Mar 07, �� Choosing a log cabin roof may seem like an afterthought. When choosing a cabin design, it�s usually the floor plan that garners the most attention from owners. But choosing the right roofing style and materials can play a huge role not only in a cabin�s style, but how big a cabin . Dec 26, �� The first is color. Metal roofs can come in a range of colors including brown, red, and green, which are the three most common. Each color will give your log home a very different appearance. For example, a brown metal roof on a natural-colored log home will have a very subtle appearance.

Foof roof styles may be Roof On Log Cabin Free prevalent in some areas more than. Pin It on Pinterest. There are two basic types log cabin roof colors 10 metal roofs that people may use with log homes. For a lighter brown siding option, consider Sable log cabin siding. Choose Sable log cabin siding to bring the look of a log cabin even in not-so-rural areas.

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