Log Cabins: Garden Log Cabin Kits of Various Sizes & Styles Hansa24 Group Ltd is professional and reliable log cabin supplier for cabin dealers all over the world. We design, produce, export and retail premium end garden buildings for the most discerning consumers. Our head office and production units are located in Estonia. Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia Ltd. Cariboo Hwy 97 S Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada V2G 2W3 Phone: () or 1 () The Berlin 45mm Log Cabin m x m featuring Double glazing, Two internal floor and an upper level floor. Limited FREE roof Shingles offer A large building from our private label range of log cabins. This building features two rooms and two access, half glazed doors, one .

Modern Log Cabin Update. There have been Log Cabin Garden Studio Twitter some changes to the roofing offer on the Modern Log Cabins. We Are Still Open. With the announcement of the Lockdown, we want to clarify we are still open for delivery. Garden Office Guide. Finding work from home more beneficial for you? Invest in a garden office. Free Shingles. Free shingles offer with selected Gazebos and Log Cabins New shingles have been added to the offer - While stocks last! Inside a Log Cabin. Need some inspiration?

Look to see how these customers decorated their Log Cabins. Tuin in Pictures. Studio Offers. A useful garden building full of character. Loads of room inside for a number of applications. The standard model is on show at our Norfolk office. Log cabin camping pod measuring 2. Double glazing as standard and like all our log cabins is made from slow grown Spruce, this and the double glazing makes this camping pod ideal for a summerhouse.

This is our smaller version. Double glazing as standard and like all our log cabins is made from slow grown Spruce, making this a popular choice for a summerhouse.

The Lulea 34mm Log cabin. Double door and a double opening window with dimensions of 3. An ideal size for a functional summerhouse in your garden, or even a craft room. A modern summerhouse in 34mm interlocking logs, the Johan Log Cabin measures 5.

Featuring double doors, two opening windows and an inset porch- an excellent choice for those seeking a modern garden summerhouse. A practical storage solution in 19mm interlocking logs, the Argo Log Cabin measures 2 x 2m. Ideal for the smaller garden, this design features a single door and single fixed side window. A hexagonal log cabin in 34mm interlocking wall logs, the Nora measures 3.

A stunning building for any outdoor space, the hexagonal shape adds charm whilst the two tilt and turn windows create a bright internal space. With vast amounts of natural light, this log cabin is ideal as an art studio or a lounging. Made from 19mm interlocking, conical tongue and groove wall logs, the Malva measures 2. Great for smaller gardens, the Malva provides a practical storage space for a variety of garden equipment.

The Palma 34mm Log cabin. Double door with dimensions of 4. The Peter with dimensions of 3. A stylish cabin with a front canopy area in 34mm interlocking wall logs. The Summertime log cabin with 34mm logs and the dimensions of 4. A great medium level building which has proved to be a very popular one for a variety of uses - Including an outdoor study, craft room and workshop.

The 28mm Viggo Log Cabin measures 5. Featuring double doors and a large front canopy of 1. With two windows to the front, this log cabin receives plenty of natural light for a bright interior, examples for the use of the Viggo includes: a play room, summerhouse, craft room and storage shed.

The 28mm Skyler Log Cabin measuring 5. With two windows to the front, this log cabin provides a bright and spacious interior. The Skyler log cabin provides a great way 2 Bedroom Log Cabins Buy 2020 of creating attractive and functional space without extending the home. The eye catching Ove Log Cabin measuring 2. Overall this building is 5. Manufactured using 28mm tongue and groove logs for stability and durability- Making the Ove log cabin the perfect venue for summer barbeques.

The 28mm Lars is the only Tuin log cabin to include a side porch or log store as a standard feature of 1. This log cabin also benefits from an offset single door and single window. The Christoffer takes inspiration from the popular pentagonal range. Ideal as a summerhouse or Traditional Log Cabin Roof Garden craft room, the double doors and two opening windows create a light and airy interior.

The Georg Log Cabin measuring 3. Manufactured using 28mm interlocking wall logs for stability and longevity. A five sided log cabin measuring 2. Manufactured using 28mm interlocking wall logs and complete with single door and two opening windows. The Daniel is a customer favourite for a summerhouse. The 40mm double glazed Julia Log Cabin. This building measures 3m x 5m and is below 2. To the front is a 0. Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office. The Viveka log cabin has everything you could need in one building, a storage shed, a summerhouse and a gazebo all in one.

Overall the log cabin measures 7. Made from 45mm thick wall logs, double glazing and featuring both a hipped roof and Bi-Folding doors to let the outside in. The Ulrik 45mm double glazed Log Cabin benefits from a 70cm porch area and measures 3.

Double doors and a single window to the side of it, both the door and windows can be swapped in their position as required. Bi-folding doors, hipped roof, double glazing, 45mm thick logs and a really useful cabin size of 4. Overall the Torkel measures 7. The ideal garden summerhouse in 45mm logs with double glazing, the Gustav Log Cabin measures 5. To the front is a canopy of 1. The Flow Log Cabin, double glazed and with a side annexe, shed area for storage. Made from 40mm thick logs and measures overall 5.

Enjoy the open and airy space of the main cabin with large full glass doors and windows, toughened glass and double glazed. Supplied with EPDM and adhesive. Featuring double doors, single pedestrian door and two opening windows. Suitable for storing one vehicle, providing a great alternative to a brick built garage. Special Offers. The 40mm double glazed Karen Log Cabin. This building measures 5m x 3.

