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A combination of cabin fever, closed gyms, and the need for speed are driving many people to take to the streets�not to protest, but to run up and down sidewalks, along waterfronts, and into neighborhood parks.

I won't be stepping foot into a yoga studio anytime soon, but the roads are free if you're running Fancy Shoes Song Powerball in a crowded area, be sure to wear a mask. If you're just starting on your running journey, I pulled together some of the gear that gets me out every day, along with a few starter tips. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission.

This helps support our journalism. Learn more. Running shoes are difficult to test because everyone has their favorites, depending on the shape of their foot and where and how they like to run. I've tried so many pairs with some of the most cutting-edge technology. But the shoes I reach for, time and again, are Topo Athletic's Ultraventure line.

These are its latest, and like all of the brand's shoes, they have a wide toe box for a comfortable fit and a 5-millimeter heel to toe drop, which means they're much flatter than most padded running shoes. They have enormous Vibram treads for plowing through slippery Pacific Northwestern mud and muck, a rock plate for protecting the tender bottoms of my feet, and a rubber rand for the inevitable rocky Fancy Shoes Steam Powered Giraffe Lyrics Image bonks and trips.

I just find them incredibly comfortable. I finally tried this winter's latest version, and am convinced the hype is justified. I am extremely picky about running tights. They need to be thick and compressive, not thin, soft, and prone to pilling, like yoga tights. They have to have a high rise and a drawstring so you're not constantly hitching them up.

Pockets aren't necessary, but they're handy ha! These leggings fit the bill, and more. They have seven total pockets and a continuous drawstring that doesn't get lost in the waistband and have to be painstakingly re-threaded after washing. They've been on heavy wear since October with no signs of pilling, and I usually throw them into the wash, line-dry them, and pull them immediately back on again.

I also like the Janji Groundwork Tight , but since it's slightly cropped and a little thinner than the Lululemon, it's better for slightly warmer winter weather. Besides being comfortable and having great sound, they also have workout-specific features, like a 2-year warranty against water damage and physical buttons rather than touch ones that stop working when it rains or you sweat. If these are still pricey, Jabra also has an admirable commitment to maintaining its older products.

The Elite 65t and Elite 75t are still also great picks. I still like the North Face's Flight rain jacket , but it has one critical flaw: It's black! If you run pre-dawn or post-sunset, running in a black jacket feels like you're trying to get hit by a car.

It does seem weird that the Cloudburst jacket from Showers Pass doesn't have a hood, but I wear a baseball cap while running in the rain anyway; the searingly bright orange color and multiple reflective strips make me feel much safer.

It's a much more substantial jacket than the Flight, but it can still pack down to a reasonable size in a back pocket. I also like the soft collar and how stretchy it is when I move. This time of year, every time I leave the house without a rain jacket, I regret it almost instantly.

As my runs have been getting longer, my fanny pack has been more and more inadequate. With 4 liters of carrying capacity, Nathan's VaporSwiftra vest is tiny and women-specific�I can barely feel it on my 5'2" frame.

But I can stuff a water bladder, packable jacket, gloves, and hat into it. The best part is you can minutely customize the fit by unzipping the side pocket and tightening two additional tiny side straps if the tiniest persistent flapping sensation is just too annoying. You wear a fitness tracker everywhere, every day, so choosing one can get pretty personal.

It's great for newbie runners who aren't racking up huge miles over uncharted backcountry terrain. New metrics like Zone Minutes will show you when you've upped the intensity level and encourage you to seek out hills or faster speeds.

And unlike an Apple Watch, a Fitbit Premium subscription will give you premium sleep-tracking features. You'll be able to see just how well you're sleeping at night after you've worn yourself out. For something a little sportier, I also recommend an entry-level Garmin Forerunner , which now includes incident detection if you trip, fall, and crack a tooth. My colleague Parker Hall and I may come to blows over this�his favorite headband is the Treadband, which is a headband that absorbs, as he says, "a staggering amount of liquid.

Stinging eyes aren't a problem for me in the winter, though, which is why I prefer the alpine Skida headbands. They're made in Vermont and keep my ears toasty on nippy days, and my bangs out of my eyes.

They're also silky soft and come in a staggering array of cute patterns and colors. In our sunglasses roundup , I admit that my favorite pair is the Roka Oslos. They're light, small, durable, fog-resistant, and use biomimicry to stick to my sweaty nose and face. A year later, they still look as good as new.

However, if you tend to lose or destroy sunglasses, Goodr's affordable OGs have polarized lenses, with a matte texture that both looks good and sticks to your face. They do collect dirt and scratch more easily than expensive pairs, though. After trying running gloves from Janji, Brooks, and others, the North Face's Etip gloves remain my favorite pick.

These slim, stretchy softshell gloves are water-resistant and made from recycled polyester. The thumb and first two fingers are touchscreen-compatible and the palms are a cozy fleece. If you run outside during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are high that squeezing a run in usually means running before dawn or after sunset. I've tried other headlamps through the years, but I keep coming back to this one. Its design is unique. It's soft, slim, and lies flat against my head, headband, or beanie.

It weighs a mere 2. The spot and flood mode is bright enough to let me run through pitch-dark trees, although after several years I now have to charge it every few days rather than every few weeks it touts an estimated battery life of 40 hours but I haven't been getting that for some time now.

I also tried and like the Black Diamond Sprinter , but it's heavier, bigger, and more expensive. If you're just running a few miles every other day, you probably don't need fancy socks with a lot of features if you do, however, we have a great running sock roundup here. These are the printed versions of Zensah's compression socks, which are our favorite compression socks. They have a seamless toe, added heel protection, and silver-infused fabric to combat stink.

I also like crew-height socks when trail running, because the higher sock keeps me from kicking pebbles or dirt in them. The cool tan lines are just a bonus. You'll have to experiment with which snacks keep you fueled without upsetting your stomach, but personally, I don't like eating anything with ingredients that I can't pronounce.

These cookie bites are pocketable and sweetened with dates and cacao. They're sweet enough that even my 3- and 5-year-old will eat them. And finally, if you're just starting to run, you're probably going to get sore.

A few common ailments include shin splints or plantar fasciitis, which you can usually avoid by starting slow, warming up and cooling down, stretching, and upping your mileage gradually.

If you do get unlucky enough to have chronic pain, you can also try a telehealth physical therapy appointment or inserts for your shoes. But after years of physical therapy, my favorite device is a small, cheap, hard, rubbery lacrosse ball.

Just spend a few minutes each day rolling out the muscles in your calves, thighs, and feet. It's like using a foam roller, but smaller, easier to transport, and better for targeting small muscles. Photograph: Topo Athletic. Photograph: North Face. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon. Senior Writer Twitter. Topics running shoes marathon Fancy Shoes Ukulele Strumming Pattern In Shopping buying guides.

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