You can alter the decor of the fort into a medieval or a modern theme with drawbridges or camouflage tarps. A few lovely tapestries, synthetic flower bouquets, toy swords, shields and axes, small lamp lights, and mini portraits hung inside will add to the charm and feel of the fort. A tiny portable speaker that plays heroic music and battle sounds will spike up the make belief.

You can even dig a long circular moat around the fort to give it an extra aesthetic look. This miniature princess playhouse can fit perfectly in your backyard.

You can decorate it to resemble a castle, adding brass decor for the interiors. You may add a dragon and plush fairy toys for your kids to play with. You can simplify this design for a simple construction project. You can build steps to the house or a ladder, and attach a slide. You can also attach longer tunnel slide that goes around the playhouse and lands in a sandbox. This play fort comes with obstacles from an obstacle course.

You will love this design if you want your kids to pursue some outdoor athletic activities. There are various designs for an obstacle-course playhouse available on the internet to choose from. You can attach rope ladders, rock climbing walls, pulleys and slides to add charm to your little playhouse. You can even build Diy Storage Shed Youtube Playlist a small pond as a moat for an extra challenge. See your kids race to the playhouse and have fun doing so.

We have another idea for a play fort in your backyard. It has a small room with three walls. You can decorate the place by storing toys and books inside, or adding chairs. The playhouse will look pretty fun with a slide as an exit. You can use different railings to add to the charm. Here we have a swing set — clubhouse combination which is easy enough to construct.

Painting the deck in pastel colors can take away the otherwise monotonous look of the playhouse. Decorate it with flower pots and keep cushions for more comfort. More details at ourfifthhouse.

How about building an entire play set along with a playhouse? Yes, it sounds difficult to build, but trust me, these plans are very simple and comprehensive.

It is two storied, so children can have fun going up and down the ladder and coming down through the tunnel slide. It has a rock climbing wall too! Check it out:. More details at hertoolbelt. It is sort of two-storied, with a house on the higher floor, and an empty space on the bottom one. You can add a sandbox there. More details at canadianhomeworkshop. It is elevated with a small ladder leading up to it, and a slide for the exit.

Under the reading book is the storage of toys and books. The entire decor of the playhouse seems so homely, resembling the cottages from Europe. The best part about this playhouse is, the handmade window shutters which slide.

More details at thehandmadehome. We saw some playhouse designs built on high platforms or elevations. This design is similar to those designs, although this follows quite a detailed plan. You can adjust the height and size of the house if required, according to the space available in your backyard. The platform is huge, and considerably high. You can reduce the risk of children falling off the edge by adding a deck or slides.

You can build an adjoined sand box too. More details at ana-white. This is a simple outdoor playhouse, easy to build and to charm in looks. It has a simple interior decoration, with curtains hanged around the beams, shelves and small chairs. It seems like a place children will like to nap at, or study peacefully. Teenagers will love to spend time alone here, without going away from home.

You can build it on the ground or elevate it on a platform. Although if you choose to build it on a platform, you may consider adding a slide for extra fun. You can decorate the playhouse as you wish, or better yet, give a free reign to your kids and let their imagination run wild. It can be a fun clubhouse, or a treehouse, for the kids to hang out without their friends. More details at madewithhappy.

This design is one of them. You can add cushions, pillows, and blankets, and use the playhouse as a resting spot for summers. Or you can decorate the place with lights, or install a lamp for late night reading. It feels entirely domestic, and rightfully so. More details at craftster. It doubles as a playhouse and a bed.

The lower level works as a playhouse, and the stairs lead to the bed, saving up a Rustic Storage Sheds Jacket lot of room space. More details at ikeahackers.

This playhouse is really one of its kind, and quite frankly, really clever. If you look closely, only the porch has been constructed around the previous existing closet door. So you can decorate the entrance according to any theme you like. The inside of the closet can be large enough for children to play around. You can store books, toys, and games inside the closet.

More details at allthingsheartandhome. This playhouse is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be Diy Patio Storage Shed Not Working suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This design seems quite easy to put together, and the best part is that it is quite portable.

The frame of the playhouse can be built really easily and in any desirable shape. And you can cover it with whatever unique material you like. The playhouse in this picture is a simple cube covered with curtains of varying colors. You can also try to build it in a shape of a tent. More details at indigoamethyst. Reading in a garden on a breezy summer day seems so dreamy. You can inculcate this habit in your children or encourage your teenager to read more, by building them their own little library in the backyard.

Using an old tent, or hanging curtains on the poles give it a really homely feeling. Adding cushions and blankets inside can make reading a very relaxing experience. More details at vintagerevivals. So have a sneak peek into these 45 DIY pallet home improvement ideas, and you would come to know that there is not even a single thing that cannot be attained from the pallets. In the first group of the pallet ideas , we have included the gorgeous collection of pallet furniture and decor items with a touch of rustic style in all.

Some of them belong to the basic home furnishing like dining set with large table and benches, an XL size multi stained pallet coffee table ; lounge chair made all from the slat arrangement and stacking method.

Do you know how to start woodworking at home? No matter if you are a beginner woodworker or experienced one. All of our free woodworking plans include free pdf plans, step by step tutorials, woodworking tools, material, and supplies lists. To jazz up a bedroom dwelling a trendy bed with crates like hanging shelves and a super cool media table with drawers would grab your attention below. After cutting both sides the 2x4 support should easily pull away from the pallet.

Place it on a table and continue cutting on the other side. Once both sides are removed, the center support is all that's left holding the pallet together. Use the recip saw and cut the remaining nails. Make sure you are wearing proper work boots with solid soles, as rusty, sharp nails will fall on the ground.

If you are having difficulty with a stubborn nail or can't reach an angle with the recip saw, then use a pry bar and a hammer to pull the center piece apart. This method is more time consuming but it's less likely to damage the wood than a recip saw blade.

Once your boards are all separated, the fun process of removing or pounding the nails begins. Use a nail set or a 10d penny nail to bang out the broken end of a nail through the top of the board. After the nail has been pounded the head will be exposed which makes it easy for you to pull using the claw end of your hammer. Cut off nails in the 2x4s can be driven in deeper into the wood Diy Wood Storage Shed Kits 40 or yanked out using a nail puller.

Before using your pallet wood, you should plane or sand it throughly. After that, enjoy the cheap building materials you just procured! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 71 Best Tools of

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