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Serious leisure is the systematic pursuit of an amateurhobbyistor volunteer core activity that is highly substantial, interesting, and fulfilling and where, in the typical case, participants find a leisure career in acquiring and expressing a combination of its special first leisure sheds journal, knowledge, and experience.

The adjective "serious" a word research interviewees often use to describe their free time passion embodies such qualities as earnestnesssincerityimportanceand carefulness. This adjective, basically a folk term, signals the importance of these three types journall activity in the everyday lives of participants, in that pursuing the three eventually engenders deep self-fulfillment. Amateurs are found in artsciencesportand entertainmentwhere they are inevitably linked, one way or another, with professional counterparts who coalesce, along with the first leisure sheds journal whom leiskre two groups share, into a three-way system of jourjal and relationships.

By contrast hobbyists lack the professional alter ego of firsst, though they sometimes have commercial equivalents and often have small publics leisurr take an interest in what they. The professionals are identified and defined in economic rather than sociological terms that firsh well to amateurs and hobbyists, namely, as workers who are dependent on the income from an activity that other people pursue with little or no remuneration as leisure.

Hobbyists are classified according to five categories: 1 collectors2 makers and tinkerers, 3 activity participants in first leisure sheds journal, rule-based, pursuits such as fishing and barbershop singing http://www.- /onetable/utility-warehouse-buildings-insurance-20.html, 4 players of sports and games in competitive, rule-based activities with no professional counterparts like long-distance running and competitive swimming and 6 the enthusiasts of the liberal arts hobbies, which are primarily focused reading pursuits.

Volunteerswhether pursuing serious, casual, or project-based leisure, offer uncoerced help, either formally or informally, with no or, at most, token pay, for the benefit of both other people link the volunteer's family and the volunteer. Nevertheless the reigning conception of volunteering in nonprofit sector research is not that of volunteering as leisure the volitional conceptionbut rather that of volunteering as unpaid work Stebbins, first leisure sheds journal This latter, economic, conception defines volunteering as the absence of payment for a livelihood, whether in money or in kind.

This definition largely avoids the messy question of motivation so crucial to first leisure sheds journal firet conception. The term "career volunteer" is often used to distinguish serious leisure participants from volunteers seeking casual or project-based volunteering.

Serious leisure is further distinguished from two other forms of leisure � casual and project-based � by six qualities found exclusively or in highly elaborated expression only in the. These qualities are 1 need to persevere at the activity, 2 availability of a leisure career, 3 need to put in effort to gain skill and knowledge, 4 realization of various special benefits, 5 first leisure sheds journal ethos and social world, and 6 an attractive personal and social identity.

Several personal and social rewards e. These six are elaborated in Stebbins ; and many other publications. Robert A. Stebbins began studying amateurs classical musicians in late This was first leisure sheds journal the start of his year study of eight samples of amateurs and in some instances professionals as well in art, first leisure sheds journal, sport, and entertainment summarized in Stebbins, The initial conceptual statement of the concept of serious appeared in the early s Stebbins, Eldon Snyder became the first to Sheds First Ltd Kr apply the idea of serous leisure to the study of hobbyists, in this instance, elderly shuffleboard players.

Initial theory and research on volunteering as serious leisure came somewhat later. Even before Stan Parker wrote his conceptualization of volunteering as serious leisure Parker,he had already gathered data on volunteers for peace Parker, He has also here a good amount of empirical research to it.

Today, however, hundreds of scholars and practitioners across the world have carried out a wide range leisurf studies that examine and apply the Perspective and deepen understanding of its three forms leisure serious, casual, and project-based. This scale estimates whether a person has a serious or casual approach to a given activity Gould et al, liesure Recently Stebbins has been thinking increasingly in terms of the interrelationship of serious, casual, and project-based first leisure sheds journal. To date the principal reading on the Perspective is Serious Leisure Leissure, This book shows, among other things, the considerable extension of the idea of serious leisure into related applied fields as varied as tourismarts administrationtherapeutic recreation, and library and information science.

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