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Join the Email List! If for any reason installing a completed storage building into the backyard is not an option or if you are simply a handyman at heart and would like to try your own skills, then a Economy Shed Kit , or a Classic Amish Sheds Kit might work perfectly for you. If you are unsure if you have the skills needed to assemble a DIY storage shed kit , speak with a sales rep today! Normally we try to help our customers as much as possible, especially if it is a matter of helping to figure out where certain material goes on the building.

Keep in mind, you are responsible for correctly constructing the shed if you purchase a kit, but we can offer direction. Prior construction experience is recommended. If there is any uncertainty about whether or not you will be able to assemble the storage shed , consider one of our build-on-site options and we will send a team to assemble the building for you.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer our larger buildings as customer assembled kits due to complexity of the buildings. However, if you are looking for a two-story prefab garage kit, we recommend speaking to one of our office staff to find out the price for Sheds Unlimited to come to your location to build a two-story shed or garage on site. Single story garages can be bought as kits, but depending on the size we may recommend having our Prefab Garage Team assemble it for you.

Sheds Unlimited is an Amish-Mennonite family owned company and builds each prefab kit to the highest standards.

Each building is carefully constructed with quality building materials and will outlast almost any metal or plastic sheds. We simply partially assemble the shed kit and send it as a package for you to assemble. The prefab cost is also added to any options on the building. In addition, there may be extra storage shed kit shipping charges depending on your location. The DIY storage shed kit walls are assembled and the rafters are prebuilt and ready to put into place.

The video and document will be help make the assembly more smoothly. If you are new to construction, speak with our office team to determine if a Do-it-Yourself Storage Shed package is for you! Shed kit prices can be found on each of the following pages.

Please note that fully assembled buildings and storage shed kits are the same price. This is due to the fact that storage shed kits from Sheds Unlimited are typically assembled in the manufacturing facility. The walls are temporarily put together as though the building was to be delivered as a unit.

This allows us to be sure that the parts are properly assembled and also allows us to paint the garden shed kit. Since the DIY shed kit is painted in our facility, it should only need some touch up paint after it is assembled on your property. Great doing business with this company.

Always responsive and helpful. Quality is excellent. We live in northern Maryland and based on prior reviews, we decided to go with Sheds Unlimited. These guys know what they're doing - When it was time for delivery these guys maneuvered our 8' X 10' shed and placed it on the pad perfectly. The shed is beautiful and well-made and we are very happy with Sheds Unlimited quality and service.

Had a great experience working with Sheds Unlimited. Shed looks beautiful with attention to detail better than I expected. Shed was delivered on time and placed perfectly. I can't imagine being any more pleased than I am with my shed. It is very well built and it lets in plenty of natural light. The entire process was clearly communicated, as well as efficient and professional.

Sheds Unlimited is a fantastic company to work with. They were really patient, friendly and professional while we customized our shed. We just had our shed delivered yesterday and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Buy from Sheds Unlimited with confidence. I visited Sheds Unlimited when taking my family to Hershey Park to see the type of garage I wanted in person. I was very satisfied with how it was constructed.

All my friends didn't think a 12 X 20 garage was going to be able to be delivered to Staten Island in one piece. After the truck arrived at the corner they had the garage at the end of my driveway very quick and did an excellent job doing it. I highly recommend them for your structure. I had a customer who asked me to find him a shed that would replace his old pool shed. Working with Sheds Unlimited was a wonderful experience.

It started with a very helpful website that allowed me to find just the product I needed, along with all the options that made sense for my project. The location in which the shed was to be installed required the shed to be built on-site. The crew of two arrived at in the morning! These guys work hard, are very conscientious, and did a terrific job. They were done by and the site was clean when they left.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a shed or garage! Working with Sheds unlimited has been by far one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. At first we chose them for a garage to accommodate one a custom race boat we added to our fleet of yachts for charter and selected Sheds unlimited for there great price.

We actually videos the install as the driver transported our 26x12 foot garage through some tight spaces and did Movable Storage Shed Kit it with ease and total professionalism. I have already recommended Sheds Unlimited to a family friend and would to anyone considering a shed or garage for any application. You can use me as a reference anytime for any potential customers that may have concerns.

The quality of the garage exceeded my expectations. Had a 10 by 14 built on site because I opted for a concrete pad couldn't have been more impressed at the speed and quality of the work. Arrived 15 min. Would recommend Sheds Unlimited to any and all that want quality, courtesy, and professionalism.

Shed was delivered right on time. Nate drove it into the back yard and placed it perfectly. He even moved my old shed out of the way. The ground was wet and soft and I was afraid my grass would be torn to shreds but there was only very light dents in one part of the lawn so I stamped on it with my feet, threw some seed and that's that.

Thanks again. The shed looks great and very well made. I especially like the textured floor. I was expecting plain old plywood as the surface but whatever the coating is looks like it will last a long time. My neighbor is jealous especially after I told him what I paid.

His is not as good looking and he paid almost a grand more. Skip to main content. Like It? Share This Page! Facebook Instagram Pinterest. How much time will it take to assemble the storage shed building kit? Erecting the shed kit should take one to three days depending on your level of expertise. What do I need to build a barn or shed kit on my site?

A hammer power tools work great Three inch nails or screws One and three quarter inch nails or screws Tape measure Screw gun Hand saw or sawzall for just a few cuts Sledge hammer optional Utility knife Small speed square. How many people are needed to assemble a Storage Shed Kit? We recommend at least 2 and at times This will depend on the size of the garden shed kit.

What if I have problems assembling the prefab kit? Embedded video. If your storage shed site is inaccessible If you simply love working with your hands Save hundreds of dollars by assembling DIY storage shed kits versus Sheds Unlimited doing it for you To reduce storage shed delivery charges.

Sheds Unlimited Customer Reviews Over Reviews and 4. Russell from Timonium, MD. Larry B from Myersville, MD. David Henderson from Swarthmore, PA. Paul S from Parsippany NJ. John J from Emmaus PA. Richard Fussell from Central jersey.

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