The build scripts assume that the source code folder containing the Apache Flex Text Layout Framework root folder ('flex-tlf') is at the same level as the SDK root folder ('flex-sdk'). See 'Getting the source code', below. It is licensed under the Adobe Flex SDK license because it contains a mixture of open and closed source components (see license info above). The Flex framework source code included in this package is called out explicitly as licensed under the MPL. However, if you want just the open source stuff, you should look at the Open Source Flex SDK. Extract the Flex SDK ZIP file to this directory. The Flex SDK contains the following directories: /ant � Contains Flex Ant Tasks. / asdoc � Contains helper files for the ASDoc tool that creates HTML documentation from your MXML and ActionScript source code. /bin � Contains the mxmlc, compc, asdoc, and fdb utilities.

First download the KEYS as well as the Flex Sdk Source Code Query asc signature file for the relevant distribution. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try. IT Management. This may result in the first navigator looking different when it is shown inside a callout. The following dependencies have licenses which Apache considers to be incompatible with the Apache License Version 2.

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