ShieldSquare Captcha Dave Pederson design: "A Side Yard Tool Shed Value narrow side yard can indeed look interesting. This modern home didn't have much room so Dave used Sanseiveria to add interest to the concrete walls of the home and perimeter wall. The repetition of the Sanseiveria, the stones, and the poured in place pads add texture and interest to the modern architecture of the home. Check out this �narrow side yard� makeover I designed for my client in Los Angeles. With sustainable concepts in mind, we used lots of recycled materials. The widest area in this �abandoned side yard� is 10 feet from the wall to the sliding doors, the average is 8 feet wide. I inherited an evergreen Pear tree, a noisy air conditioner and a used dishwasher. Where was �Freecycle� when I needed them 5 years ago?� To learn more about narrow side yard design, fellow blogger David Beaulieu, the Landscaping Guide at at www.- has some great articles: Photo Guide to Walkways. How to Build a Stone Walkway Walkways and Pathways. Narrow side yard features a gravel path with inlaid "stepping stones" made Side Yard Shed Home Depot Ltd of metal circles embedded in the gravel and ringed with Mexican black pebbles. Inside the stepping stones are plantings of dwarf mondo grass, 'Sunshine' creeping veronica, and Corsican mint. Plantings include natives such as evergreen huckleberry, mountain hemlock, sword fern, and deer ferns. pathway from gate with green plants along fence - sherri Save Photo. Narrow Side yard make beautiful and functional. By Calvin Craig Landscaping Design-Build.� I kept all my plants drought resistant varieties and used trees that don't shed leaves so it remains low maintenance. Save Photo. Another Front Yard Lawn Removal Project - Alpine, CA.

Having free space in the side yard? Actually, having a side yard is a plus point for your house. Because you can make it as a garden or set it up as sitting area for spending your spare time. Moreover, your beautiful side yard will make your house more inviting. Also, it gives a good impression for the whole house look.

But, to make a dreamy side yard, you may spend more money. Now, you do not need to worry again because below we present some ideas of making landscape for your side yard with low budget. The most commonly landscaping idea of a side yard comes from a flower garden design. As we know, flowers tend to be beautiful and colorful.

Additionally, choose plants that flower at different times, so that there is always something in bloom and to cut. To make your garden feel more welcoming, make a garden pathway to ease your access between your house and the garden. For example, you can choose cheap idea to make pathway of your garden.

Pathway arranged from stone or gravel is one of inexpensive pathway ideas. Likewise, you can add pergola or greens to enhance your whole garden look. On the other hands, set a seating area for your side yard seems to be a good idea. Furthermore, adding a pergola makes it look more formal yet comfortable. Get some chairs or sofa and complete them with cushions. If you have enough budget, you can have a small fire place or firepit to warm you in winter. To get more dramatic vibe, install string lights so that the nuance gets more impressive.

Side yard can also be your favorite spot because you can have relaxing moments there. The beautiful flowers and green grash exactly freshen Side Yard Tool Shed Nz up your mind. Then, you can also makes an intimate nuance among all family members by having a dinner or BBQ party in the side yard.

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