ideal for those who want a unique small bar space near their home.

This is truly a complete DIY project including simple plans to follow. Build your own wooden space to drop a cooler, complete with a spout for draining and 10 X 14 Barn Shed Plans Mod a little shelf for mixing drinks.

I love the bottle cap design on the front, but you could create any accent you want to match your home and style. Source: Ana White. A few metal pipes and some buckets are super fast and easy to turn into a little drink station.

Add buckets on the hooks for your napkins, glasses, straws, and utensils. A great little choice that is super easy to create, and of course, easily fits the farmhouse style that is always so popular. Source: Lil Luna. The dark rich stain on this bar makes it a perfect addition to your deck.

A simple style is beautiful with two additional shelves and a sturdy bar top. You can add a bucket for ice, or even hooks to hold glasses to personalize yours. Follow this simple plan for building your own little wooden bar. The stained wood is beautiful, and the simple additions for hanging a kitchen towel and storing your favorite beverages makes it perfect for any space.

This takes a bit more work than some but is totally worth it to create a beautiful addition to your patio. Source: Store Front Life.

Sep 21,  · The home bar is common in many kitchens or outdoor areas; however, this DIY bar opens a door for personalization. Whether you’re looking to create a DIY cocktail lounge in the garage, a full-scale tropical bar by the pool or a simple bar for family barbecues and cocktail parties, your experiences will be better knowing that you’re enjoying. 26 Creative and Low-Budget DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas. Adding an outdoor bar is a great way to make your outdoor life more fun and more entertaining. At the end of a busy day at work, it gives you a good place to have a drink or two. Or if you plan to throw a small party on weekend, without it, your party could not be perfect. Having a private. Dec 07,  · Build a Home Bar with the Easy Home Bar Plans ™ The Easy Home Bar Plans ™ collection of Home Bar Designs will show you how to build a beautiful and functional home bar that will last for generations. Professional-looking results without the need for fancy woodworking tools or .

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