Garden Log Cabins Ireland - Home Office Log Cabins Garden log cabins in Ireland. Best prices, special offers, free next day delivery km radius from tullamore. GARDEN BUILDINGS Over Twenty Years Experience Building Log Cabins Timber Living has been building high quality log cabins in Ireland for over twenty years. We know what�s involved in providing long-lasting, hassle-free cabins that are easy and cheap . Elite Log Cabins We pride ourselves on our innovative, high quality Irish log cabins for sale. From small sizes perfect for usage as secure sheds or playhouses, to expansive, partitioned garden buildings, our range encompasses a huge variety of products. We also supply stylish garden summer houses, workshops, and garden rooms.

For example, treatments based on oil only need to be replenished every five years. It can sound relaxed. Oil-based therapy is, however, one of the least effective methods of treatment. Furthermore, solvent and spirit-based therapies are among the most common treatment approaches and are re-touched only every three years. Pressure treatment, on the other hand, may go deeper into precut wood.

This means that the environment is likely to be better than the other approaches. See our ultimate guide for specifics of the purchase process, log cabin maintenance, use of the log cabin and the best log thickness, for example 19 mm logs, 28 mm logs or 44 mm logs. See our process. You have several log thicknesses at your fingertips. These are 19 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 44 m and 70 mm.

Yet it can be difficult to find the correct thickness for you. Below are some useful short tips to help you make a decision. A thickness of 28 mm is similar to 19 mm but is a high quality summerhouse choice. A log thickness of 35 mm is suitable for outdoor constructions in Winter, Spring and Summer.

In comparison, as opposed to logs with a smaller thickness, 44 mm logs are built in a double tongue. This allows the log cabins to be better suited for harsh weather conditions. We suggest that double glazing be used in log cabins all year round because it provides better insulation. Nonetheless, 70 mm is the best option for the garden building built with the four seasons in mind.

The walls use extra slurry that makes the building impressively solid compared to thinner wall thicknesses. There are many ways to transform a log cabin into something amazing. One example of a typical log cabin is that it is used as a laboratory. A spot where all your plumbing, pencils and paints are kept.

A craft space can be the ideal solution if there is a space that can get messy without it. Regardless of whether you enjoy drawing or painting, a log cabin will accommodate a large flat table or even floor space for artistic use.

So if you enjoy crafts and still have a lot of fabrics to use, why not put shelves and create the ultimate organization in your log booth.

The job you are most proud of can even be put on the walls for a spark of furniture. Alternatively, why not turn your garden cabin into a home cinema. A few blackout blinds to block the light, a TV or screen with surround sound, and a few comfortable seats with cozy blankets are the necessary elements to create a great home theater.

Invest in a small refrigerator for the ultimate experience to tap cool candy, a popcorn machine for a tasty snack, and some dimmer LED lights to make you feel very good in a world of your own. At the other hand, if your idea of a good time is not relaxing, turn your log cabin into a home fitness space. A log cabin home fitness center can be very cost-effective. A home fitness center will also allow you the versatility to exercise, if you like, rather than just opening the gym.

Make sure room is taken into account when building a home log cabin gym. Note how heavy the fitness equipment you are purchasing is, as it will decide what size log cabin you need. Just make sure that you intend to bring the equipment into the log cabin, as you need not only space for the equipment, but also space to use it.

In addition, if you want to house friends and family but you are limited in space, converting your log cabin into an extra bedroom is a great way. Much like other examples of log cabins, this is an easy way to make space without the hassle of investing in an extension of your house.

In a few quick steps you can make the outdoor building a lovely escape to which your family and friends can escape. A spare log cabin space is the ideal place to live with friends. It will give you the protection you need to be relaxed when you are still at home. It gives them their own room and allows them a little extra independence. In comparison, an outdoor garden cabin is another perfect way to transform into a workshop or a games room. Fill it with musical instruments like guitars, ukuleles and drums, and maybe even invest in proofing your sound, so that your neighbors do not have to hear it either.

While thinking about the interior of a log cabin Log Cabins To Buy Northern Ireland For Sale can be an exciting experience, it is important to take into account the amount of room you have to put a garden building first.

The size of the outdoor building in which you are interested should be in mind throughout the entire process. This is because the size of the log cabin can influence what it contains. For example, a large, spacious log cabin can accommodate bigger furniture and more.

A small log cabin is limited to what it can accommodate. Moreover, if you want to use it during the day, it is necessary not to cover the windows of your log booth entirely, because it blocks the light and may cause you to not see clearly.

Once you have purchased a log cabin, we recommend you decide how to decorate the interior. In certain situations, this can become an costly affair easily. The log cabins can be purchased in the form of a playhouse, not just for adults. This may also be the perfect place for your children to indulge their imagination and creativity. Our playhouses are built with beautifully crafted doors with typical cottage windows, shutters and boxes for flowering.

In addition, a playhouse in a log cabin could easily establish the same classical charm in more conventional playhouses, like a wendy house. Additionally, some of our playhouses are available on two floors. This ensures that children have the ability to feel that they own their own homes. With a raised platform for a bed, add a few comfortable chairs to a supposed kitchen, maybe even true snacks, and maybe you may want to spend more time here than in the actual home.

You may Contemporary Garden Log Cabins Usa also introduce them to a new love of gardening by enabling them to have real plants in the shutter boxes outside the playhouse. Only give them the duty to water and care for their plants and they will enable them to care for the rest of the garden.

All our log cabins are manufactured from slow grown pine. Our manufacturing process starts with raw log and the final product is engineered square timber, which is used for all our buildings. As we are outsourcing the timber and manufacturing ourselves, this allows us to deliver products of exceptional quality. Also we can offer turn key packages as we are in partnership with professional construction company www. We have created a handy guide around planning permission for back garden structures.

You can read it HERE. Also do not hesitate to visit us or contact us if you need any further information. We proud to present our extensive range of log cabins, log homes and timber frame buildings. At our two show sites in Blessington, Co. Wicklow and Cobh, Co. Cork, you can find budget log cabins storage cabins and workshops , premium garden log cabins office cabins, play rooms, garden rooms, reading rooms , residential log cabins and log homes one and two bed residential homes, granny flats , timber frame homes heavily insulated turn-key packages for planning ready structures.

Our job is to make sure you know everything you need to know, so you can make an informed decision. Talk to us today!

Log cabins and log homes are not just cosy and beautiful to look at, they are also very cost effective and most importantly, eco-friendly!

To prove this to you, when you buy log cabins from Loghouse , you also get our minimum Ten Year Guarantee! Are you looking for Quality but affordable log Corner Log Cabins For Gardens Online cabins to create a unique living space or office space? Look no further! Loghouse guarantee that all our rustic log home has the best available prices in Ireland.

All the most frequently asked questions Our Experts encounter daily are answered in a clear non-tech speak format. Also, for inspiration � check out our L og Cabins in Ireland blog which has lots of helpful information to guide you choose the right log cabin for your home or business.

Garden Room vs Conservatory? Which is best for you?. Log Cabin Finance � Can I get a mortgage for a log cabin? All our log cabin structures have been specifically designed for the Irish climate with damp proof membranes, extra window seals, end trims and sealants to protect your new log cabin against the harsh Irish climate. Loghouse was established in Ireland in Log Homes and garden outbuildings.

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