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Tuck a TV into any room with a corner TV stand. Browse the grouping of ready-to-assemble corner TV stands and cabinets from Sauder®. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to enhance your décor. Consider a corner unit with storage cabinets or drawers to house entertainment devices, electronics, or consoles. Corner TV stands are the solution to the Corner Cabinet 36 Inches High Go problem! These television stands provide a sturdy surface for displaying a TV and storage space for AV components like conventional furnishings but are designed to fit out of the way in the open space in the corner of a room. Wayfair has a diverse assortment of corner TV stands to complete your decor. Create a chic living space with a stylish TV stand from Sears. Your television is a key piece in your living room, which is why you need the perfect spot to house it. A TV stand not only keeps your television set secure, but it also comes in designs that enhance any space's decor. Sears offers a wide range of options in different designs and sizes.

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