Properties For Sale in Nottingham | Rightmove Get a quality built log cabin that will make your friends and family ooh and aah. After being built by our expert Amish craftsmen, our log cabins are delivered to your property. () Simply Log Cabins commenced trading in and is now one of the UK�s largest direct importers and distributors of wooden garden buildings. Over the years we have amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry, the factories and individual buildings which we are always delighted to discuss with customers and people who are thinking of becoming a customer so please feel free to call on: . Wifi Log Cabins In Nottingham; Frequent questions. Why book a hot tub break with Last Minute Cottages? We connect you to a range of great suppliers with a huge selection of properties. We�ll help you to complete your booking while giving you discounts, member-only prices and a best price guarantee.

We can offer dip treatments and even an optional assembly service to make life easier. If you have kids at home, or get regular visits from your grandchildren, then nothing will delight them more than our adorable playhouses.

Easily assembled in your garden, our range of playhouses are of the highest quality, and can also be used for storing toys. If your car needs to be protected from the elements, then Simply Log Cabins have several solutions to suit different outdoor spaces. If you have some extra space, then our range of wooden and metal garages and carports offer a great way to keep your car safe and out of sight.

Many people now work from home, and if you don't have a spare bedroom to turn into a study then our outbuildings can make a handy work-space. Choose one of our log cabins and you can turn it into a pleasant retreat where you can work in peace. If you're unsure what kind of outbuilding would suit your garden, then give us a call. Simply Log Cabins is here seven days a week from am � pm, with experts on hand to discuss your needs.

With many years of experience, we make the delivery and construction process easy, so you can enjoy your new space. Over the years we have amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry, the factories and individual buildings which we are always delighted to discuss with customers and people who are thinking of becoming a customer so please feel free to call on: or message at any time.

Please note: The following relates to larger buildings, larger summerhouses Norland, Gudrum � all brands, Palmako and Tiaga. For questions about the delivery or any other aspect of purchasing our other ranges Lugarde, Bertsch, Jagram, Forest, Rowlinson, Shire, Mercia, Woodland please simply ask. The following points are our responses to some of the frequently asked questions that we are asked: Delivery of Log Cabins and Larger Summer Houses: The lead-time on delivery is stated on each product page.

On the whole this is the minimum lead-time � if you feel that your building may arrive before you are ready to receive it then please simply let us know at the point of order. We have large warehouse facilities and can usually hold your cabin until you are ready for the delivery. Also many cabins in our standard ranges, but not all, are stored and available for speedy delivery. The cabins that are not stored in the warehouse come direct to us from their respective factory.

Once a building is in our warehouse, with our group of carriers we can offer UK Mainland delivery Excludes Northern Ireland and all Islands except Isle of Skye within 7 days from our warehouse so when you are ready to receive your building please simply let us know and we will then arrange delivery.

We cannot always arrange delivery on the day of your choice but we can deliver on the day that we are in your area. If you wish to find out which day we deliver to your area � please simply ask us and forward your postcode. We will let you know immediately.

Delivery is usually a major concern for customers however our drivers very much have a can-do attitude, are very helpful and delivery almost invariably passes without any sort of incident.

What to Expect when a Building Kit Arrives: The buildings are of course delivered in kit form and will require assembling. The kits are on large pallets and are off-loaded from the delivery truck with a piggy back fork lift Escludes sheds and smaller summer houses. If you have any doubts about access please contact us.

However the reality is that most customers require delivery onto the property, usually onto the driveway. Our drivers will usually comply with this requirement I you do NOT want them on Log Cabins To Buy Peak District Workbook your property please let us know at point of order assuming it is physically possible to do so but please note: any delivery onto your property is at your risk.

The significant risk that you are taking is the weight of the delivery vehicle combined with the forklift and therefore potential damage to surfaces, drains, manhole covers etc. Base Preparation: This is one of the most significant factors in the lifespan of any timber building. Our Log Cabins are intended to have a VERY long life-span hence the base that they are stood on similarly needs to have a long lifespan.

There are many suitable base types however key is that the base must be flat, level, smooth and prepared in such a way that it retains these qualities over a long period and DOES NOT settle out or one corner settle such that the base becomes un-even. Generally it is usually advisable to rather over-size the base such that the weight of the building, which is borne by the walls, is not on the very edge of the base. Base types frequently used We Buy Log Cabins China include: Concrete, concrete paving stones, timber decking type base, swift base- plastic grid Must be completely back-filled with gravel such that the gravel is taking the weight , very well compacted hard-core n a very solid sub-base extreme care must be taken with this type of base as these are inclined to settle out.

Properies of Timber Products : As Timber is a natural material with well documented properties of expansion and contraction according to its environment then timber highly susceptible to relative humidity and weather conditions.

Most timber used is kiln dried. In general it is Log Cabins To Buy Northumberland Delivery not seasoned. Timber Treatment: Many cabins Gudrum � all brands, Palmako, Lugarde, some Bertsch buildings, Mercia have a factory applied timber treatment option. This is Log Cabins To Buy Lincolnshire Review not always displayed on the web site for various reasons � if you would like further information on this please let us know.

Most customers prefer to apply timber treatment on site. In general timber treatment should be applied as soon as possible and at least annually thereafter.

A recognised brand of timber treatment for machined timber should be used on all surfaces. We recommend that treatment should be applied at least each year after assembly. In the first year it is often advisable to apply two coats of timber treatment. We do not recommend specific brands although the following manufacturers have suitable ranges: Cuprinol, Sadolin, Sikkens, Barratine and others.

Assembly: Most of our standard range of log cabins and garages is offered a diy assembly kit. We do not advise on safety matters during assembly but please take all reasonable precautions such that the assembly itself is safe and that the assembly process and the finished building is safe for assemblers and everyone else.

Be aware that most assemblies require lifting and moving of heavy items and working at height however there are potentially a number of other risks that should also be considered. If in doubt about site safety please consult a specialist and engage specialist assembly services.

Cabins are delivered with full assembly instructions but if in doubt please contact us with any questions. On-going Maintenance: Timber treatment should be applied reasonably frequently and at least as often as recommended on the tin. A beautiful, small log cabin nestled in the peaceful surroundings of unspoiled wilderness? The perfect log cabin home for a week of family time, fishing, or hiking in the great outdoors? Or maybe a roomier log cabin house that includes multiple bedrooms and areas to relax so your whole family can enjoy full-time living in a cabin others only dream of?

Our selection of log cabins for sale will amaze you! Check out some of these log cabin pictures for yourself. Expertly constructed by Amish carpenters, our log houses come pre-assembled and are never built from kits.

Browse the styles below to find the perfect log cabin house for your needs! You can also give us a call at if you have any questions about our Amish log cabins. Our fully assembled buildings are manufactured in Lancaster County by Amish carpenters and each cabin is personally inspected by the owner before shipping.

Construction Details. Building your dream log home is a big decision. How To Plan A Cabin. Yes, our modular cabins are delivered fully assembled. Our rollback-style trailers with side shift and many adjustments allow our drivers to navigate in tight spaces.

Some cabins require us to use a crane�all in a days work for cabin delivery. All floor plans are customizable , so let your cabin project manager know what personal touch you would like to incorporate. Memories Are Priceless Create everlasting memories with friends and family in a beautiful cabin.

Much More Than A Hunting Cabin Sure, you're welcome to use it for hunting, but you'll want to spend even more time here. Prefab Log Cabins Done Right From delivery to enjoyment in only a few days, this is the fastest way to the ultimate cabin experience.

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