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The scheme's bicycles are popularly known as Boris Bikesafter Boris Johnson who was Mayor of London when the scheme began operating. The operation of the scheme is contracted by Transport for London to Serco.

The scheme is sponsored, with Santander UK being the main sponsor from April Credit for developing and enacting the scheme has been a source of debate. Johnson has taken credit for the plan, [8] although the initial concept was announced by his predecessor Ken Livingstoneduring the london bike shed company 800 bikf in office.

A study showed cyclists using the scheme are three times less likely to be injured per trip than shhed in London as a whole, possibly due to motorists giving cycle hire compant more road space than they do other cyclists. As of July [update] more than Following discussions with the Mayor of Paris, Livingstone instructed transport officials to study the Paris and similar schemes, and london bike shed company 800 up proposals for London.

In Snedplans for the London cycle hire scheme were officially unveiled by Livingstone. The scheme commenced operations as Barclays Compny Hire on 30 July with london bike shed company 800, bicycles and docking stations distributed across the City bikd London area and parts of eight London boroughs.

Initially, the scheme required initial payment of registration and membership fees to be paid in exchange shwd an electronic access key, but on 3 December this was changed to kondon casual cycle hires by non-members who have a valid credit or debit card. Between Syed and the end of Maythe scheme had registered 22 million rides without a death. A year-old woman, Philippine De Gerin-Ricard, was killed outside Aldgate East Underground station after being struck by a lorry, [26] prompting a protest ride calling for improved separation between cycle routes and london bike shed company 800 traffic.

Owing to the success of the scheme, major expansions have read article place to increase the number of bikes and docking 8800 across London. The first major expansion was in Marchwith a significant expansion in east London in Tower Hamlets london bike shed company 800 Hackneywith a minor expansion westwards to the new Westfield London shopping centre in Commpany Bush.

This expansion added 2, additional bikes and 4, docking points. In compamy, sponsorship of the scheme transferred from Barclays to Santanderwith the branding of the scheme becoming Santander Cycles. The scheme has continued to Wooden Bike Sheds Uk 2021 expand in recent years - click here the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in January[30] and Brixton in February As of Decthe scheme operates over 11, cycles, spanning docking station.

London bike shed company 800 users of the scheme can register on lkndon TfL website and buy access for 24 hours or one year. The key allows a cycle to be released from the docking station. On 3 December the scheme was extended to casual users who are not members of the scheme but hold major payment cards. A credit or debit card can be used in a docking station to release a bicycle.

Cycles may be rented at any time during the access period; the first 30 minutes of each trip is free of charge. Bicycles may be used any number of times within the access period, each use charged according to its duration.

The original bicycles were built by Cycles Devinci to the following specification: [35] [36] [37]. The bicycles are utility bicycles with a step-through frame. The one-piece aluminium frame and handlebars conceal cables and fasteners in an effort to protect them from vandalism, damage and inclement weather. The heavy-duty tyres are designed to be puncture-resistant london bike shed company 800 are filled with nitrogen to maintain proper inflation pressure longer.

The bikes were london bike shed company 800 bikf industrial designer Michel Dallaire and built in the Kondon, Quebec region by Cycles Devinci. The cycles are low-geared to compensate for their weight and to provide a way of limiting their top speed. Using a Shimano Nexus three-hub gear with a 38 tooth chainring in front and a larger than standard 23 tooth rear sprocket the setting is 32 gear inches in compzny gear, 44 gear inches in second gear, and 60 gear inches in third gear.

The cycles and the docking stations are built in Canada by PBSC Urban Solutions and are based on the Bixi bike taxi cycle rental system that operates in many cities including Montreal, [41] Melbourne [42] and Toluca. In December it was decided to fit all the cycles with front laser lights. The laser projects a green cycle symbol click to see more 15 feet 5 m in front of the bike to london bike shed company 800 drivers and effectively reduce blind angles.

A new design made 80 Pashley was introduced in late [45] with the following changes :. The success of the scheme has led to its expansion into other areas of London. As of Augustthe coverage area is roughly bounded by: [46]. However, despite calls from other Londoners, the scheme has yet to expand into many areas close to central London, including london bike shed company 800 and here Islington.

In some cases, planned expansion has been delayed by Londoners who support the London Cycle Hire Scheme in principle, but dislike the idea of having a docking station on their streetor losing car parking spaces to make room for docking stations. Many Londoners london bike shed company 800 keen to see the system expand, with lobbying from Greenwich, [51] Southwark, [52] Hackney [24] and Richmond. Londonn stations consist of a terminal and docking points where users pick up and return cycles.

The terminal at each docking station contains a screen allowing users to: [56]. If there is london bike shed company 800 fault with a cycle that was rented, it can be docked at the nearest station and the red 'fault' button on the docking point pressed within ten seconds; another bike can then be taken at no extra cost. There are a number of mobile phone apps to help users find the nearest station. The Bixi technology was replaced mid for TfL under the new contract with Serco and now makes use of AI and big data to improve bicycle availability and maintenance.

In the first three months of visit web page scheme, 95 percent of journeys did not exceed half an hour, earning TfL access fees but no usage click here. It was expected that when casual use was introduced it would become compxny bigger revenue generator.

The scheme debuted with great fanfare, with over 90, users registering one million cycle rides being taken in the first ten weeks of operation. In cojpany, the scheme was criticised for allowing riders to have unlimited use by docking compsny bike every thirty minutes at a station the first 30 minutes' use are free resulting in a dependence upon late copany and penalties to make up revenues.

In JuneTfL issued a 'critical compay plan' to the contractor, Serco, demanding immediate improvements in service, and in a comment to the press a TfL spokesman stated that "the service it Serco has provided for our Barclays Cycle Hire users has not reached the consistently high standards we expect," adding "We expect to see immediate improvements. At the time of launch, anti-arms-trade campaigners protested london bike shed company 800 Barclays' involvement in the scheme and attached stickers to the bikes highlighting the Bank's investment in the arms trade.

The Cycle Hire scheme and those who delivered biek achieved recognition from a wide cross-section of industries impacted by the project. London bike shed company 800 total of 15 awards were received within a year of launch [ citation needed ] recognising not just the impact on transport in London bike shed company 800 but also the innovative compajy, the public relations exercise and the challenging delivery timescales.

According to Transport for London, in the first six months of operation two-thirds of the fleet of London's Cycle Hire scheme fleet required repair. Repairs take place at two depots in Kings Cross and Clapham.

Users of the scheme must pay both an access fee london bike shed company 800 usage charges. London bike shed company 800 fees doubled in Compaany [61] and the weekly access period was withdrawn in January Extra ride charges are weighted to promote the constant circulation of bicycles.

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