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In your case, take from the left, give to the right, fill, level, tamp and set your base block. Keep the block on the Diy Shed Ramp Queen right side of the newly built landing captive. You can set posts inside the outside stringer s to use as anchor points as another option to the spacers Diy Shed Slab Number between stringers.

Used your plan with 2 exceptions. My height was I placed cinder block under the ledger board because I was not confident that the shed was strong enough to hold the ramp. I used 3. It was enough to raise the rear of the mower when climbing the ramp and clear the doorway with ease. Thanks for the help. I wanted to say thank you for making these instructions available.

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Dave G says:. August 13, at pm. Jim Barnhart says:. April 2, at am. Scott says:. May 25, at pm. Bill Healy says:. June 19, at pm. September 13, at pm. Ron Moore says:. April 22, at am. Scott Lynch says:. February 8, at pm. Click here to cancel reply. Home Improvement Coupons. I've included the CAD model images of the ramp and installation. Everything is color coded for reference. My shed is constructed as shown. The shed floor joists are attached onto the 4x4 skids.

The skids are shown sitting on the gravel base as described above. The shed floor is attached to the joists at each joist location. The shed doors overlap the front for weather protection. The first step is to attach the ledger board to the front Easy Diy Shed Ramp In of the shed.

Make sure to leave enough room under the door for clearance. Note the rise between the top of the ledger board and the floor.

The larger you make the gap, the larger the bump at the end of the ramp. The board rests on the 6x6 and is attached to the shed with 3" deck screws. You have a few options on how to tie the ramp joists to the ledger.

One option is to buy angled joist hangers. I couldn't fit them in because of interference with the 6x6 frame so I decided to notch the joist rails. I used 4 joists for the ramp spaced at 22" This allows for 2" of outside overhang for the deck slats. From my earlier calculations, I determined that I needed a For each joist, I cut the angle then the measured off the distance and cut the notch to rest on the 6x6. Since I had to do this 4 times, I made a template out of scrap wood.

I used a hand saw to make this cut. We actually my son dug out the dirt for the joists and end piece. Note that the wood will be in ground.

This was an iterative process to get the ramp totally level. Run a board across the top and place a level on the board. Adjust the hole depth until the angle is correct between the shed and joist. I pulled the boards out of the holes to add the board to the end.

I pre-drilled the holes and then used deck screws for the attachment. Do a fit check before screwing the boards to the joist. Note the wet PT wood shrinks as it drys. This length worked out perfectly for me but I expect gaps between the boards after it dries. I used a chalk line tool to mark the joist locations. This is an optional step but I wanted a flush ramp. Therefore, I used a table saw to cut the same Thank you for reading this far.

Question 1 year ago on Step 3. My ground is pretty flat, within inches of level across the 10x12 area of my shed. My goal is to keep the shed off the dirt. Reply 1 year ago. Although more expensive and a pain to lug around, I would stay with the 6x6s. At a minimum, go with 4x4s. Question 1 year ago. I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you. Great job! Reply 2 years ago. That's interesting. How did the builder expect you to add a ramp or did they Diy Garden Sheds South Africa Mobile assume that you would only have steps?

I would refer the question back to them and see if they have any ideas. Other than that, trimming the door seems like your best option. Mine has settled since the build and I now have a 1" gap between the ramp and floor. Not a problem for my lawn mower. Thanks for the reply. I bought it from a local place but the Amish actually came from PA to install it. They work fine and are the right height and length, but I have to remove them in order to open or close the doors.

I attached a pic which shows how far the doors drop down. I did think of one idea - somewhat goofy. You could have hinge ramps that are attached inside the shed. When you walk up to the shed, there is no ramp.

When you open the doors, the ramps would be vertical. Rotate them down for use. Thanks for the idea! I was thinking I could get some thick diamond plate and hinge it like you said. That way I could roll any of my equipment out. I agree though about the design of the shed. Our ramp has rotted after 17 years. We need to replace it and this looks great! Why not fill inbetween the joists with gravel to allow for drainage? We are also going to attach a gutter across the front of the shed to cut down on water damage to the ramp and the double doors.

How long did it take you to build the ramp? I doubt mine will last that long. Gravel is a good idea to help with drainage. I would suggest you put it under the joist as well. I'm not sure the gutter will do too much but it won't hurt. I have one or two currently living under mine and it is driving me crazy.

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