�������� �������� Historic Courthouse 10 North King Street Halifax, NC Mailing Address: P.O. Box 38 Halifax, NC Anne - the term 'house deeds' can mean a variety of things to different people/organisations. When you bought your house from the Council there will have been no old deeds/documents as I assume the house was one of many they owned. Your house deeds will have comprised the Transfer from the Council to you which then triggered registration. A surveyor may also need to come out to your house to confirm the boundaries � it can be a complex and lengthy process. To avoid all this, it�s worth investing in a truly secure storage place if you are going to keep your house deeds at home � like a fire-proof document safe. Suitable safes for title deeds.

It is possible to search for title information on a property online and every new transaction will now be recorded this way. But even if your lender does not need the information contained in the deeds, they are still vitally important and you must make sure they are kept securely. This is because any prospective purchaser will want to know whether there are restrictive covenants on the property - stopping building work for example - and that any past work has got full planning permission.

This kind of information won't be on computer records, so the paper records will still be needed. Terence Gibbons, at the Land Registry, says: 'If your land is registered then there is no need for deeds except for historical value. But if your property is unregistered then you will need them as proof of ownership when you either register the property or come to sell.

It will not give details of rights of way or whether planning permission was given for building works. Gathering this kind of information from a local authority before a sale will add to the cost of the sale and cause delays.

Barclays gets round this for new borrowers by keeping title information and relevant searches but sending the remainder of the deeds bundle - with less important information - back to borrowers. If you do get your deeds back make sure you keep them in a safe place - a fire proof box in your home - or lodge them with your solicitor for safe keeping. Other firms still offer a deed storage facility at a price. Some links in this article may be affiliate links.

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The top performing funds and investment trusts since revealed Want to make a profit and do some good? From what I have read so far it seems that there may be a case for a refund if cost has increased sharply from the original quote.

For me I am hanging around here to gain info from the experience of others before my fight to recover the exceess fees. Not sure if this is any use, but my mum recently paid off her Mortgage with the Halifax and encountered the same problem.

She took it to head office and had the charges waivered. The branch would not accept this and she had to keep pushing for it, but got it in the end.

I would say, keep complaining. It seems to me , that they make it up as they go along. I am very close to paying my mortgage off, so I asked for a final bill. It appears that anything bought or sold since , will allready be registered with them, and I beleive you can register your property with them for a realitic fee. Therefore we can all tell the Halifax and whoever else to stick the deeds 'where the sun dont shine'.

CAG Ticker. Are you going to pay your builder or your second-hand car dealer in cash or with a bank transfer? Announcements Twitter - Include the company's twitter name in your post title � here's why� Have we helped you � would you like to make a donation to us? Google call recording app Car dealer who sold death traps and forged court papers Are you going to pay your builder or your second-hand car dealer in cash or with a bank transfer?

DCBL chasing a parking ticket which is over 5 years old. Accountants submit my tax returns late. Debt has sprilled out of control. SSE gas bill monthly direct debit too low and missed 6 month review. Have you had a response to your SAR? Been wrongly named as the driver of car caught speeding. Great news. Common sense and justice has prevailed. Just an update, I have been exchanging email back and forth but they have only advised us to get in contact with step change to figure a budget and pay the debt off.

My mum is insisting that we dispute the debt but I don't know how to do that. Is there any guide? I have evidence of this. I have two or three email conversations not recorded on my SAR, and I know during April May I would have called them trying to find out what was going on and asking who Erudio were etc..

I thought they were a Link or Thesis and were all just trying to grab what they could. I was probably not even earning the threshold but was pleased to be back on track and not have Erudio on my case. I seem to remember I thought the Erudio chaos was dying down and SLC were servicing borrowers as before.

I have 36 letters in my Erudio SAR - and nothing from them between March - no statements no letters of arrears just a N. A with a dodgy assignment number which is nothing like my Student Loans 2 numbers, and no it wasn't the very long Erudio Master Reference!

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Title or house deeds are very important legal documents that need to be stored somewhere safe. You may want or need to keep them in your own home � here are some pointers on how to look after them safely. Saved Items 0. Recently Viewed 0. Compare Items 0. Basket 0. My Basket. You have no items in your basket. Why and how should you keep your title deeds safe?

What are title deeds? Where should I keep my title deeds? Title deeds at home � are there risks? Suitable safes for title deeds What are title deeds? Suitable safes for title deeds There are lots of safes that are not suitable for storing important documents like your title deeds. Buy it now. Payment at Safe Options. View Prices Inc. VAT number: 58 Safeoptions. Company number:

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