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Ensure all stumps, limbs, and any other obstacles are removed from the immediate area. If there is a fence, there should be enough clearance to move the building through. If required, portions of the fence and posts should be removed before delivery. Liberty drivers are not authorized to remove fencing.

Delivery personnel have the right to refuse installation to any site they determine unsafe or inaccessible. It is ideal to unload and install a building on a prepared site, such as a leveled gravel base. This kind of foundation reduces the possibility of settling in the future. If a prepared foundation is not available, concrete blocks will be used. Due to the weight of your Liberty shed, natural settling may occur over time, especially if not installed on a prepared site.

It may become necessary to re-level the building. Re-leveling the product is not covered under our warranty. We will, however, re-level the product for a reasonable fee. The buyer is responsible for acquiring any required permits.

We recommend that customers check with their local townships to find out if there are any requirements of placing a shed or gazebo on the desired property. There may be "setback" requirements that determine where the shed can be placed in relation to the property lines.

There may also be anchor requirements depending on the size of the structure. All towns, and even homeowner's associations, may have different regulations. As such, Liberty is unable to give specific advice in this area. For an additional fee, Liberty Storage Solutions can provide a certified package that includes engineered drawings and anchors.

Please speak with your local sales representative for details. While placing a shed on blocks is adequate for most applications, a stone foundation is still the preferred method. Having a properly prepared stone foundation can help:. Prevent water damage by allowing the rain water to drain into the stone pad. Prolong structural integrity by having the runners fully supported. Provide an even foundation that will help prevent settling that can cause doors and windows to not function properly.

The pad must be perfectly level, square, and without voids or rises. If the pad is not level, we would add blocking to level the building. On gravel or stone pads, the blocks could sink faster than the rest of the building and become uneven over time.

A level site is even more critical the larger the building. Do not use smooth rounded stone or river bed stone. A concrete pad can also be used.

The concrete pad should be as close to the ground level as possible. The concrete should be level. Any voids or rises may result in water pooling that could ultimately result in rot and decay. SIZE: The stone pad should be at least 2 feet longer and 2 Garden Sheds Sale Perth 50 Days feet wider than your shed. This allows for proper drainage and will help keep vegetation, and the resulting moisture, away from your shed.

Want to prepare a level, gravel pad but not sure where to start? No worries! That said, many people find our sheds last more than 25 years, because we build them to be the toughest around. We treat our timber with a specially formulated preservative, developed over many years — for a weatherproof, lifeproof seal. We call this protective stain our Tiger Skin. It's our iconic mark of quality. It's why, along with our expert 8-point quality check, that spans from forest to factory, you can trust a Tiger to survive.

Finance is a great way to spread the cost of your purchase. To make it easy we've teamed up with Klarna whose technology lets you apply for and complete the loan application quickly and entirely online. Add items as normal to your basket. Once you are at the checkout select the finance option that suits you and choose Klarna. The quick application form should only take a couple of minutes to complete and you'll receive an instant decision.

Visit our dedicated finance page for more information, including our finance calculator. We only use slow-grown, high-grade FSC-accredited European softwood, sawn Cheap Garden Sheds Next Day Delivery Free in our own mill so we can oversee the quality.

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