Synonyms for shed in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for shed. 70 synonyms for shed: hut, Shed Light On Synonym Us shack, lean-to, outhouse, potting shed, lockup, bothy, drop, spill, scatter, let drop, cast off, discard, moult, slough off, exuviate. What are synonyms for shed? 1. shed. verb. (???d) Get rid of. Synonyms. autotomise remove cast exfoliate take molt cast off slough autotomize shake off throw away take away moult abscise throw withdraw exuviate throw off drop. Antonyms. muzzle bridle hire stand still Shed Plans On Skids Ratio appear. Etymology. shed (English). 1. to get rid of something that is not wanted or is no longer necessary. He is keen to shed his �bad-boy� image. shed jobs/staff: The company shed a further jobs this month. shed weight/pounds: You need to shed a few pounds. Synonyms and related words. +.

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