Perfect for giving shade to the front of the building. Perfect for temporary accomodation, the Branden 5. Complete this cabin with some roof and floor insulation to stay cosy even in the winter months. With a small internal room for a WC, you can fit most necessities in this cabin for guest accomodation, a home gym or as a home office. The 45mm double glazed Truus Log Cabin measuring 5.

Double doors and two large opening windows, the windows are double glazed. Perfect for a summerhouse, the 40mm double glazed Shannon Log Cabin. This building measures 4. The Shannon Log Cabin is below 2. The Katherine Log Cabin with side annexe for storage. Toughened double glazing paired with the Katherine being under 2.

Use this cabin as a home office, business front or as some extra accomodation in your garden. The Dunmore Clockhouse Log Cabin is constructed using 70mm wall logs and double glazed windows and doors. The feature above the double doors is a clocktower, this can be added or left off as required.

Measuring at 8. Complete the cabin with roof and floor insulation to stay cosy in the winter. The 40mm double glazed Sophie Log Cabin. If you are a dealer or interested in distributing our products in your country, feel free to contact us and discuss cooperation opportunities. We are happy to offer you attractive dealer prices, share our know-how with you and help you to promote our products in your home market. We sell our products through various distributors and dealers on many different markets.

Our production unit is able to supply over log cabins per month. If you are interested of becoming a dealer or a distributor just contact us.

We have over models in our products range. From small garden sheds to large two-floor summer houses. Here are some examples from different product categories:. Log Thickness The thickness of the wall Logs. The higher the thickness the greater the strength and thermal capacity.

Overall Dimensions This is the rounded outside dimensions of a Log Cabin from the log lengths, it does not include the roof overhang. Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions of the main compartment in the log cabin rounded up or down. Please Refer to Plan. Minimum Base Size Base size required for the cabin with standard foundation beams. This does not include the height of a foundation beam if used which can add 44mm. Roof Type The style of the Log Cabin roof. Apex Roof. Doors Our Log Cabin's Door style and the glazing within them.

Double Half Glazed Door. Canopy or Porch The dimensions of a porch, canopy or veranda featured within a Log Cabin. Veranda Some of our log cabins have either canopies or canopies with veranda's below. Window Type The type of window used within this Log Cabin. Tilt and turn window. Glass Type Log cabins with wall logs thinner than 50mm are usual single glazed.

Double Glazed. Multi Rooms Storage shed or multi-room Log Cabin. Size Group Width The size of the log cabin within our filtered group sizes - Width. Log Cabins up to 5m wide. Size Group Depth The size of the log cabin within our filtered group sizes - Length.

Log Cabins up to 6m deep. Delivery Delivery Time. Average customer rating :. Add your own review. Andy Kindness. Purchased our cabin late and built it in November. We had one section damaged on delivery which was easily replaced by the company. The only issue was that whilst waiting for piece to arrive the wood got wet and it swelled. The hardest part was getting the base ready for the cabin to go on, building the cabin itself was fun and straightforward after reading the online instructions and video.

However, the team responded quickly and gave advice, cabin went up and roof on and it started to dry out and shrink so that the doors etc fitted. Easily resolved by fitting a cover strip from spare bits of wood. From initial enquiry to final build I have been pleased and their speed of response and accuracy of how they answered was excellent, straight to the point. Only issue that I had was some of the flooring had gone off in terms of the tongue and groove fitting. I sorted this myself, but I am sure that they would have been happy to resolve if I had asked them.

The cabin itself has been great, I love the top bunk shelf. For safety I screwed a wooden bead on the floor to stop the ladder slipping. We use it as a place to sit and relax, guest room and during Covid, a great place to get away to from the home office, even though it is in the garden.

We are about to put a stoep on the front to get even more use from it. Recently put in electricity and Wi-Fi and have great music and lighting controlled by Alexa and no cables up walls. After 4 years still pleased that we bought it, it works for us and the quality of the wood is fantastic. If we get a small plot of land somewhere, I would go straight to Tuin and by from them. I am still using some of the spare packing parts 4 years later to make things.

I love my cabin as a retreat, the ambiance is just so relaxing. Liam Rudd. With the slab foundations set, the high precision-cut timbers made for a rapid construction with the majority of the shell going in up just a 'long' weekend between 2 people. I found material and workmanship quality to be mostly very high, with the few niggles I had being resolved rapidly but Tuin's fantastic customer services.

My only considerable difficulty was the lack of labelling on parts required to construct window frames but this was 3 years ago now from the assorted materials.

Perhaps a guide could be used to save the end-user much frustration and time. Treatment is highly recommended and will insure the finish of the structure is maintained for at least 10 years, and will reduce swelling and movement in the timbers through the seasons.

This gives peace of mind for anybody plastering their interior. Overall, the value for money is extraordinary given the potential for use and rigidity of the structure, with an 'airtight' seal along all cuts I had the 54mm timbers to German spec defined as 'Slow-grown Scandinavian Spruce'. Would certainly purchase another when required. Melanie Fern. Great log cabin, real value for money. Sales staff were really helpful, be prepared for an artic lorry to deliver it!

All in all I would definitely recommend this log cabin. Lynne McNeish. After much searching we finally decided on the Berlin cabin from Tuin, the service has been great. Had a couple of weeks delay to the delivery which was annoying as part of our decision to go with Tuin was due to the short lead time to delivery. However the customer support staff were very good, Elizabeth kept me well informed and the transaction progressed smoothly. Delivery was advised to our haulier we are based on a Scottish Island and arrived on time with no issues.

The cabin arrived really well packaged on two pallets. You do need lots of space to lay out the logs as they are mixed through both pallets. Very pleased with the quality of the product and would purchase from Tuin again in the future. Would recommend to others.

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